OMG: An Equipment Change Put Me In Air India 747 First Class

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It has been a long time since I was this excited. As part of my current trip around India and the Middle East reviewing airlines, I decided to jump on a cheap fare to review Air India’s First Class product. When booking and selecting seats, the aircraft was listed as a 777-300ER, which is what I expected. This aircraft features their most common onboard product, so I figured it would be useful to review for my YouTube channel.

I spent the day in the (small) Air India First Class Lounge. I wish you could have seen my face when I arrived at the gate and saw a hump on my 777. As I headed down the jetway, I was certain we’d take a sharp turn and board a bus to our aircraft. However, seconds later, I was on the Queen of the Skies, the rare 747-400, which is nearing extinction outside of British Airways and Lufthansa.

Oh boy did it end up being a cool flight. As I boarded, I mentioned to the flight attendant that there had been an equipment swap. He seemed very happy I noticed and offered to take a picture of me. A few minutes later, he offered to take another. And another. And another. As soon as the meal service was done, we were on a tour through the entire aircraft, exploring every galley and cabin. He took me upstairs, introduced me to his colleagues, took more pictures and was just so enthusiastic. As an avgeek, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Of the twelve seats in the nose of the 747, only two were occupied. I was in 1K and there was a young woman behind me in 2K. Impressively enough, the 350 economy seats were almost all occupied.

Hey, United, please start flying your 747 between LAX and SFO while you still can. 😉

I also got the added bonus of free meals and accommodation next time I’m in Mumbai, as he insisted I visit his family. Who knew a scheduled two hour 777 flight could turn into this. While Air India is lacking on most fronts, my experience throughout was that they take service seriously and I only had positive interactions. Shout out to Deepak for making my flight so awesome — see you in BOM! Stay tuned for the full review.

  1. Haha, Danny boy love your excitement.

    If this was lucky he would be “they didn’t smile at me”, “the plating wasn’t great”, “people stared angrily as I left the plane first”.

    No wonder old guys go for young, broke women than old, wealthy ones. The wide eyed excitement is missing.

  2. Still the queen of the skies but I’m not sure of the veracity of your comment that ‘the rare 747-400, which is nearing extinction outside of British Airways and Lufthansa’.

    I am pretty sure that Qantas still flies the 747-400 on some international routes including the Sydney-San Francisco route.

    Flying in the upstairs bubble is still one of the best experiences of air travel.

  3. Hey I know Deepak! He was serving me in First cabin on BLR-DEL flight this Feb. and being the only passenger in the cabin he insisted me try all four main entrees from menu! I was so stuffed! Won’t forget the experience. Thanks for sharing.

  4. There are still quite a number of Airlines with 747s:
    British Airways
    Thai Airways
    Korean Air
    Air China
    China Airlines
    Saudi Arabian Airlines
    Air India
    Virgin Atlantic
    Asiana [2]
    Mahan Air [1]
    Kuwait Airways [1]
    Royal Air Maroc [1]

  5. Daniel, please allow me to show you around the best places in Mumbai! I am always very excited when someone from OMAAT comes to Mumbai. I am a born-and-brought-up-in Mumbai guy, so I can totally give you the local flavour, from cuisine to culture, to transport. 🙂

  6. Also worth noting is that whenever needed, the aircraft you flew carries India’s Prime Minister under the call sign Air India One. Air India just has 3-4 of 744s and the PM uses from the standard fleet whenever needed, at least until they deliver the specially configured 777-300ERs.

  7. I plan to fly THAI 747 between DPS and BKK next month. Just saw your review about it and thought why not I`m anyway in the region.
    Just checked the seatplan and I could even reserve a First Class seat. I need to do it 😀

  8. Whenever I fly to India, I always make sure I’m in the first class, there are far less chickens squawking in first class!

  9. W Paul I think your comment Ian extremely offensive. I’m part Indian from my mothers side and I don’t think Indians are chickens. Indians are very caring, intelligent, & worldly people. So your comment of “Whenever I fly to India, I always make sure I’m in the first class, there are far less chickens squawking in first class!” keep your racist comments to yourself if that is how you feel about Indians& for god sake don’t go to India!

  10. I am a 70 year American, and I absolutely revere India, its history, culture, food and especially her people. And while I have never had the good fortune to visit, I will. I am with you, Trevor.

  11. There are a good number of airlines flying the 747

    Korean Air
    Iran air
    Mahan air
    British Airways
    Air India
    South African Airways
    Air China

    W Paul needs to be stuffed with potatos and chilli masala up his arse, and shoved into a tandoori oven. I am sure he will taste delicious!!

    WPAUL MASALA Tandoori, WPAUL vindaloo.

  12. WilliamC…. Your comment above just totally cracked me up! Daniel’s post obviously had lots of enthusiasm, but I liked it. While Sprit Big Seats are very significant upgrade from their regular sardine (coach) seats, they clearly do not a deserve ethusiatic review.
    I believe that Air France also still flies the 747 (at least JFK-CDG).

  13. arent u scared youll miss out on hanging with friends and doing normal kid stuff rather than flying alone all over the world?

  14. There are dozens of people who could contribute better written posts and reviews than young Daniel. Why he still contributes is beyond me.

  15. @Neil
    Those are going out when the Dreamliners come in.
    Point is , only BA and LH operate large fleets of the -400 and express no interest in replacing them in the near future

  16. @FNT Delta Diamond and others disapproving of Daniel…

    this blog are reading people all different ages. Daniel is in his early 20s. Getting life’s experiences. Trying to achieve something in field he loves. What is wrong with that?! His reviews are different. So are Trevor’s, so are Tiffany’s and other contributors.

    And just to let you know – at the very beginning of each article is a name of the author. You don’t need to read it when you see Daniel’s name on it.

  17. 747-400: even though many airline companies fly 747-4, Lufthansa and BA have the largest fleet of those planes still in business.

  18. @dantorp
    Isn’t flying his job? He’s just doing his job and am sure he’ll have time to spend with his family and friends.

  19. @Spk
    I think @dantorp is just joking.
    Daniel actually does fly with friends or a friend when doing his reviews. Also, today there is his another article on here, hotel at Copenhagen airport. He was there with his friend from Singapore.

  20. @Spk
    I think @dantorp is just joking. (dantorp as Daniel’s youtube channel name 😉 )

    Daniel actually does fly with friends or a friend when doing his reviews. Also, today there is his another article on here, hotel at Copenhagen airport. He was there with his friend from Singapore.

  21. @FNT Delta Diamomd

    Get a life you miserable old git. Daniel’s reviews are great and his excitement makes me smile. Great review Daniel and keep them coming.

    Now FNT you return to your miserable life

  22. Daniel’s enthusiasm was infectious! And I love his articles. Keep it up Daniel and I look forward to many more articles from you!

  23. Hi Daniel, great to hear about your experience on AI. They are my preferred airline in India. I always receive top notch service in the air and on the ground (* Gold through United), much better than US 3. While service is great (awesome lounges, no lines, preferred seats, more spacious layout etc.), their flights are perennially late. And if you’re ever in BOM, please have a meet and greet for your fans.

  24. Air India Premier cabins fly empty on US-India routes, yet they don’t release award space for star alliance redemptions.

  25. “Haters gonna hate eh FNT Diamond?”

    Well, to be honest, it isn’t all hate…the guy who wrote that Qatar Airways TRs did a much better job than Daniel. Too bad he isn’t a more frequent guest on here.

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