A one picture comparison summing up Lufthansa first class vs. business class

Earlier today I explained in 951 words why Lufthansa’s old business class sucks… live from my Lufthansa business class seat. That was before the breakfast service. You know, while the below pictures aren’t actually significant, they summed up the difference between Lufthansa’s first class and business class perfectly for me.

This is how Lufthansa serves butter in first class:


I mean, after all, it’s not food if your class of service isn’t imprinted on it! What are we, barbarians?

Meanwhile this is how they served Nutella in business class on my flight:


To be honest when I saw that on the cart I was kind of scared to ask what it was…

And I think Lufthansa also deserves some credit for their extremely creative interpretation of an “omelette.” Can you spot Waldo/the omelette?


Here, I realize you guys wouldn’t guess based on the above picture in a million years, so let me help you guys out:


What all did they manage to fit into that bowl that’s the same size as a (small) croissant? Well, an omelette, mushroom ragout, tomato concassee, potato cakes, and bacon, of course!

Look Lufthansa, I love you and still want to move in with you, but I might just have to take off my yellow and blue pom-poms…

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  1. Wow…a plastic cup that you usually find in a Chinese fast food restaurant..that tells you something. How does that “omelette” (where is the egg) taste?

  2. Mr. Lucky– We at Lufthansa have become aware of your recent review of our award-winning business class service. We regret that our “culinary voyage of discovery” did not meet your expectations.

    We want to give our passengers positive surprises time and again and to take their wishes seriously. With a noticeable improvement in both the quality and quantity of food, greater freshness and variety of dishes, the reintroduction of the popular side salad, pastries “fresh from the baker” and an increase in the variety of beverages offered, we are meeting those wishes.

    We hope your next flight experience with us is truly exceptional. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost your reservation. 😉

  3. I’m surprised they didn’t provide a single-serving package of Nutella from the factory. The condiment cup is pretty tacky.

  4. ITA with your review. I just flew LH Business to FRA and came home on United. United was much better, especially the seat. Also, I had the salmon you missed on LH and it was good. I wouldn’t seek out LH Business but it’s still better than coach for those of us who see it as an alternative to coach rather than first class.

  5. So what would they print into the butter in economy ?
    “LOSER” or maybe a big “L” for Lufthansa 🙂

  6. I recall getting a small package of Nutella on my two LH flights in C last November. The package had a plastic peel. For some reason, your catering in the C class on LH seems a lot worse than my flights.

  7. 1: The Nutella… Maybe the catering shop ran out of the tiny factory packs. Stuff happens.
    2. That omelette (sp?)? look for a small glob of yellow egg on the right.
    3. @Ben. Watch out… LH is gonna get you.

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