LOL: Air North Now Delivers Airplane Food!

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If you’ve been at home for weeks and can’t wait to travel, there’s probably one thing you miss more than anything — airplane food. What’s not to love about eating a reheated dinner at 35,000 feet?

Well, Yukon’s Air North recognizes what we’re all going through, and has the solution. A couple of weeks ago the airline made headlines for claiming they have a “healthy balance sheet” and will make it through this situation, unlike virtually every other airline. How refreshing to see.

Now they’re going to bring microwavable airplane meals directly to the doors of Yukoners. Air North recently stopped serving meals on their flights for everyone’s safety, but all isn’t lost. The airline will now deliver airplane food right to your door… if you live in Whitehorse. You can order the food on

The airline will deliver their “delicious frozen meals” right to your door, and they have seven to choose from. Alternatively, you can pick up the meals at their kitchen.

The meals cost 8.25-9CAD each, and options range from chicken cannelloni to Thai vegetable curry.

How cool of a concept is that? I had the chance to fly Air North from Whitehorse to Vancouver last year (after flying Condor from Frankfurt to Whitehorse, one of the most interesting transatlantic flights), and had an awesome experience.

In all honesty, I think this is a fantastic concept. In light of the current situation I imagine there are a lot of people struggling to figure out what to do with their meals, and this is a great option.

Which airplane food do you wish you could order to your door right about now?

(Tip of the hat to @Hanwarrior)

  1. Air North is a beautiful “time warp” experience. I started my career in aviation in Whitehorse in 1970 with CP Air (Canadian Pacific Airlines) at time when senior management were well paid but so were front line workers. At a time when an airline felt responsibility for the community they served. It’s so refreshing to read something like this. Hats off to Air North.

  2. Does it have to be food? Can’t we get an airline to delivery Dom or Krug or ???? All jokes aside they might be providing food to a community of people that need help – so well done to them!

  3. It’s fairly common for high end hotels like Ritz or St Regis to sell their fancy meat or seafood and cooked meal at relatively low price (but still kinda a ripoff lol) in china since February. China eastern also sells airplane and lounge food. Businesses will do anything to reduce loss and improve cash flow during this rough time.

  4. This is all new food, none of it is “leftover” 🙂 It keeps the catering folks employed and the distribution chain active.

    Surprised they aren’t delivering the cheesecakes as well (which can be bought @ Wykes/Independent grocery store)

  5. I heard Qantas was looking to off load 3 million frozen meals given it is no longer flying international. They were looking to off load bulk orders to aged care providers.

  6. Any airline that can offload unused pax meals by selling it will get some badly needed revenue, and the food does not go to waste. This is called sensible initiative. Absolutely nothing to ‘LOL’ about here if you use your brain and think about it sensibly, instead of treating it as a joke.

  7. If you want airline food, check your local 7-Eleven. In Silicon Valley, I’ve seen and sandwiches and other items in the refrigerated snack section with a “LSG SkyChefs” label.

  8. In their defense food is much more difficult to come by in Northern Canada and food prices are outrageous.

    I can’t imagine eating airplane food right now. Bad enough i have to eat a Boston market or hungry man frozen dinner which makes me feel like a prisoner.

  9. Practically a steal, considering food prices up in the Yukon.
    Was hoping I could get on this, but alas I am in the wrong province.

  10. Honestly? If ANA would deliver their Japanese Chicken Curry I would order it pretty much every day. If they could also provide a First seat to sit in and eat it, even better.

  11. @Ross
    BA is not alone. Virgin Atlantic has also, to use your emotive term, “abandoned” Gatwick.

    BA has also moved all its Heathrow flights into LHR T5 (or do I mean it has “abandoned” T3?), thus finally achieving the original vision of a single Heathrow terminal for BA. Though not necessarily in the way it might have hoped.

  12. Well, I’d certainly go for the meatballs Delta had over the last year or so on various routes…though that Shepherd’s Pie looks not-too-bad, too.

    (Now if only they were located where I was…)

  13. A great idea. Unlike most airlines, all Air North catering is done in house and far more homely than factory lined produced. Air North are selling these meals at near-cost as an way to keep this in-house team in work and suppliers (who are struggling as often food service supply chains operate independently to grocery stories supply chains) with some custom. Applaud them for what their doing.

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