Air France’s Chic New Safety Video

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Airline safety videos are no longer a necessary evil, but for many airlines a great marketing and branding opportunity.

The leader in the safety video “space” has no doubt been Air New Zealand, given their creative and frequent themed videos.

But they’re not alone in investing efforts into their safety videos, as even US airlines have been trying to make their safety videos fun lately.

Air France has just released their latest safety video, which in a word can be described as “chic:”

It’s not a safety video, but rather a safety performance. And it’s oh-so-chic:

  • Why should you wear your seatbelt? “Because it will elegantly highlight your waistline”
  • Why should you not smoke on the flight? “Because a no smoking flight is simply chic”
  • Why should you turn off your electronic devices? “Because it is trendy here, set your electronic devices on airplane mode”
  • Why should you blow into the tube? “Because it’s chic to blow” (okay, I made that part up)

Is it as edgy as an Air New Zealand safety video? Nope. But I do think it’s really well done, and perfectly captures the Air France brand. I’ve been impressed by Air France’s branding efforts since they introduced their new first & business class products, with their “France is in the Air” campaign.


And I think this first class promo video is extremely well executed as well:

Kudos to Air France for having a vision and sticking to it!

What do you think of Air France’s new safety video?

  1. Air France has done a fantastic branding work in recent years, especially after the research that led to the campaign “France is in the Air”, since the printed posters, vintage kits and now, TV and safety videos, all following a creative line and perfectly executed. Although it can not be called innovative, certainly enchants and translates the idea of “France” that people have.

  2. This is Ben-bait as far as trolling goes, but personally I’d rather fly a stylish airline with a chic brand (Air France, Delta, Virgin America…) than a soulless generic workhorse carrier with a better (for now!) frequent flyer program (cough, cough, AA). I can get my miles from a credit card, but I can’t have 12 hours of my life back from the depressing reality of flying AA, eating their slop food and dealing with inconsistent service. I mean, sure, Macy’s has more stores and better prices, but wouldn’t you rather shop at Neiman-Marcus?

  3. I think the above commenter mistakenly included Delta among the chic group. I personally hated Delta’s 80s video and think this AF is the exact opposite, very tastefully done and very French. Now if we could get lie flat seats on all AF aircraft, we would be all set.

  4. Why should you wear your seatbelt? “Because it will elegantly highlight your waistline”

    I loved that quirky response, so French!

  5. Not as good as most Air New Zealand spots (or their non-safety videos) but the bit in the end about cat videos is good.

    P.S. Is the presenter wearing the current AF uniform?

  6. Ben, did you give them the tip about not manipulating your seat if you lose an electronic device? No airline I’ve flown on has mentioned that one.

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