My 13+ Hour Flight Delay…

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I’ll have the full details tomorrow, but ouch. My flight was originally scheduled for 12:20AM, and is now scheduled to depart at 1:30PM.


Not sure what’s worse:

  • A delay that long
  • That they didn’t even spell the name of the destination city correctly
  • Being called a “pussy” and being told to “go f*ck myself” after trying to break up a pissing match between two guys in line who wanted to demonstrate their masculinity by out-cussing one another over what ultimately amounted to nothing

Fun times, and lots more details tomorrow!

On the plus side, now this changed from a nighttime flight to a daytime flight, so at least I can enjoy the meal service more… oh wait. 😉

  1. Luckily you have a few days between the Etihad flight and the inaugural flight of Qatar Airways A380 service to London.

  2. Hahaha, def sounds like fun times. Can’t wait for the full post tmrw with all the details 😀 oh and how the flight actually goes, if it takes off even after 13+ hours.

  3. It seems to be the norm rather than the exception that an Etihad flight gets delayed… Do you think that their fleet is thinly spread? They only have a handful of A340s that seem to cover a lot of destinations.

    A 13 hour delay is rather hard to justify when the turnaround time is more than 12 hours at the airport…

  4. if you have extra time at ICN, there is a spa/lounge downstairs where you can relax and sit in several hot tubs, shower and take a nap. we only paid about $15 to do this before a flight and it was awesome.

  5. @ Mochi — In fairness I think mechanically they operate extremely reliable and this was an outlier. I spoke to the station manager today at the airport, and he said it was the first substantial delay all year.

    The pre-clearance facility is a different story, of course.

  6. @ jason — It was recently rebranded as a Grand Hyatt. Didn’t used to like the hotel, but now it’s GORGEOUS.

  7. It’s too bad you had an overnight instead of a daytime delay. Some amazing food in Seoul! My last stopover included a lunch at Sanchon (Insadong) with around 35-40 different treats. All vegan.

  8. @lucky, you know when you said this “My travels have been so seamless lately. I really don’t remember the last time I’ve had a major delay. I’ve flown over 600,000 miles since the beginning of last year, and don’t actually remember a major delay in that time period. That’s amazing, and it’s not something I put any thought into until I had a flight which didn’t go smoothly.
    – Traveling longhaul is so much easier than shorthaul. Perhaps related to the above, a vast majority of my flying the past two years or so has been longhaul. While jetlag sucks, longhaul flying seems to rarely have any problems.” on the 29th of August; you were definitely going to have a long-haul delay within 60 days. 🙂

  9. I am wondering, these guys who tell you to go f yourself, are they the ones that English is their first language?? flying from ICN to AUH??

  10. You’ve been told twice in recent time to go f$ck yourself. Maybe it’s time start minding your own business. Or is ad revenue down and you need clickbait?

  11. @ Lucky – I can hardly believe a Korean yelling something like that in English, let alone in such a spontaneous manner. Are you sure he’s like yourself, a dual citizen?

  12. @ Juergen — To clarify, he seemed to be a Korean ex-pat or something. I could tell he was Korean, but couldn’t tell where he lived/grew up.

  13. @ Lucky – Thanks for the reply. Sorry for being so anal, but today’s world is so internationalized that you can’t really judge the book by its cover. I’ve been living in Korea for 12 years (orig. from Switzerland) and am married to a Korean, but I am asked whether I am here for business or pleasure at least once every week (!), which do I find irritating sometimes.

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