Air Italy Introduces Dine On Demand In Business Class

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Qatar Airways-backed Air Italy has today announced that they’re making some positive changes to their business class product. I had the chance to fly Air Italy from New York to Milan shortly after they launched operations, and was extremely impressed — the service was friendly, food excellent, and amenities top notch.

The airline has unveiled a new business class dining service, which coincides with the airline launching flights from Milan to Los Angeles today. The new business class soft product will be rolled out on more routes over the coming weeks.

With this changes, Air Italy is introducing new tableware, and also is introducing dine on demand.

Air Italy’s COO, Rossen Dimitrov, had the following to say:

“We are extremely delighted to begin the rollout of our new Business Class product and service today as we simultaneously celebrate the launch of our new service from Milan Malpensa to Los Angeles.

Featuring newly-designed contemporary tableware, in-flight dining menus, cutlery and chinaware that have all been specially crafted to meet our travelers’ high expectations, we are confident that this new product will elevate their experience on board our aircraft.

At the same time, we will also be introducing our dine-on-demand service, meaning our customers can choose what they want to eat, and when they want to eat from our new menus which are also being unveiled today.

All of this will make for an even more sophisticated and memorable travel experience in Business Class with Air Italy – and it will very shortly be followed up by the rollout of our new Economy Class product and service.”

Here are pictures that Air Italy has provided of the new tableware:

Here are some pictures of the new food:

To me the new food looks almost exactly like what Qatar Airways offers.

I guess that’s not too surprising, because just a few days ago Air Italy introduced new uniforms, which are basically exact copies of the Qatar Airways uniforms.

I look forward to flying Air Italy again, hopefully if/when they take delivery of ex-Qatar Airways 787s featuring new seats!

  1. The glassware seems to be the same as Qatar Airways. The purple red water glass definitely is, and the wine glass seems to be as well.

  2. Wikipedia suggests Air Italy will be taking over all of Qatars 787s so will Qatar no longer be using them or will they be getting new ones?

  3. Lucky, I have a problem with your first sentence: By constantly mentioning that Air Italy is backed by Qatar Airways, you are not helping their case. Everyone knows already that Qatar holds a stake in Air Italy. Duly noted, done. Go on. You never start an article with “Swire-backed Cathay Pacific” or “IAG-backed British Airways”. So what’s this about?

  4. @ Carsten B. — I don’t follow. “Not helping their case?” I don’t work for them, I don’t have to help anyone’s case for anything. How would the Swire backing impact service on Cathay Pacific? The reason it’s significant is because Air Italy is quite literally adjusting their service to match Qatar Airways, and the same is true of uniforms.

  5. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that a steak that looks that good has never been served on a Qatar Airways plane in business class, nor in the Al Safwa lounge!

  6. Looks absolutely fantastic. I literally can’t wait to try out their business product. I vaguely remember OMAAT having an article on redeeming miles for Air Italy…was that a thing?

    Also, their 787s will be ex-Qatar? I thought they were meant to be new orders, though I guess with Air Italy’s and Qatar’s financial difficulties this makes sense. These have got to be the first second-hand 787 sales right?

  7. QR has 30 787-8s and an order for 30 787-9s, so they’ve already catered for replacing them to a degree! Saves them refitting the -8s with QSuites!

  8. After seeing Alitalia, Jet Airways, and Air Serbia, I wonder how long this kind of service will last at Air Italy.

  9. @Dohyun Qatar unlike Etihad has a knack of investing in airlines that make money, IAG and Cathay Pacific for example, are profitable brands, I for one don’t doubt that they can make money out of it.

  10. That Greek yogurt berry compote.. is exactly the same as Qatar as well lol down to the mint and presentation. I eat that for breakfast all the time

  11. I was not that impressed by the food on Qatar Business; Etihad was so much better. The bread / pastries were not good unlike Etihad. I think they should at least have had a different color than Qatar for the uniforms. LOL someone said the steak in the picture looks nicer than the real thing. I had a steak on Qatar and it was mediocre.

  12. I originally booked Air Italy using Avios miles in economy; 25,000 with a $200 fee from Milan to JFK. My travelling companion told me she preferred Business and I used 75,000 also for a $200 fee plus a $55 change fee. I hope it’s worth it but it’s a huge difference in mileage. Probably better to have done it on a night flight.

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