Aeromexico Launches A Donald Trump-Themed Fare Sale

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In late May I wrote about how Aeromexico unveiled an ad called “Fronteras/Borders,” which (not so?) subtly takes aim at Donald Trump. At first the ad feels more like a PSA, until it’s finally revealed that Aeromexico is behind it.

Well, it seems the airline isn’t done with Trump just yet, and is capitalizing on the current presidential campaign for their latest fare sale. For better or worse, Aeromexico seems to be channeling Spirit Airlines with this latest fare sale, called “Bad Hombres, Great Deals!”

Of course they’re referring to Trump’s “bad hombres” quote (or what really sounded like “bad hambres”) from the third presidential debate:

Not surprisingly, Aeromexico doesn’t stop there. They go on to say “we won’t leave you in suspense… take off with these fares right now!”

For good measure, they finish off with some more of Trump’s favorite terms:

What are you waiting for? These deals are YUGE. Let’s jet! BIGLY.


The fares themselves are indeed quite good if you are looking to visit Mexico. For example, you can fly roundtrip from Los Angeles to Mexico City for $329.

What do you make of this fare sale? Do you like seeing Aeromexico taking a page out of Spirit’s handbook and capitalizing on current events, or does this cross the line for a major international airline?

(Tip of the hat to No Mas Coach)

  1. Don’t think the humor is great and not sure it helps sell tickets. Could, on the other hand, turn off a lot of people. Current events are fine, politics not so much…..

  2. Just bought RT SFO-MEX for $214 in 3 weekends from now!

    Just reading up on your Mexico City trip report for some inspiration 🙂

  3. Pretty big gamble from a major international network carrier. Spirit and ulcc’s have a history of not trying to take themselves too seriously and being edgier in their marketing approach. This sort of thing may be viewed as less acceptable from a member of a major alliance, particularly when it’s a foreign national flag carrier interjecting itself into the US Presidential election. Then again, the “rules” of acceptable/successful marketing are in constant flux.

  4. TRUMP for President. If you’re an illegal , leave America and come back in the right way . We’re going to make America great again and devalue the Mexican Peso until it’s 25 per US Dollar.

  5. Justin H you sound like a bad hombre, perhaps you need a vacation? Don’t worry buddy, Aeromexico can fix you up

  6. I opened just this story just to read what the trump crybabies had to say. typical “waaaaa i don’t like politics” stuff.

  7. Justin H, ask a native american who is illegal… we all are!!!

    The issue with Donald Trump which is the same as many american people is they think that all immigrant from Latin American are mexican 😉

  8. It iI double speech from Aeromexico. Their advertisement in Mexico is discriminatory. They hhave had issues with their publicity castings.

    And for many people a 25 pesos per dollar rate would be a tragedy.

  9. Good for Aeromexico! Pretty good rates

    @Justin H – move to Canada, TRUMP won’t be president, and it will be amazing 😉

  10. The only people that will object to this marketing scheme are Trump supporters, whose numbers are far lower than Hillary supporters, so this should play well for the airline. I just returned from a fabulous trip to Tulum on Sunday and this has me looking at future dates. Thanks for sharing…..

  11. I’m not sure the people so mentally challenged that this will put them off flying Aeromexico would ever be flying on A Mexican airline in the first place. Or possibly even abroad full stop (thankfully I’ve never met an American outside of the US who will admit to liking Trump).

  12. Agree with Donna here. Not that humorous and turns off many American customers during this time of year. Current events are great, politics and out of context phrases meant to mock to be cool, not so much. I happen to think the wall is a great idea (don’t think it’s that simple though). There are plenty of things to go after Trump if they really wanted to. A strong border is not one of them. Build that wall and keep illegal aliens and drugs out. Enough of the mantra that this is a nation of immigrants. Yes that’s true and noteworthy but this is also a nation of laws. If I overstay my 90 day in Japan I am banned for an indefinite amount of time. Wish it was the case here in the USA. If your not here legally get the hell out and stay out. Bye Felicia! Sorry but not sorry.

  13. I’ve said this before and i’ll ask it again.

    We’re all constantly bombarded with political news. If you’re at all like me, you’re sick and tired of hearing about the election and can’t wait for it to be over. Whoever wins, our country has lost so much in the way of dignity, respect and general courtesy over the past 18 months.

    There’s literally hundreds of websites I can visit to read about politics. I come to one mile at a time to read about travel . Please keep the focus on travel and political views out of it.

    – A Hillary supporter

  14. The only people who would be offended with making fun of “bad hombres” are Trump supporters and really – would that kind of person ever consider a vacation in MEXICO? Besides Aeromexico as the flag carrier of the country, has a right to respond when there is a direct attack on its people, and to do so with humor is definitely the right move.

  15. Wait what? So now re-using five words spoken by a presidential candidate is considered politically inflammatory? I thought we are all about killing political correctness? 😉

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