Video: Air Canada Surprises People With Free Airline Tickets

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Nowadays a lot of airline marketing isn’t informational, but rather emotional, whereby brands are trying to create bonds with customers. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of airline videos go viral, especially when they’re “feel good” or emotional.

My personal favorite of all times is British Airways’ “Visit Mum” campaign, which just about makes me cry every time:

The most viral ever was WestJet’s “Christmas Miracle” video, which has over 42 million views on YouTube. It’s also pretty awesome, because it’s so creative and doesn’t seem staged:

Air Canada has tried to replicate some of the better “holiday giving” videos. Last year Air Canada released a “Gift Of Home” video in early December, whereby they went to a bar in London full of Canadians and gave them tickets to Canada for the holidays:

Frankly I didn’t find it to be all that creative, and it was even sort of predictable. You knew exactly what was going to happen when the pilots in uniform walked into the bar.

Well, Air Canada is back with yet another “Gift Of Home” video this year, whereby they’re surprising Canadians with trips to visit friends & family both in Canada and abroad. Here’s the video:

On the surface I love the video, and I find it to be touching. It’s adorable and you can’t help but love that it doesn’t just show people receiving the tickets, but also has footage of them taking their trips.

On the other hand there’s something about the video which strikes me as rather staged. The people thought they were participating in a segment about shipping holiday gifts? And then when they get the tickets and take the trip they keep it a complete surprise from the people they’re visiting until they show up at their doors?

Anyway, it’s still adorable and sort of touching, though I do find the video a bit forced. The British Airways and WestJet videos in the past flowed a bit more naturally and seemed more creative.

What do you think of Air Canada’s “Gift Of Home” video? Which holiday video has been your favorite?

  1. Air Canada should just lower their prices so that many many more people can afford flying to/from their homes in Canada.
    Air Canada holds a monopoly in Canada and as a result, their ticket prices are out of control, especially for domestic Canada flights.

  2. Yawn. AC is losing loyal flyers with their major devaluation from 15 Dec AP % up needed for award flights.
    Sure those tix in video are Y class.
    Pass on useless marketing.

  3. Air Canada should hire WestJet’s agency for these ads. Last year’s was awful. At least this year’s is consistent.

    You’re right, Lucky. Totally staged. My favorite was when Tawny arrived to surprise her friend in Philadelphia, but somehow they had a cameraman shooting from inside as they hugged. This feels a lot like Apple (WestJet) and Microsoft (Air Canada) trying to catch up and doing a poor job.

    And FWIW, I’m not a WestJet fan at all. But these ads sure make me want to give them another try.

  4. It is completly staged since it is partially filmed from inside the houses of the people they are visiting…

  5. Was anyone else surprised that the asian girl’s boyfriend was asian? All the asian girls I know have white fever.

  6. Westjet one is quite good. Rest of them are painfull to watch. So obvious that they are all actors.

    And white guy…. really????

  7. Is there something wrong with me that for the first half of the BA video all I could think about is how the hell are those okras getting past ICE customs agents?

  8. @whataman….

    Nothing wrong with you. Especially after watching a documentary about MIA and seeing what the customs agents bother people about….

  9. Tom, check out the reality. Canada has two major airlines competing for customers on just about every domestic route, plus a third regional in central/eastern Canada. The US, with 10x the population and 15x the GDP has three major legacy airlines plus two or three LCCs which means more concentration of market control. Air Canada has no monopoly nor is the cause of high prices, if these indeed are provable. Prices are higher in Canada for a couple of reasons, including better wages and pensions for employees, higher fuel prices, higher airport costs, more levies and user fees than in the US.

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