Giveaway: Win 2 Business Class Tickets On Air Serbia To Belgrade!

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It’s a big week for Air Serbia. They’ll be launching their first longhaul flight in a couple of days, as they fly an A330 daily to New York. It’s also a big week for OMAAT, as we’ve partnered with Air Serbia to give away two business class tickets on their new flight between New York and Belgrade.


Air Serbia’s new flight to New York

Air Serbia is an Etihad Airways Partner, along with carriers like airberlin, Alitalia, Jet Airways, etc. Historically they’ve been a regional carrier, though they’ll shortly be expanding their network very nicely.

As of this Thursday, June 23, 2016, Air Serbia will be launching 5x weekly flights between Belgrade, Serbia, and New York JFK.


The flight will be operated by an Airbus A330-300 which they’re getting from Jet Airways. The plane will feature a total of 18 fully flat business class seats, each featuring direct aisle access.


I’ve heard a lot of great things about Serbia, so I’d love to visit at some point. However, this post isn’t about me traveling, but rather about one of you traveling, as I’m partnering with Air Serbia to give away two free business class tickets on their new flight between New York and Belgrade.

Win two business class tickets to Belgrade!

That’s right, one of you can win two business class tickets to Belgrade on Air Serbia. Air Serbia will even cover the cost of the taxes & fees on the ticket, with flexibility to travel when you want.

There are five ways you can enter to win, with each scoring you one entry (you must submit each entry through the Rafflecopter widget below to be eligible):

  • Leave a comment on this blog post answering the question “why do you want to visit Serbia?”
  • Tweet about the giveaway, including mentioning @onemileatatime and @airserbia
  • Follow @onemileatatime on Twitter
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  • Visit One Mile at a Time on Facebook and like or comment on the Air Serbia giveaway post

Using the widget is easy — follow the instructions for each method, then click the blue button when you’ve commented, tweeted, followed, or visited to ensure your entry is counted.

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At the end of the giveaway, all the entries will be combined, and the winner will be chosen via

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The basic terms of the contest are as follows:

Open to OMAAT readers age 18 and older only, no geographic restrictions.

Giveaway ends Sunday, June 26, 2016, at 11:59PM Pacific time.

Winner will be selected by and be notified by email. Winners have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.

You must have (or be able to secure) a valid passport prior to travel. The winning prize provides roundtrip business class travel for two passengers between New York JFK and Belgrade BEG airports. Positioning flights, accommodations, and other expenses are the responsibility of the winner.

Facebook and Twitter are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information on this form, you are sharing it with me and me alone. I do not share or sell information, and will use any info only for the purpose of contacting the winners.

Thanks to Air Serbia for sponsoring the giveaway, and thanks to everyone for reading. Over the coming days I’ll have some more info on Serbia, and also on Air Serbia’s new flight between New York and Belgrade. However, I wanted to keep this post as simple as possible to make it easy to enter.


Good luck!


  1. I wanted to go there when I was in Croatia last year for my honeymoon, but bad rains stopped us from doing so. This would be a great reprieve!

  2. I have always wanted to go because I hear Belgrade has nice nightlife and it seems to be the biggest city in the Balkans.

  3. I would love to win. As a history buff, Serbia has fascinated me given its former union with Montenegro, as well as the former Yugoslavia. On top of that, Serbian cuisine is rare to nonexistent in the states, so I would love to go over there and get a (literal) taste of Serbian culture.

  4. Belgrade is a beautiful city and one I want to discover. The architecture is some of the most beautiful in Europe

  5. To be honest I’ve never been to Europe before also it’s summer here in Abu Dhabi and I’d love to go to a much more cooler place.

  6. Belgrade is off the beaten path and a great place to discover with wonderful cuisine. Plus tennis star Novak Djokovic is from there so who wouldn’t want to explore this off the beaten path capital city?

  7. Always wanted to check out old Yugoslavia countries during my travel, but haven’t had the chance.

  8. Serbia and the rest of the Balkans have been on my bucket list for a long time! This would be the perfect chance to knock it off my list. I’d love to check out the Iron Gates and hike around there.

  9. Serbia looks beautiful and absolutely amazing. Would love to visit this wholly unique country.

  10. I would love to visit Serbia because I have never been, nor have I been to that region of Europe and I live by the motto of any reason to go somewhere new is a good reason to go! Plus I have never flow business class.

  11. As one of the early readers to lobby for Lucky to fly and review Air Serbia, this is a nice surprise. If Lucky is not flying it to review, then I hope the lucky winners will help with the review. I will not be participating in this contest, but I hope to read reviews of Air Serbia biz class (both long and short haul) on OMAAT in the near future!

    Kudos to Air Serbia as well!

  12. I absolutely love the off the beaten path European Countries and have not been to Serbia. Now Serbia has its own path and it would be amazing to take a ride on it!

  13. Never been to Serbia and never been on the flag carrier. It would be lovely to try something new 🙂

  14. After visiting Croatia and Montenegro, I would love to continue my exploration of the Balkans by visiting Serbia.

  15. I would love to visit Belgrade. It’s a part of the world I have never traveled to, and I love cities that are oriented around rivers. Also, World Cup 1 of the world rowing circuit will be there next year, and it would great to see the regatta course and venue!

  16. Why wouldn’t I want to visit Serbia? What an adventure it would be!! Thank you OMAT & @airserbia. #BEG

  17. Serbians are renowned for their hospitality and Belgrade has a unique flair with ingrained cultural heritage.

  18. I want to visit Serbia because I visitied Belgrade very briefly and have been wanting to go back ever since! It is a beautiful country.

  19. Tried using the rafflecopter but couldn’t figure out how or where to say why I wanted to go to Serbia. So here it goes: Because it is free and free is almost always good!

  20. I’d love to do a full trip to the Balkans and this direct flight from NYC would be a great point of entry to the region.

  21. Serbia is on my bucket list and flying Air Serbia would be the quickest to get there from North America!

  22. I would love to visit Serbia. I’m always drawn to destinations that are a bit off the usual path.

    I keep reading about so many lovely postcard medieval towns. Plus I’m down to try any new business class product!

  23. A good friend of mine is Serbian and he has told me many wonderful stories of his country and it’s history. Would love to be able to visit in person!

  24. I’ve never been to Serbia, nor the eastern Europe region in general.
    This will be a fantastic opportunity for me to travel to Serbia and experience eastern Europe!

  25. I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to visit a country I’ve not yet been to. My map which shows countries I’ve been to is far too empty at this point and it’s time to do something about that.

    There’s also the added benefit of trying a new airline (rather than use the same ones all the time).

  26. Went to Croatia and Bosnia last year and had a great time… would love to explore the region further, and Belgrade sounds like a great off the beaten path location.

  27. It would be my first time in Belgrade, New York and business class! Triple win 🙂
    And i can write a great report on my new travel blog about it.

  28. My girlfriend just became a US citizen and has been dying to visit Europe forever. She was not able to until she got her citizenship, so with her new US passport this would be an incredible and special trip for her. I have also been dying to visit Serbia, as it is one of the few places in Europe I have never been to.

  29. I’ve never been, and after 18 years I’ve finally finished school and could think of no better way to relax, and educate myself in foreign culture.

  30. I love old Europe and want to explore it more. Been considering switching airline alliances and Etihad was my top contender, getting to try out its partner airline Air Serbia before making the switch would be an incredible bonus!

  31. I would love to visit my friend Rebecca while she is studying minority ethnic identity in Bosnia and Serbia. Thanks!

  32. I would love to experience the history, enjoy the culture, savor the food and then get toasty on the Slivovitsa!

  33. YAY!!! Direct flights to Belgrade! It’s been a long time coming – we’re very excited. My wife is from there and we try to visit every year.

  34. Never thought I’d be entering a contest to visit Serbia but I must say the lie-flat seat configuration sure looks intriguing! Thanks for offering this up.

  35. I would really like to visit Serbia to see the historical sites, especially the fortress which I’ve been told is absolutely fantastic!

    Also, this airline looks fab and I’d love to try it!

  36. Its the of the only countries in Europe I havent visited and basically the only European longhaul carrier I havent flown.

  37. Never traveled to Serbia or anywhere like this before. Would be a once in a lifetime experience.

  38. It’s one of a number of central / Eastern European countries we haven’t as yet visited and Air Serbia Business Class looks like a very pleasant way to get there.

  39. I would love to visit and compare the Muslim Chinese cuisine with what I have had in China and here in the states… Love me some lamb noodle stew

  40. I want to visit as Belgrade is on my bucket list. And, I want to try out this business class product!

  41. I want to visit Serbia because it is unknown- obviously not- but it also isn’t Rome in the middle of July. It’s a little less touristy, a little less busy, a little more authentic.

  42. I’ve been to all the former Yugoslavian countries and Serbia really stood out. Amazing food, friendly people, extremely affordable, not nearly as touristy as Croatia or Slovenia.

    Hopefully when I win i can book tixx in time to go to the Exit Festival

  43. I want to make Serbia the 60th country stamp in my passport as well as experience the old world charm while flying a new airline I’ve yet to experience.

  44. Heard the people and culture are incredible. Would be fun to visit a place that most people dont have on their european “bucket lists”

  45. never been to Balkans and would love to explore it. btw, Air Serbia business class look very nice!!

  46. When I was in high school I took a summer school course on foreign policy that spent a good deal of time on the many conflicts in the Balkans over the generations. It always fascinated me the melting pot of cultures and religions and how in some places like the US there is a lot of tolerance while in others this just leads to conflict. Serbia in particular always seemed to me to be such a beautiful country and a great place to really see this melting pot while paying homage to the wars that changed the world.

  47. I been to Serbia. It’s so beautiful. And have I said the people… By that the boys. So hot 🙂

  48. I love cities with a gritty edge. I’d love to see what the Serbian contemporary art scene is like.

  49. I’d like to do this trip to try a premium product I’ve not tried before, and because I’ve heard it’ll be amazing for photography. Also, it’s a little traveled place, and it’d be fun to go somewhere off the beaten path.

  50. Close friends of mine in the US are from Serbia, we would likely visit with them or gift them the tickets if we won.

  51. I’d love to be able to see the architecture in Belgrade, and I live close to JFK so this would be a great opportunity!

  52. I want to visit Serbia because it’s a country I haven’t been to before and Belgrade seems like a cool city!

  53. Lucky/ Ben,

    I think travel is a gift. Seeing the world, going on a plane, I think it is all just so amazing! I love the A330, but have never had the chance to fly on one. I also hear that the Jet Airways business class product is very good and, I would love to try it out. I think travel is a great opportunity to experience cultures, sites, foods, languages and people.
    So to go to Serbia would be a unique experience for me to travel to a place that I haven’t been to, and to experience a very unique culture, try some amazing food and just to enjoy the gift of travel.
    Thank you for running this contest!

  54. Would love to check out this business class seat and city because I haven’t experienced either before!

  55. I’ve never been to Serbia. Or Europe. Or outside the US. But my sister and I so want to travel to Europe, and I’d love to make her dream come true for her birthday next month!

  56. My best friend who I helped obtain a US visa for is from Serbia, and it would be great to visit with him.

  57. Belgrade is supposed to be beautiful and it’s one of the few countries in that part of the world I’ve yet to see!

  58. I’d love to go to Serbia to see the amazing architecture and artwork of their medieval monasteries!

  59. I’ve been all over the northern and western part of Europe and always wanted to explore this part of Europe. My wife and I would be absolutely thrilled if we get to go to Serbia. It would knock out one of our bucket list for travel.

  60. I’d like to explore Serbia while it’s relatively undiscovered to some. Belgrade, Danube riverside, fortresses, and – don’t forget -Sirogojno looks gorgeous.

  61. Excellent giveaway Lucky! I’ve always wanted to tour that region of the world, Bosnia, Romania, Serbia, etc.

  62. I would take my wife to explore the interior of the country, beautiful mountains, old churches and ruins, and some amazing food!

  63. Honestly – I have never flown business class and have never flow Air Serbia!

    Also, recently fell in love with Eastern Europe when I visited Armenia/Georgia/Croatia. Would love to go back and experience the beautiful culture of this country!

  64. Serbia has always been on my bucket list. Two years ago my family and I were going to visit during a trip to Dubrovnik and Prague as well. Unfortunately we had flight issues and had to drop the leg to Serbia from the itinerary at the last minute. Serbia still remains on the bucket list and I would love to take the family to see this part of the world.

  65. Serbia looks beautiful. I’ll be connecting in BEG on the way to HER soon but would love to try their longhaul.

  66. Serbia looks like such a cool place to explore! I’d definitely love to try the food and experience the architecture and culture in person.

  67. After traveling all over the world, this is one area I have not yet explored, and would love to visit

  68. Hello:

    Lucky, as I know the content of my reply doesn’t really “count” as winner will be selected at random, the question does give me the chance to write quickly but freely from the heart. I hope to win this contest and visit Serbia so I can take my teenaged son to see it with me – to see in person the architecture, the landscape, to appreciate the music, the food, the people. I hope I have the opportunity to take him – to teach him that the world really, really is a small and beautiful place. My son is a “plane geek” and has taught this frequent flier that the journey matters along with the destination. I’d love to make an unexpected, full trip to Serbia for the delight of it all.


  69. For a long time I’ve wanted to visit the Belgrade fortress and just experience all of the history that the region has to offer, and the proximity to the Adriatic Sea doesn’t hurt either… 🙂

  70. Experience a new product? Visit a new country? Who WOULDN’T want to visit Serbia? There’s SO much history – WW1 anyone? The people, the scenery the food – all these things excite me and to win would be like winning the lottery.

  71. I have wanted to visit Serbia for quite a while, to see the history, have great food, and see where Novak Djokovic came from!

  72. I want to visit Serbia because the other parts of the Balkans I’ve been to (Albania, Croatia, Slovenia) have been great!

  73. I have never been to Eastern Europe so it will be interesting to see the cultural difference from Western Europe.

  74. I would love to go to Serbia to hike the rolling hills in Zlatibor and try some Ćevapi!

  75. I want to visit Serbia because my girlfriend has never left the country, and this would be a good cultural experience for us.

  76. For all the reasons, including beautiful scenery, stunning architecture, and of course burek!

  77. I have never travelled to Europe, Serbia, although an unusual European destination, would be a very interesting place to visit. I am all for less touristy destinations.

  78. I want to visit Serbia because I’ve known that the nature is vast and breathtaking. Also, there is a lot of history in Belgrade, Kraljevo, and Cacak.

  79. I am working on traveling to every country. Serbia would be an interesting next country to visit to accomplish that.

  80. Belgrade has an amazing architectural history and everything I have ever heard about Serbia is that it is amazingly beautiful — I’ve always wanted to go. I love the idea of a European country that still isn’t over run by tourists. My friends in Berlin love it there, they have been telling me to go for years and now there is a direct flight from NYC (where I live) and a chance to win 2 tickets! 😉

  81. Id love to visit serbia to see one more new place! Serbia is close by where my family is from (originally anyway) – i would love to visit Eastern Europe, and the planes look fantastic holy crap! What an opportunity!

  82. I’d like to see the country where Djokovic came from, since I’m a tennis fan and I’ve read about how living in Serbia impacted him while growing up

  83. Reason to visit Serbia? Well, as a Sacramento Kings fan I just loved the way Vlade and Peja played back in those days. It must be amazing to go to Belgrade for a Crvena Zvezda game!

  84. I’d like to visit Serbia because my good friend’s wife is from Novi Sad, and the pictures of their adventures in her home country look fantastic.

  85. I’d like to actually have the ability to fly outside of my country for once and experience a new country!

  86. Serbia would be awesome to visit as I’ve never thought about exploring there before. New places to get lost and find new experiences to have are what I live for.

  87. Great chance to fly a new airline and get to visit a part of Europe that is off the beaten tourist path.

  88. I always love new places and have never explored the Balkans but would love to due to the amount of history there

  89. I’ve been to a few places outside the US though not to Serbia yet and would love to experience something different. I enjoy other cultures and live by the saying that travel makes us wiser and kinder.

  90. Why wouldn’t you want to go to Serbia! All the rich history, visit Belgrade, see the Kalemegdan fortress, eat cevapcici, go to Devil’s Town, dance at a splavs – and ride with Air Serbia are all beginning reasons to go.

  91. I’ve had many Serbian colleagues in the past and would love to discover their beautiful country.

  92. I made some friends from Serbia last year on a white water rafting trip. I would love the change to visit them and explore their country!

  93. I want to visit Serbia because it’s where my great-grandmother came to American from and I have some distant family there that would be amazing to meet.

  94. I’d like to visit Belgrade to check out the cultural tours and check off Serbia on list of countries visited. It will make lucky 23.

  95. I’ve wanted to visit Belgrade since I flew over it in 2010 on a flight from Istanbul to JFK. This would be a great way to get there!

  96. Who wouldn’t want to go to Serbia…and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Air Serbia.

  97. Learned so much about Serbia and all the bad there and want to have the chance to see what else the country has to offer.

  98. With the events for the 100th anniversary of World War I (which began in Serbia), I would like to visit to get a feeling of the history of the place.

  99. I have heard fascinating stories about Serbia…this would be the perfect opportunity for me to experience them first-hand!

  100. It’s a place rich with culture and history but is also less appealing to most travelers who opt to go to place like Rome instead, and therefore more authentic.

  101. I’d like to experience new adventures in Serbia in both Belgrad and in the country-side. I’d also like to fly this exciting route and this business class product.

  102. Serbia is a beautiful place with rich history and of course, getting there is more than half the fun!

  103. I’d love to visit Serbia! Not only for the food and culture, but it would also be my first trip ever to Eastern Europe!

  104. The Balkans have always sort of been one of those places very high on my to-visit list, but I never seem to be able to get there conveniently or cost effectively when I want to go. This would make it easier.

  105. Have heard so much about Serbia from lots of friends and would love to do a week drive through the country!

  106. Because it is an incredible place deep in history – I would love to visit and explore!

  107. My Serbian Director is always telling about how great Belgrade is, the food, the people, the nightlife. Gotta go check it out…

  108. because what better way to visit an exotic destination than by getting their through air serbia’s latest route and business class to boot!

  109. I had a waiter on a cruise from Serbia and swore to me that this is the best party scene in the entire world. I wanna experience that.

  110. I’d like to experience new adventures in Serbia in both Belgrad and in the country-side. I’d also like to fly this exciting route and this business class product.

  111. I would love to visit Serbia because it seems like a historically-rich country with interesting people and an interesting culture. I would also love a vacation before I go to my first year of high school!

  112. I’ve visited Western Europe a few times and always wanted to try Eastern Europe. Serbia seems like a great place to start!

  113. My goal is to visit 100 countries and East/Southeast Europe is my next region to see. Serbia would be a great start to this region!

  114. Balkans are so intriguing. East meets west. The food is amazing. Been to Montenegro. Serbia is definable the center of Balkans.

  115. I would love to try the food and see the architecture! The museums are supposed to be some of the best!

  116. I am from a neighboring county of Serbia,would be great to get business class tickets to Serbia,from there i’ll just cross the border to get to my homeland.

  117. I have a couple of Serbian friends and they are all great people, therefore would like to explore their country and meet more awesome people and learn from their culture.

  118. We visited Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia and drove through Serbia but didn’t get a chance to look round properly! It looked amazing and we’d love to explore more…

  119. Visiting Serbia would be a great way to celebrate my upcoming university graduation! #Luckys7th

  120. I want to visit Belgrade to travel on the Belgrade-Bar railway. Supposed to be spectacular

  121. I would like to visit Serbia to eat Pljeskavica , attend a Partizan – Crvena Zsvesda football match , eat more Pljeskavica , go to the countryside to teach children American football , and then finish the journey with some baklava and Turkish coffee .

  122. Few places in the world have had such a dramatic role in contemporary history. I want to go to witness the Serbian recovery to being a peaceful and wonderful country.

  123. we want to do the Belgrade to Podgorica, Montenegro train, it is supposed to be one of Europe’s most spectacular train rides.

  124. I would like to visit Serbia again because I simply fell in love with it’s culture, people and amazing night life.

  125. I have a good friend in Albania I would like to visit. It is just a short hop from Belgrade.

  126. I have traveled around the world many times and have somehow managed to miss Serbia. Who knows, this might be my new favorite place to visit.

  127. Because I plan on visiting every country in the world (in due time) and I haven’t been to Serbia yet!

  128. I recently flew Air Serbia (A319) from AUH>BEG in economy and would love to see what the pointy edge of the plane is like!

  129. Because since my year abroad I have learned that living life at one place is like reading only one chapter of the book. My goal is to discover every country and its culture. So every chapter is becoming more and more unique, interesting and an experience for life!

  130. Montenegro tick, Croatia tick, Bosnia and Herzegovina tick. Serbia must be next! (Plus, awesome Eurovision entry last year).

  131. I have a few friends in Belgrade I need to pay a visit, plus I’d love to check out the Soviet/Brutalist Architecture. I’d also like to judge if the Serbian ĆEVAPĆIĆI is better than the Bosnian. And maybe to mend US/Serbian relations. 😉

  132. I’d LOVE to visit Serbia because I’ve never been and I want to experience a new culture!

  133. Awesome! How do you get all this sponsorships? Are you going to review their new business class as well?

    Belgrade must be a great city, I visited Dubrovnik before and love the Balkans.

  134. Have heard Belgrade is an extremely fun city that is filled with culture and would love to experience it first hand!

  135. I want to visit Serbia because I spent about 36 hours in Belgrade 10 years ago and it was one of the most beautiful places I have been. I have always wanted to go back and would love to be able to take my wife with me!!

  136. I’d like to contrast it with my prior visits to neighboring countries… and obviously try local food and drink.

  137. I would love to explore a city with my wife that neither one of us has a connection. To fully embrace the culture, people and romance of Belgrade after more than 33 years of marriage would be a treat and fabulous gift to her!

  138. I’d like to visit serbia because my friend Ryan Hayes said it was the best trip he has ever taken.

  139. My fiancé wants to go to Europe for our honeymoon and I was actually thinking of Serbia as an option. It would be a great gift for us since our wedding budget is very tight (around 5K) and make our dreams come true.

  140. Honeymoon! Great chance to fly a new airline and get to visit a part of Europe that is off the beaten tourist path

  141. Because Serbia have the most beautiful women in Europe! And would Like to eat at Loki in Beograd

  142. It is off the beaten path and would be a bonus trip since I would likely not travel there regularly.

  143. I’ve been fascinated by Serbia, and Belgrade in particular, ever since Eurovision was held there in 2008 and would love to explore the local nightlife and food!

  144. I’m on SSI and can’t pay to do anything I’d like to do like travel ! I have C.O.P.D. and Cancer and Can’t work anymore . My wife had cancer and passed 2 yrs ago and my 3 sons are grown and moved out . So I just sit around the apt and enter contest and hope !!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Great incentive by Air Serbia. Belgrade is on my list, after just returning back from holidays in countries around Serbia. Belgrade would be a great starting point.

  146. I’d love to visit Serbia to see their natural areas, many of which remain beautifully unspoiled. I’ve heard that the southern and western regions are particularly gorgeous!

  147. Because I have to go on September for my best friend wedding! Milica cu soon! I can’t wait!

  148. I’ve always wanted to visit Belegrade cause of it unique culture. Now that there is a direct flight, this will climb to the top of my list.

  149. I think the question would be ”Why wouldn’t I want to visit Serbia”
    It is one of the few countries in Europe that I haven’t gone to yet! Who wouldn’t want to go to a country that is chockfull of history and culture. I’ve visited 40+ countries, and I’m only 18. So any excuse to travel, is a good one for me.

  150. I was in the former Yugoslavia during the Balkan wars as part of the French Military contingent of the UN peacekeeping forces, and I spent time in Croatia and Bosnia, but did not have a chance to make it to Serbia. This could be a great opportunity to see this beautiful country in peacetime, finally!

  151. I have never visited Serbia and enjoy learning about new places and meeting new people.

  152. Why do I want to visit Serbia? Because I have never been to eastern Europe and I think it would be fun to explore (in the summer of course)

  153. Would love to visit what I have heard is an amazing European city, but is relatively unknown about for many US travelers.

  154. I would like to return to Belgrade because I was there once in 2011 for 20 hours. I took a train from Zagreb to Skopje in Macedonia and stopped during the day in Belgrade. I loved the city but had to continue the journey as there would not be another train for 2 days after my night train. Ever since I have wanted to return and this is my chance to do it!

  155. I’ve always wanted to go to Serbia; my ex-wife was Serbian. I even owned a piece of the family land there once, but never got to go there…..

  156. My mother is Yugoslav, from Slovenia. I’ve been there and to Croatia multiple times, but never to Serbia!

  157. Never been there
    Haven’t done that
    Serbia for our almost Golden Wedding Anniversary!

  158. My fiancee and I are getting married – this would be a wonderful honeymoon for us.

  159. I have never been on Business Class before so this will be popping my cherry. Plus, it would be interesting to visit Serbia!

  160. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Western Europe, but very little in the East. I’d love to go to Belgrade, largely because my new “girlfriend” (okay, we’re both 69 years old!) and I would like to start our relationship with a trip to a place neither of us have ever been before. And to do that with a Business-class flight would be a great way to begin.

    Thanks, and I hope this somehow makes it into the contest.

  161. I just graduated from the George Washington University in the Class of 2016 with a BA in International Affairs. As someone extremely interested in conflict resolution, having the ability to travel to Belgrade would be a dream come true! The city has so much history, and so much to explore including the food, people, and culture. I also am a big fan of aviation, and to be able to fly from my hometown (New York) to Serbia on this new flight would be incredible! This would be the best graduation gift ever. Really hoping I win these tickets.

  162. It’s time to take my partner on an exotic trip to Serbia. And share the Balkan peninsular together.

  163. As a kid, I wrote the then-Yugoslavian government for brochures about visiting their country. They sent me a huge manila envelope of tourist brochures, small trinkets and a year-long subscription to an English-language local magazine for young readers. Couldn’t have been happier as I daydreamed about seeing all those amazing places in person. That was over 40 years ago and I’ve dreamed about visiting ever since.

  164. The most beautiful girl caught my eye at the bar and I asked her where she was from- Serbia! Talking to her about her home country made me realize I was missing out on an astounding location.

  165. Never been to Serbia before, would love to try Air Serbia business class and sightseeing Serbia as well.

  166. I would love to visit Belgrade as it – and Serbia – are highly underrated places to visit. I have never been, but I have read and heard that there is always something great going on in the city. This giveaway is going to help put Belgrade on the map for sure 🙂

  167. I’d like to take my mother on her first trip to Eastern Europe and watch “Desperate Housewives” dubbed in Serbian on the IFE.

  168. I’d like to visit Serbia as it is one of the few remaining countries in Europe I have not visited.

  169. I would love to visit Serbia because I could fly there non-stop on Air Serbia, the fantastic national airline that serves over 40 Euro-Mediterranean countries in class and style!

  170. I’ve always wanted to explore the less traveled parts of Europe and Serbia sounds like it would be an amazing place to start!

  171. Because I’m a heck of a writer and would do an awesome trip report. I’d also really enjoy those flights 😉

  172. I want to go to Serbia to eat and drink like a Serbian! Have some friends, some rakija and a lot of food waiting for me to go there!

  173. It will be a great chance to meet up with old friends and discover an interesting city!!

  174. I would love to take my son on an international trip. He loves Djokovic and has been fascinated with Serbia because of him!

  175. 61 countries but Serbia not yet. Love Eastern Europe. When I lived in Chicago had several Serb friends with whom I would go out to Serb restaurants and night clubs. Would love to experience the same in the old country.

  176. I would like to explore Serbia and experience the culture of it. I would also like to compare the business product of the airline with other top carriers.

  177. Always wanted to go visit Serbia cross it off my list of places to see and have definitely never flown business class internationally, would be an epic trip! #oneplaceatatime

  178. I’m new to your blog and I absolutely love it. Also, I’d love to visit Serbia during my Euro trip later this year.

  179. i cycled through serbia on a world bike ride i did a few years ago. the trip was 6 years long. nothing first class about it. but serbia captivated me. as did all of eastern europe. as did the world for that matter. and i’d like to go back. and not be the weird guy pulling a trailer on a bike. but just a guy. and experience it from that perspective.

  180. I want to visit Serbia so I can see the home of Novak Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic, and Jelena Jankovic–three great Serbian tennis players

  181. I work in travel so it would be great to experience Serbia so I can sell it to my clients!

  182. because i cycled through there on a 6 year world trip and as soon as i left realized i hadn’t spent enough time…

  183. I would like to win the tickets because I like exploring new cities and destinations, and new airline products and flying on Air Serbia to Belgrade would fulfill all those

  184. Why do I want to visit Serbia? This will be the first of Eastern Europe country I would step in if I have the chase. Interesting to experience the rich history and culture in this beautiful country.

  185. Actually I am flying on AirSerbia to Belgrade, the first flight after 24 years (5/19/1992 last flight)… I’m entering to win ticket because I want to experience first / business class of AirSerbia na visit my family in the future..


  186. I want to visit Serbia because I’ve never traveled abroad and it seems like an amazing place!

  187. Serbia sounds great! I’ve been to Budapest this spring and it was great, I think Belgrade will be great as well 🙂

  188. I have a friend studying in Serbia so I would like to visit him. Have not seen him in a very long time also will be nice to catch up

  189. I would love to win the tickets to a. Visit my host sister who is living in Serbia; b. Take her back on a visit to the US where we first met 10 years ago and where she has never been ever since; c. Make an awesome review of the flight since both of us have never even been near this part of the plane.

  190. Food and Culture – Like to enjoy good Sarma & Cepavi in a nice, local atmosphere.
    And additionally as a aviation geek – flying AirSerbia which is still on my bucket list.

  191. I want to visit Serbia to experience the unique culture and to explore historic buildings.

  192. I’ve made a few Serbian friends while traveling through Eastern Europe and I want to visit them!

  193. I want to visit Serbia to see the amazing ancient architecture and experience the Serbian culture and hospitality …and the food! 😉

  194. I’d like to take my best friend Jelena back to see her family and to try Serbian wine!

  195. I want to visit Serbia because I’ve heard that Belgrade is amazing, and I have a friend in Novi Sad.

  196. I would love to visit mainly because I’m EU based but have never really been there. This seems like a great opportunity. I always focus on travelling outside of Europe because I’m younger and can cope with the travel hassle. I just feel that once I’m older and settle Europe will become more of a first choice, then.

  197. I flew Air Serbia last week and the plane is beautiful, even the economy seats are nice, and the FAs are lovely.

  198. Because of the breadth of possibilities provided there. Hiking, rafting, exploring beautiful Belgrade, etc.

  199. Always wanted to visit Eastern Europe and experience a different culture.Also the new Air Serbia business class looks awesome! Its been forever since I’ve been on a holiday 🙂

  200. Serbia seems like a great place to visit. To visit with free tickets on Air Serbia in business class is even better!

  201. I actually am visiting Serbia for the first time in September, but I won’t get as much time as I would like, so it would be nice to take this flight to see more of the country at a different time , and not in coach !

  202. Why Serbia? Some of the most fascinating history, culture and geography in Europe. I’ve always wanted to go! I hope I win… : )

  203. I would like to go to the Belgrade Tango Festival (or the Belgrade Tango Encuentro), and see some medieval monasteries.

  204. Always love Europe, and visiting a new country is always exciting. Never been in Serbia, but would love to go.

  205. I’d love to visit Serbia by taking my lovely wife whom I married for 38 years. I travel a lot but had never been to Serbia. I was reading about the country after your post and it’d be amazing to experience the fortresses, the culture and great food it has to offer!

  206. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a lot of different places in Europe, however they are all the ‘usual’ ones. My girlfriend really wants to visit Romania, and I was looking at places to visit in addition to there. The more I researched the more it seemed Serbia could be a fantastic place to visit and tag on to the trip.

  207. Would love to see Belgrade and best of all to see a new country and tell everyone how is it!

  208. I want to visit Serbia to experience great culture and people in a un touristy environment and to see where my family came from.

  209. My wife and I recently separated from Active Duty and are hoping to take advantage of our new freedom of movement to visit new and exciting places, among which Serbia would most certainly be one!

  210. I definitely want to go to Serbia because it’s the most important balkan country and the most iconic part of former ‘Jugoslavija’. Serbia is the only one of their previous republics that i haven’visited yet. I am also very interested and attracted by their culture and their historical link to Russia and to the Orthodox Church. Besides, i want to hear from local people their side of the story about the nineties episodes. And, last but not least, Belgrade is now being mentioned as one of the new trendy touristic hot spots of Eastern Europe with an efervescent cultural scene. Have to check that out.

  211. One of my close friends in the DC area is from Serbia. He was in my wedding. It would be awesome to travel to Serbia with him and explore the area with his assistance & guidance (as he is a native) and maybe meet his family members living there. Also, I have never been to Eastern Europe before!

  212. As a sociology student, one of the best opportunities I could have would be to immerse myself in another culture. Serbian culture is so fascinating – from the food, to the language, to everything else. I’m hoping I get this wonderful opportunity to broaden my horizons by travelling to this amazing new destination.

  213. Because I LOVE traveling and visiting Serbia would be amazing! I’ve never been before and I going business class would be absolutely thrilling! 🙂

  214. Would love to visit Serbia and see the beautiful landscape and hey let’s not forget about the food. 🙂

  215. I would want to take my girlfriend, whos birthday is in August, to Serbia. We both just graduated college and we arent going on any vacation this year as we don’t have alot of money. This would be amazing!

  216. It would be an amazing opportunity to travel to Serbia. Never visited Europe before and Belgrade would be the perfect place visit!

  217. I would like to experience the flight with AirSerbia because it would mean being able to speak my native tongue while on a long distance flight.

  218. I would love to visit Serbia for something a little different. It seems that most people from the United States focus on traditional Western Europe. And while that is great, I feel like I have more of those “wow” moments when I’m not sure what to expect, or don’t know much about the country. I think Serbia would provide a little more “wander” than other countries.

  219. I have some old college buddies in Serbia, Croatia, and Czech Republic. Would be awesome to make a full trip out of it and see them all!!

  220. Because it’s my country ☺️ And why not take a free ride home! For anyone that hasn’t been – Its the place where great friendships are made, amazing, inspirational people met! It has picturesque nature, delicious food and unforgettable memories are made there!

  221. I want to visit Serbia because I’ve never been to southeastern Europe before and I’m curious as to what it looks like compared to the parts of Europe that I’ve explored!

  222. I would love the opportunity to see more of Serbia outside of Belgrade. I have many friends who reside and are from Belgrade and to visit for more than one day and have the time and opportunity to see ALL of what Serbia has to offer would be great. I have only flown Air Serbia regionally and if that is any indication of what their long haul service would be like then I will find a way with or without this contest!!! Let us not forget the FOOD AND THE MUSIC. Belgrade has one of the best ambiences in Europe right up there with the streets of Barcelona and Rome!

  223. Because would nice to see a country that is considered a harsh place. I want to check it myself. Plus. How many times would think of going to Serbia as their first choice?!

  224. It would fantastic if I got these tickets! I’m headed to Moscow for an internship at the US embassy in late September, but I can’t make my travel arrangements until after my security clearance has gone through. The flexibility for flights would be so helpful! I would love to experience a new airline, AND spend a bit of time in Serbia!

  225. Want to travel because Serbia rocks (and I might make it in time to visit Exit Festival) Yeah!!

  226. What an interesting promotion and unique giveaway. Would be great to visit a never before seen country that I wouldn’t normally think to try!

  227. I’m particularly interested in the countries that made up Yugoslavia. And there’s the food….

  228. I want to visit Serbia because it sounds incredible and I’d love to experience it for myself.

  229. Could be nice visit one of most interesting country of balcanic area and worth by their flagship airline.

  230. Holy Batman. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! I have always wanted to go see Serbia. I heard it is beautiful there. My childhood dream to see it since. It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. 🙁 Starving artist here desperately needs the trip to have fun and feel alive and inspired again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

  231. I want to visit Serbia to better understand why the country is commonly regarded as the most hospitable nation the world!

  232. Serbia and Romania have been on my radar for a while now. I’ve enjoyed the places in Eastern Europe that I’ve already traveled to, and I would love to explore Serbia.

  233. It’d be awesome to visit my Serbian friend who moved back to his homeland to raise a family!

  234. Flying on AIr Serbia tomorrow from Vienna to Belgrade and then on to Dubrovnik. Would love to see more of Belgrade beyond the Priority Pass lounge at the airport and to experience Air Serbia’s first class product

  235. If I won the prize not only do I get to experience the fortress in Serbia- but being in the uk I could hop over to New York and then enjoy the wonderful business class journey over to Serbia

  236. I would love to take my hubby to Serbia, ive heard great things about the country!

  237. Why do you want to visit Serbia? To see incredible scenery, learn ancient history, and stay at the beautiful Metropole hotel.

  238. I want to visit Serbia because I have been to every former Yugoslav republic EXCEPT Serbia so far!

  239. We didn’t want to like Serbia after visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. But our first visit to Belgrade proved there are always additional perspectives. The Serbians we met were lovely and interesting. We’d like to explore the country in more depth; winning the tickets would be a means to do so.

  240. Serbia is great, and Serbians are the most friendly people I know.
    Would love to go back!!! Especially in business class 😉

  241. Not only a part of the world I haven’t explored yet, specifically I want to go to the Belgrade Military Museum.

  242. I’d love to go to Serbia to see their native dancing and see my friends. I’ve heard it’s beautiful there and would love to learn more about their history.

  243. Why do I want to visit Serbia? To show my xenophobic family members that travel is a wonderful thing and even though someone may not look like you, dress like you, or speak like you, you don’t have to fear them. #onelove

  244. I want to go back to Belgrade to eat another pljeskavica and walk in Kalemegdan park! I lived there from 2001-2003, and have never had the chance to go back. I’d love to visit my old home.

  245. Meeting and interacting with people from a different location is the reason I always want to travel. I have never been to Serbia and getting the chance to immerse in a new culture is always ideal!

  246. I’m a huge fan of all of eastern Europe, and would love to add Serbia to the mix after going all around it previously.

  247. Fascinating history of the diverse groups of people who have populated the area, and the architectural styles reflecting the influences of different cultures. Of course, flying Business class on a new aircraft–especially after looking at the photos of the Air Serbia seats–makes me excited to explore the country.

  248. I have briefly passed through Serbia before. It has fantastic scenery, beautiful buildings but most of all some of the most warming hospitable people anywhere in the world. This is all even more incredible when you consider their recent history.

  249. It’s right next to so many other countries I have yet to visit. Would be a great hopping-off point.

  250. I have good friends there to visit that I met in Sweden. And I want to eat and drink with the locals!

  251. I want to visit Serbia as I’ve never been to the Balkans before and this would be a great way to visit.

  252. Looking forward to exploring the region beyond our last trip to Croatia – beautiful country!

  253. I would love to go to Serbia is see how it has changed in 30 years. I was in Belgrade back when it was part of Yugoslavia and it was a fascinating place even back then but I would love to see how the formation of the new nation, new directions and new freedoms have changed things.

  254. Thanks to the wonderful world of ice hockey, I have friends in Serbia. They always talk about how beautiful their country is…I would love to go visit!

  255. What do you want to visit Sebria? Because of the food, Belgrade Fortress and the baroque town of Sremski Karlovci

  256. I want to visit Serbia because I’ve explored the more touristy coasts of Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro — and now I’m hungry for an authentic, inland Balkans experience!

  257. To check out historic sites, do some kayaking, and to use Serbia as a launch pad for further travel to Croatia!

  258. Loved my first trip to the Balkans and would love to see Serbia as well. Photos are stunning and I love smaller cities, so it’s perfect.

  259. I want to meet locals, learn about their lifestyle and culture…and try the food of course!

  260. I’ve always wanted to visit Eastern Europe and my sister visited Serbia and told me it’s great.

  261. I want to Visit Serbia because this part of europe is Terra Incognita for me – and it sure seems amazing!

  262. It would be interesting to be able to check off a new country and new airline for me in one trip!

  263. Always wanted to visit the region, now a direct flight from my home base makes the trip so much more enjoyable…

  264. This would be an incredible opportunity to visit an amazing part of the world I’ve always wanted to see. Thank you!

  265. I want to visit Serbia because it’s not the first place that comes to mind when you think Europe, and I’m sure it will be an amazing time.

  266. My mother father and family were born there and for the majority of my childhood I would go visit my relatives. It has been 20 plus years since I’ve been there and since my mother and father have passed on I’ve always wanted to go back and show my husband the beautiful culture food and history of my familys roots and ancestors

  267. My fiance is from Serbia and we would love to surprise his mother and father – who still live there. He left home for the US when he was 16 and I know his biggest regret is leaving them behind. It would mean the world to him to see them again.

  268. I am from Serbia and would love to take my girlfriend to see my beautiful country and its people. Traveling there in business class for the first time would be a great plus.

  269. Why do I want to visit Serbia?

    Bragging rights! I’ve never been there, I want to be the first of my friends to do so.

  270. I want to visit Serbia because with this new non-stop flight it’s so quick and easy to get there!!

  271. Beautiful people, amazing food, great nightlife. What else can anyone ask for? I would also spend couple of days to explore other Serbian cities I habe never been to.

  272. Welcome back to NYC, JU500. It is worth noting that the first flight from BEG to US was almost 50 years ago!!

  273. i have a friend who has visited Serbia many times and always had fantastic things to say. Would love to visit in the comfort of business class.

  274. I’d love to win this trip because I haven’t been able to visit my family in Serbia in over 3 years…and I’d love to take my mom there first class!

  275. I’d like to go see my mothers grave and attend my best friends wedding because I couldn’t afford to see either. I would bring my sister as my +1 because she has given so much to me

  276. Belgrade (and Serbia) has a very rich history and it’s fascinating to see how the people and events have changed over time–it’s basically the center of Europe!

  277. I want to visit because my girlfriend was born in Belgrade, and I’d love to see where she grew up!

  278. My husband and I would love to take in the Serbian sights and sounds and immerse ourselves in the country’s rich history…and visit the Tesla Museum while we’re at it.

  279. I’d love to visit a Balkan country to see their progress since the wars in the 1990s.

  280. I’d like to see more of the White City – 22 hours in Belgrade wasn’t enough, and it’s the longest period of time I have spent there!

  281. Because it’d be funny to fly to a destination I can reach in ~1 hr by ATR 42 via JFK.

  282. Serbia looks beautiful, especially Belgrade. I’d love to visit just for the beautiful, historic city.

  283. Serbia has been on my places to visit list because of the beautiful scenery and 2 first class tickets will bump it to the top of my list..

  284. Because I want to visit Europe but be a hipster and not visit somewhere everyone else has been…