A light at the end of the United consolidation tunnel?

I have to say, I was really starting to lose hope. As much as I thought it couldn’t get worse than a CO/UA merger, US came around and proved me wrong. The thought of a UA/US merger makes me want to crawl up in a corner and cry, never thinking about flying again.

Today several news sources reported that UA/CO are in talks about a possible alliance. What a great idea, why the heck didn’t I think of that?;)

Many are probably wondering at this point why I’d support an alliance and not a merger. Well, simply put CO and UA aren’t compatible, as I’ve outlined in many previous posts– their mileage programs are too different, classes of service are too different, prices are too different, and most of all their mentalities and totally different. That means we’d be looking at an awfully yucky merger.

Fortunately the same can’t be said about an alliance, as far as I’m concerned. CO and UA have very little route network overlap, and certainly compliment each other nicely in that regard, which is the biggest benefit of an alliance. I’m not 100% sure what all could be included in an alliance agreement, but I think the two carriers could work very well together, while still remaining separate.

I’m not quite sure how this would save UA in the long run, but I’m much more receptive to the idea of an agreement with CO than anything else I’ve seen, and in a way I actually think it would be a good thing.

In the meantime I’m praying that UA/US don’t merge, although I’m confident they won’t.

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  1. I wonder if such an alliance could signal the end of AS’ relationship with CO? Granted, it leaves something to be desired, but still…

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