27,500 American Airlines miles for five Hyatt stays

Put this in the “absolutely ridiculous deal” category.

Hyatt is offering 3,000 bonus American Airlines miles for each Hyatt stay (in addition to the normal 500 miles per stay) between May 3 and July 5. The bonus can be earned a maximum of five times, and if you max out the promo you get 10,000 bonus American Airlines miles. This coincides nicely with Hyatt’s “Big Welcome Back,” whereby you can earn a free night after every two stays, which makes this a super-awesome deal.

Registration opens on May 3 by calling 1-800-228-3360 and requesting promotion code AA25K.

Hyatt really is ridiculously generous. I’ve already requalified for Diamond this year and I just status matched a couple of months ago. As far as my strategy goes for this, I typically go with airline miles when the hotel doesn’t have any Gx bonuses or other promotions. Through early next year you can earn 2,500 United miles per stay (if you’re elite with United), so I’ve been going with that. You can bet for my next five stays I’ll be earning American Airlines miles. But there are still some stays where it makes sense to earn points, like when you booked an Andaz hotel under the ANDAZ5 promo (offering 5,000 bonus points per stay), when there’s a Gx bonus (up to 2,000 points), or when the club lounge is closed at a property and they offer 2,500 points as compensation (though I’m thinking they may offer that either way). And of course you still earn your Diamond points bonus regardless of whether you request miles or points (assuming you take the points over the food and beverage amenity).

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. LUCKY,

    Help me on this.

    So you will get Hyatt’s “Big Welcome Back,” whereby you can earn a free night after every two stays and choose one either AA bonus or UA bonus or regular Hyatt point, am I right on this…………..


  2. @ JOSH — You’re correct, you can earn either points, AA miles, or UA miles on a given stay. You can earn both the AA and UA bonuses, just not on the same stay.

  3. Hi Lucky, can I change my earning type to miles (AA), earn the 500 AA miles, plus AA bonus and and still earn the FFN 5k points and any G1, G2 or G3 promo points associated with each stay?
    Thanks for your help!

  4. @ David — You can still earn the Big Welcome Back bonus and Diamond amenity (if you’re a Diamond), but no Gx bonuses.

  5. Ben – so what is your view on lifetime status with Hyatt? From my understanding, you need 1M Hyatt points, which is about $200k spend AND 10 years as a Diamond.

    Now yes, that’s a high hurdle. But we all like lifetime status, so it’s worth talking about. The problem, from my understanding, is that if you choose miles, the stay doesn’t count towards lifetime status. At this point, I’d say there’s no chance I’ll ever get to lifetime, but then again, you probably said the same about United 1MM 5 years ago….. 🙂


  6. yes, I confirmed with a Hyatt rep that you cannot register/earn for both promotions. You need to choose one?

  7. @ hobo13 — Great question, though that’s a real toughie for me. Frankly, I don’t see myself ever spending $200,000 at Hyatt hotels. At least it’s not worth crediting stays where I’d earn 500 points or so to Hyatt, while I’d otherwise earn 2,500 United miles. Lifetime status would need to be worth a whole lot to ever justify the “loss” on each stay through that, so it’s not something I’m considering when deciding where to credit.

    @ Bianca B — Sorry, not sure I understand what you mean. Can’t register/earn for which two promotions? You can certainly combine BWB and this promo, and you can definitely earn through both UA and AA promo on different stays.

  8. Whoa… so you don’t get compensatory points if you choose miles for the stay, e.g. closed lounge as you mentioned? I didn’t get my king bed one night and asked for my 5000 pts but they haven’t shown up. I am wondering if having miles on that stay is causing the problem?

  9. Thanks for the comments Ben.

    I’m in a bit different boat on this one, as I actually stay at Hyatt’s for work now! Yea! (BTW, thanks for the recommendation — Hyatt *is* the way to go!) So in a place with G bonuses, and a high rate, it can be a toss-up as to go with miles or points. I’m currently valuing Hyatt points at 2 cents, and UA miles at 1.5 cents — and choosing miles or points based on which comes out ahead.

    Any thoughts on that strategy? Yes, I certainly redeem UA miles for more than 1.5 cents, but I’d also redeem Hyatt points at more than 2, I think, as well. And there’s something to be said for a.) diversity, and b.) not having to harass Hyatt as much about posting the miles.

  10. Where do you put your AA number in your Hyatt profile? Is there even a space for it or do you just give it to them at check-in and say you want miles instead of points? Just trying to make sure I understand the process.

  11. @Scott.

    If you want miles instead of points, you have to request it at each and every stay. There is no permanent way to do this, and reports are that Hyatt Places never get it right anyway, meaning you have to call in to get it properly credited.

  12. @hobo13 thank you…I’m still trying to learn the ropes on how Hyatt works. Just received my diamond status match last week and first stay is coming up next week.

  13. @ DModemd — I don’t believe I’m actually right there. You should still get compensation for the bed type guarantee, club closed, etc., when requesting miles for a stay.

    @ hobo13 — The whole issue of valuing miles/points gets tougher and tougher for me every day. As a result of the devaluation I would actually value Hyatt points at closer to 1.5 cents each. The top tier hotels are going to be 22,000 points per night, and I don’t know about you, but I’d never pay $440 for a hotel stay per night. It may very well be substantially below the cost, but it’s not something I’d be willing to pay, so I do have to value them slightly lower. Plus, because of the ease of earning miles and points through all the crazy promotions they have, I’m getting stays at the best hotels in the world for $100 per night. In a way their generosity devalues their points, as crazy as it may sound.

    @ Scott — hobo13 is exactly correct. To add to that, though, you can call Gold Passport and they can at least store your AAdvantage number in your profile. Doesn’t make them automatically post, but when they don’t post and you have to call to follow up, at least you won’t have to give your number every time.

  14. Haha, I can probably count the number of times I’ve paid (on my own dime!) over $100 for a hotel on one hand! If I’m paying the bill, it used to be Super8 or bust. Now it’s HP with some certs….

    So maybe 1.5 cpm is a better target.

  15. I have been earning UA miles and now will change to AA miles for this promo and switching back to UA after 5 stays. Is there any way to see the miles posted in your HGP accont belongs to United or AA? Or should we need to call them each time?

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