Will Trump Prepare His 757 For Life After Presidency?

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Here’s an interesting aviation angle to President Trump more concretely conceding the presidency…

Donald Trump’s 757 has been in storage

For the past four years, President Trump has been flying Air Force One around the world (though mostly just to Palm Beach — that’s not shade, just the truth). In 46 days, Trump will have to find a new way to get around as a private citizen, so you’d expect that he would use his private plane.

Trump has a Boeing 757-200 that was built in 1991, with the registration code N757AF. Here’s a video of what the plane is like:

The plane has been in storage at Stewart Airport in New York since 2019, and Trump hasn’t been keeping up on the maintenance for the plane, since he expected he wouldn’t need to actually use the plane until 2025 at the earliest.

Trump still hasn’t admitted he lost the presidential election (you know, “stop the count,” “count the votes,” etc.), so could the movement of his 757 really tell us whether he plans on voluntarily leaving Washington come January?

What the movement of Trump’s 757 will tell us

The always knowledgable Jon Ostrower reports on how an aviation angle could tell us if Trump concedes the presidency. According to Ostrower’s source:

  • There has been a search for a Rolls-Royce RB211 engine that’s needed for one cycle (one takeoff and landing), which would be enough to get the plane out of Stewart
  • The plane would then fly to a maintenance facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where the plane would undergo significant maintenance
  • The conclusion here is that once Trump’s plane flies to Louisiana for maintenance, it also means he realizes that will be his primary form of transportation starting in January, which also means he realizes he won’t be president anymore

So it’s worth keeping an eye on the movement of N757AF.

Personally I wouldn’t assume with 100% certainty that he’ll get his 757 back into airworthy condition. There are a variety of reasons he might choose not to fly the plane, with factors ranging from finances to where he may choose to relocate post-presidency.

Bottom line

President Trump’s 757 hasn’t been used much in recent years, given that Trump has been flying Air Force One. With Trump’s presidency coming to an end in January, he’ll presumably once again want his 757. It’ll be pretty telling if & when this particular 757 is sent to Louisiana for maintenance…

(Featured image courtesy of Tomás Del Coro)

  1. ugh who cares.

    He sucks and he screwed up the pandemic. He separated children at the border and ruined them and their parent’s lives forever.

    I can’t wait for NY state attorney general to press charges again him. He is not above the law!

  2. I’m somewhat surprised that it hasn’t been used more often by those still running the Trump organization.

    Nevertheless, once the State of New York gets a hold of him he won’t have much use for the plane. Does Sing Sing even have an airport?

  3. What’s the range of this aircraft? Enough to get him to a country without extradition treaties with the US?

  4. How long would the maintenance take? I’m guessing he can’t decide just 1 day in advance to do it and expect it to be ready that quickly.

  5. seeing as how most of his family are gov’t employees, they’re flying various gov’t aircraft for security purposes. He’s broke… I don’t think he can get this air worthy and will wind up in the breaker yards in Arizona.

  6. That plane is beautiful all gold.
    Thank you president Trump for rebuilding our military and being the first US President in 40 years not to start a war. Looking forward to the election results being overturned otherwise Trump 2024.

  7. I thought I read somewhere that he or the Trump org also owned/leased either a Gulstream Citation ? Maybe he’ll declare for 2024 and then make the 757 be his campaign plane & then the campaign donors would pay for the 757 ops ?

  8. For some time after he was president he kept this plane at LGA just for branding purposes I guess as it was prominent in the GA area right alongside the north/south runway. I heard the governor complain about it but I’m not sure if he forced it to be moved to Stewart.

    For years I had a home near West Palm Beach and in the winter you’d often see two large jets at the private terminal area: Trump’s 757 and Jeffrey Epstein’s 727.

  9. BRAVO: D3kingg says:-You are so correct –

    he had faults like us all– but did more good than the last few – hope Biden can do as good or better

  10. This post won’t age well.

    In fact, it won’t take long for it to be very cringe.

    Disappointing, Ben.

    I’ll bookmark this post and see if it still exists in 60 days.

  11. Once his massive debt comes due, the Repo Man maybe standing by waiting for it. Just glad he didn’t paint AF1 with the hideous livery he had planned which looked very similar to the ugly Trump plane.

  12. @Ryan The atoms that makeup gold are heavy, thus President Reject Trump might have to remove some of it to reach Morrocco or someplace in Africa (pretty much the only places where the US doesn’t have extradition treaties. But the outgoing POTUS usually gets a flight home on Air Force One- so he’ll get the Government to fly him into exile.

  13. Are they only looking for a single engine? That seems odd. Is it common to install a new engine for just a single flight? Sounds expensive.

  14. If a Democratic President had done what this guy has done in the last four years, Republicans would have been calling for him to be tried for treason. After all, these “law and order” fanatics have screamed “Lock him/her up!” for countless people without regard for due process and the right to a fair trial — you know, some of the basic foundations of our justice system.

    Imagine a Democratic President saying “Our 15 cases will soon be zero” and “This will all disappear by April” (contrary to literally every expert) and “We’re rounding the corner” as the death toll accelerates and “After November 3rd, you won’t even hear about COVID.” Now imagine this Democratic President being out golfing over 300 days (approximately 3 times the amount Obama golfed), showing practically no empathy for a quarter of a million dead Americans in one year, and then disputing an election despite a) their own DHS cybersecurity elections expert they appointed disagree, b) their own Attorney General disagrees, c) every judge agrees and they lose every lawsuit. Now imagine them planning to hold an event on Inauguration Day to upstage the President-Elect. Because that is reality, and doesn’t even address the deficit, separating families at the border, North Korea, and insisting that a foreign nation would pay for our infrastructure project (the wall), which never happened.

    Tell me then, would you be saying “Yeah, that Democratic President has done a great job?”
    Give me a F-ing break.

  15. @ Sel D. — So, Obama was coincidentally POTUS when another country had a CIVIL war. Per the Googler, a civil war is defined as “a war between citizens of the same country.” WTH does that have to do with other countries? Typical Trump supporter who knows nothing about how governments operate, especially that of the U.S.A.

  16. @Toby The Democrats love to make up things to go after trump for. Unfortunately they spent millions of tax payer dollars to investigate their made up Russian probe. How did that turn out for them?

  17. @Gene, I also believe the intervention was led by the French, our NATO allies, so it’s not even like Obama was pushing to get the West involved. It’s also not like we had a massive military operation going there at any point. Trying to equate our involvement in Libya with our involvement in Iraq or (more justifiably) Afghanistan is really dumb, shallow, thinking. I don’t like the Forever Wars as much as the next person, but it’s also true that non-intervention is not necessarily a good in and of itself without thinking about the context. Even a lot of the Clinton era interventions were genuinely aimed at helping nations or end conflicts and instances where we did not intervene (like Rwanda), I’m not convinced that’s something we should be proud of.

  18. Of course this thread has opened a can of worms. As far as his debt Trump learned a long time ago that if you owe the bank $100 it’s your problem. If you owe the bank $1 million it’s the bank’s problem. Just as before he will force the banks to restructure the debt.

    I have no idea what he’s going to do with his 757. I know one thing I bet it’s one sweet ride.

  19. What are the commentators saying regarding Trump being prosecuted? Prosecuted for what? Why hasn’t anyone been prosecuted for spying on his campaign, and political persecution of innocent people like Michael Flynn?

  20. Maybe he’ll rebrand the plane Trump1. I expect that if he still has enough money to maintain the plane then he and/or his family will be using it either to get ready for running in 2024 for US President or at least pretending to do so in order to milk the Trump base for as long as they can do so.

  21. @Gene I’m not a trump supporter. Simply a fact supporter. While “starting a war” may be the incorrect verbiage, it’s true that trump is the first president since carter not to enter U.S. troops into a new conflict. I know it’s hard for people with TDS like yourself to acknowledge someone can say something positive about Trump without being a “supporter”. I have lots of good and bad things to say about him. Gasp.

  22. I’m more than happy to answer Abe’s question:
    Why hasn’t anyone been prosecuted for spying on his campaign, and political persecution of innocent people like Michael Flynn?

    1: maybe because there was no spying on the Trump campaign.
    2: With regard to Flynn there was legitimate criminal prosecution of him — so legitimate that he pleaded guilty to the charges not once but twice.

  23. Sel, D. is wrong (what a surprise) with his claim that Trump did not enter troops on to a new conflict. Ask the folks on the ground in Lafayette park on June 1 about US troops getting involved in a new conflict.

  24. Who cares???? He’s likely need to put it up for collateral to post bail or pay off his massive debts. Either way, why is this even a news item here?

  25. Does he actually own this plane ? If so then it’s more than likely one of the banks he owes money to are eying up putting a lien on it if there isn’t already. Ditto his other assets.

    There will be a number of rich idiots prepared to buy it back and give it to Trump if they don’t want it for themselves.

    @ Abe- Michael Flynn isn’t t innocent. He admitted his guilt in court. More than once. And to accept a pardon (it isn’t just given you have to actually accept it) you have to admit your guilt.

  26. @ Ken
    I am a New Yorker. We have a democratic Governor and Mayor that went on record, in public statements urging people to mix and mingle, Eat out, go out, basically do everything that spreads a virus. Facts now show that Covid 19 was in New York and silently spreading at that time.
    Our Governor made decisions that were absurd on their face and directly caused the spread of Covid19 into Covidfree nursing homes with the concomitant death of tens of thousands PEOPLE. At this time I was already quarantining so it was pretty apparent the advice was wrong. I worked in a nursing home in NY for 37 years and there are good people with experience and judgement that were appalled by the edict, an edict of death sentence given to many of our parents.
    It seems that posters like you select certain facts and ignore those that don’t fit your needs. Try being intellectually honest.

  27. Out of interest how do his children fky today? Not talking about Ivanka. Just interested. Australian so no idea.

  28. It really depends on how fast the various legal entities start freezing his assets…………..appears those audits are nearing completion………..

  29. @Ray he will have the money for sure. He keeps 70% of the money that he raised from the election legal fees fundraising. His supporters just don’t know it.

  30. That plane is beautiful all gold.
    Thank you president Trump for rebuilding our military and being the first US President in 40 years not to start a war. Looking forward to the election results being overturned otherwise Trump 2024.
    – D3kingg

    Hah… you’re nothing if not consistent.

  31. Back on topic… I would be intrigued to know what this costs trump on an annual basis or keep it useable when it is maintained, and the cost per flying hour, and really, what kind of travelling he used it for to justify the upkeep.

  32. @JS

    How did that turn out for them? His former campaign manager was sentenced to 7.5 years for financial crimes, lying to the special investigator, etc. His pal Roger Stone convicted of lying to Congress. His former National Security Advisor pleaded guilty to lying to investigators (same with Rick Gates, a campaign aid). His personal lawyer pleaded guilty to tax fraud, campaign finance violation, and lying to Congress. The list goes on and on. The guy literally asked Russia to hack his opponent’s emails on national television and they did just that. He tried to blackmail an inferior power using the power of the presidency in order to get (non-existent) dirt on his opponent.

  33. Sing sing does have a helicopter pad – well I think the yard is big enough to land in. They have a nice first class lounge there – free jello, sloppy joes with some kind of meat substance and watery Kool aid. The stewards are a bit rough around paid guests if they stay in line. e whole family could get a nice suite on cellblock c or d.

  34. One of the sad facts of the pandemic is that aircraft of that age (30+ years) have virtually zero re-sale value on the open market.
    Its only value is as a curiousity of an era of bygone extravagance and delusion. Maybe some of Trumps rabid supporters (D3kingg et al) could buy it to host dinners, drinks evenings and sleepovers in homage to their hero.
    Back on earth, I would suggest the Trump famiglia visit the local Greyhound bus station to get together some schedules for their future travels.

  35. @ MDA — It’s a pretty standard mix for the US celebrity/socialite set. Secret Service expense reports show commercial flights for international trips, along with chartered jets within North America or for shorter trips (Don Jr., Erik, and their spouses flew EK F to Dubai, then chartered a plane to the Maldives at one point, for example). And they have joined the President on Air Force One, of course.

  36. Why all the hate/love. Its an article about a plane. I am wondering why it needs an engine? Seriously if you want to discuss the pros and cons of politicians, there are many blogs.

  37. I strongly doubt he has the money to refurbish the 757, and I expect that his passport will be seized as soon as he leaves office – there are a number of state courts just waiting to file charges against him and his family as soon as possible, and he is a flight risk.

  38. Hope the most illiterate President of what you guys in the US think is the world example of Democracy is on this airplane when it disappears into nowhere .

    What a joke how could anyone even pretend to vote for an idiot .

    Thank god we closed our borders to anyone who even thinks Trump has a brain or an interest in world peace and protecting a population dying of Covid.

    We will not open our borders to Chinese creators of the virus and US spreaders of the China Virus

  39. @Donny: “Intellectually dishonest?”


    The post is about Trump, my comment is about Trump, your reply to me doesn’t discuss or refute Trump’s record but rather talks about New York, and then you say I’m being “intellectually dishonest.”

    Take your deflecting “whataboutism” and shove it. “Tremendously sad!”

  40. Ben
    If you want to make political statements and political comments, be fair or balanced.

    An interesting column if without the comments.

    We expect better of you.

  41. I am curious – are there public records of where Air Force 1 has flown? I’d be curious to see how often it traveled to palm beach versus other places. And the same for previous presidents, did they fly to one specific location much more than others? I am assuming this would be a vacation location, did that happen more frequent that say your average corporate CEO that has a weekend beach/mountain home?

    What about other members of the government – is their travel information public as well?

  42. “A 30-year-old 757 is like a bag of Cheetos. It’s a lot of food for a low price,”

    Billionaires fly around in Gulfstreams, not ancient 757’s

  43. Great post, Ken.

    I wondered whether supporters just don’t read posts like that, then I read the reply. Apparently, some come up with irrelevancies to deflect! i.e. Just because someone else unrelated does something wrong, it doesn’t have any bearing or stop the first person’s actions being wrong.

  44. It’s heartening to see so many posters here unaware of the fact that every second American supports the President and not the President-elect. 47% vs 51%. About every second US voter – veteran, doctor, intern, CEO, plumber, engineer, mom, dad, grandma, jobless, homeless or millionaire has not elected the Elect.

  45. @Ken
    “If a Democratic President had done what this guy has done in the last four years”

    Well, Obama assassinated a U.S. citizen and drone striked the guys child so I would say the next Democrat has so work to do to to live up to depriving live without due process.

  46. I’m so tired of all the political bullshit. Id like to ban all tv news. I haven’t owned a tv in 8 years. Mainly because I’m so tired of both political parties not getting along. I’m ready to use my Canadian citizenship just to get away from the bs. I have dual us canadian citizenship….living off grid on a fly in fishing lake seems like a dream. I cant believe I’m even thinking about doing it since I despise winter.

  47. Wow. I think maybe many of you on this thread are jealous of his plane. How many of you have a plane? No less a fleet of them and two helicopters? That was before he became POTUS, I haven’t bothered checking since. The idea that this is some big signal is so goofy. The Trump organization has other planes. He can charter for a short bit while his plane is dealt with if need be. Maybe he wants to get rid of it and buy something else? It’s really very expensive to operate compared to the fuel efficiency and weight reductions, higher speeds etc of newer jets. It was modernized in 2011. I watched a video about it on Netflix before he became POTUS. It was a very interesting lens into Trump – a Trump the people on this thread don’t acknowledge exists.

    He’s fastidious about details and organization and quality – it’s an obsession. He’s also very comfortable around every day type people, it really helped me. This documentary was done well before any political campaign, He was just being himself. The airplane renovation was a huge and very expensive undertaking. 40 million maybe? He’d acquired special Rolls Royce engines that boosted the performance of the plane. All avionics were new – and then the attention to the decor and furnishings. And cleanliness.

    I’ve never stayed in his hotels but people say this is a trademark Trump thing. You never hear about this aspect of him. But you will obsess on when he resumes maintenance of his plane. And you think we are the losers?

    It’s sad that you all are focused on this minutia and are so hateful. You are destroying our country. Your delusion though, is that you think you are winning…

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