Aeromexico announces 787 schedule

Despite providing as reliable air transportation as a kite thus far (I’m kidding… or at least I have to say that since SEA is my home airport and I’d rather not get attacked by a Boeing mob), I’m still kind of excited about the 787 and have yet to fly it. Combined with my desire to burn Delta SkyMiles, I was kind of excited to see Aeromexico publish their 787 schedule as of a few days ago. SkyMiles are extremely difficult to redeem to South America at the saver level, so a bit over a year ago I wrote a post about how Aeromexico has great business class award space to South America, and therefore is a great use of SkyMiles.

Anyway, check out for all the details on Aeromexico’s 787 schedule, which includes service between New York and Mexico City as of October 2, 2013, followed by service to Tokyo, Paris, and then Buenos Aires.

There’s one thing that’s rather puzzling, though. The best place to reliably search Aeromexico partner award space (at least in the past) is Air France’s website, and every time I enter an Aeromexico route and there appears to be availability I get an error message. When I go to Delta’s website for the dates that seem to be available I don’t see the Aeromexico availabiliy either. So I’m not sure if Aeromexico has hugely cut back on the amount of award space they release, or if there’s just an issue with them displaying space online. Anyone have any recent experiences in that regard?

(Tip of the hat to Mac)

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  1. I believe the inventory issues stem from AM changing their award booking classes to the SkyTeam wannabe standard O/X.

  2. I recall seeing that Aeromexico is changing the codes for award seats as of beginning of October – so I’d imagine that could very well be the issue. And hopefully they resolve it soon!

  3. Lucky, what happened to UA? I can recall you being an avid UA flyer (1K?) in the old days? As I’m sure you know, UA flies its 787 domestically.

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