Air Canada’s Holiday Video — Free Tickets To Canada

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On Tuesday I posted about WestJet’s Christmas Miracle video, which was touching and adorable:

There’s no doubt that WestJet has a great corporate culture, and this video is a reflection of that, as opposed to simply an opportunistic way to make themselves seem charitable.

That being said, I think WestJet’s Christmas Miracle video from the year prior was more creative, which might explain why it went so viral:

While this year’s video is no doubt a better “cause,” it didn’t tie in travel and the holidays quite as well as the video from the year prior, in my opinion.

I guess Air Canada doesn’t want to be outdone too much, because they just published a holiday video, entitled “Air Canada: Gift of Home for the Holidays:”

I think the video would be better if we hadn’t seen the two prior WestJet videos first, as I think there’s no competition between the two. Is the Air Canada video cute enough? Sure. But it’s also not creative. I think we all knew what was going to happen the second the two pilots walked into the bar, right?

What do you think of Air Canada’s holiday video?

  1. I have to say that, predictable or not, the AC ad really captured the spirit of “home for the holidays”. For us Canucks, Christmas is a much much bigger deal than Thanksgiving, and the busiest travel days of the year fall just before Christmas Day. So, I hate to admit it, but it kind of tugged at my heartstrings. But WestJet gets the prize for capturing the spirit of giving.

  2. I agree, it has more meaning and connection to the airline. Rather than giving gifts to people who don’t need them (as in westjet video one), it is bringing people home who wouldn’t otherwise be able too. For the record, Westjets shot at making a charity like video is in comparison to the huge existing Air Canada Foundation who keeps as less of a marketing scheme.

  3. The AC video is just a PR response to the popular and sincere WestJet video. With oil down to $65 a barrel, Air Canada recently changed the term “fuel surcharge” to “carrier charge” would a caring and honest company do that? NO! Air Canada can put out as many videos as they like but they are not an honest or caring company. The entire video is BS.

  4. @iv
    How is the west jet video sincere?!?! On their videos they didn’t have to pay a dime and it was a very acted out video.

  5. @Adrian, the AC video shows middle class Londoner’s in a pub (people who don’t need charity) getting free tickets. The WestJet video shows employees getting involved in a third world country helping the community build a playground and distributing much need essentials to the needy such as a washing machine.

  6. @iv
    You’re missing my point, I was talking about the Christmas video from last year, another thing, were those actual west jet employees? Finally, dig into the Air Canada Foundation and you will see how much Air Canada puts into charity, they don’t use it as a marketing scheme.

  7. So this was a great video. It wasn’t as as big as a production as WestJet’s but still captures the marketing spirit behind these.


    I did have some questions.

    1 – What fare booking code are these tickets in? Do I get redeemable miles and elite miles?
    2 – While its maybe at most 200 people, how empty are AC’s flights this time of year that they can do this?

    Just some thoughts…

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