You Won’t Believe This Racist Chinatown Tour Guide!

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I’m actually kind of a fan of double decker bus tours, especially the “hop on hop off” variety. When I visit a city for the first time I often like to use them on my first day or two to get a good overview of the city, and then from there decide in which parts of town I want to concentrate more of my time.

Anyway, a video was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday of a San Francisco tour guide going off on a crazy-a$$ rant while driving through Chinatown.

This video is most definitely NSFW and contains a lot of bad language, so be advised:

I can’t decide what’s more puzzling:

  • That she’s drinking straight out of a bottle while being a tour guide
  • That the passengers applaud her after that crazy rant (maybe they felt pressured/threatened/assumed she was nuts?)


  1. This is wrong, but I admit I laughed. šŸ˜€

    As far as the passengers, assuming the video is authentic, maybe they thought she was crazy.

  2. seriously and she lives in San Francisco? unbelievable, I hope she be out of a job and move back to that hole where she belongs…urgghh!

  3. I live in SF. It’s the talk of the town today – all over the news. She was fired. Unbelievable and certainly not representative of what we have in our fine city. Sad thing… the mayor and others called for the tour company to provide more training to ensure this doesn’t happen again. This is not a training thing. It’s just some idiot.

  4. I definitely share your puzzlement over how the others on the bus could laugh and clap after hearing her?!

    I was also surprised she knew the meaning of the word ‘assimilate.’

  5. As a Californian and Asian American, this is just repulsive and disappointing. Not only at her behavior, but also at the tourists who are condoning and applauding her raucous rants about general perceptions (observations) of mostly Asians living in Chinatown.

    Here’s an advice to that tour guide: Join the points and miles hobby, rack up plenty of miles, and TRAVEL to OTHER PARTS of the WORLD to improve your cultural sensitivity (or lack of).

    I bet she would be surprised to learn that French also eat frogs and the Italians also hang their laundry outside their balcony, just a few among many things you learn about different cultures while traveling.

  6. I’m an asian american, racist remarks do not brother me. These kind of things is part of human nature, has been and will continue to be. Do not pretend it will stop – political correctness is nothing but the king’s invisible clothes.

    Any adult should be able to understand and withstand them, racist statements should not effect anybody that can think clearly, feeling offended and upset is immature – uunfortunately that is the prevailing attitude these days for a readon.

  7. I’d be more offended if this happened somewhere with less Asian presence… where language like this may actually have a real risk in inciting harm or causing fear.

    In SF where Asians (largely Chinese) account for 1/3 of the population… not so much. It’s still a disturbing speech that should not have been tolerated, but I’d view it much more like a clown act. It’s kind of like how jokes against Caucasians in the US aren’t typically regarded as racist remarks.

  8. So…Chinatown is definitely not the least expensive place to live, so she should do some fact checking…just sayin’

  9. I admit I enjoyed 1 part of that: the last two words. GO GIANTS!
    but in all seriousness, this was, in her own words (kinda), “f**kin horrible” and “f**kin racist”

  10. @JK: LMAO at your comments šŸ™‚

    @dj: very true remark, all this PC behavior will not change what people think deep inside their head.

  11. I certainly wouldn’t clap but if I were on that tour, I imagine I would be letting out some uncomfortable chuckles while constantly checking my watch hoping it would end soon.

  12. I’m Asian American and I think everything she said is true. It might not be elegant in the way she presented it but it’s true lol.

  13. I think this is hilarious because it’s so ridiculous. Seems like the next logical step would be for the tour company to have a “Fuck San Francisco Tour”. “Fuck Fisherman’s Wharf and all your fake ass frozen seafood! Fuck the Marina and the rich folk and their damn fancy cars! Fuck the Castro! Fuck North Beach! Fuck all the suits in their fucking high rise buildings downtown! And about those Fucking Google buses…”

  14. After reading the abc7news report, I think she needs to walk to every single business in Chinatown, explain what she did and show the video, and the personally apologize to all of them. Racism aside, she was inhuman and inhumane in her remarks, and her lack of any decency was appalling.

    Her lack of awareness was evident as well considering the hubris she used for her rant. Contrast that with her desire not to show her face during the abc7 interview: cowardly.

    The blonde in the seat (the only tourist we can see) turns her head few times so we can see her face. If I were a friend of hers, I wouldn’t be one today. The fact nobody stopped the guide during her rant or challenged her is a reflection of everyone in the US if we don’t stand up to this verbal bullying of anyone, much less an ethnic group. I wonder how she would feel if she were at the target of someone making similar remarks about her race in Los Angeles?

  15. Kelly made all the good points, but the tour guide should really worry about nothing. She is born to be correct, at least politically correct. Lol

  16. Some minority members have the most racist attitudes towards other economically more successful minority members. They enslave themselves with this ingrained mentality that they are the oppressed, and thus have this god-given rights to spew hatred towards others (their perceived oppressors). Because, after all, they think they can hide behind their skin color, i.e. black can’t be racists.

  17. Well I know that our head national coward US Attorney General (Eric Holder) has been cackling about how the nation needs to have a “national conversation on race”.

    It seems that the tour guide decided to have one, so fuck Eric Holder.

  18. Irony of this is that some of the comments are laced with their own racism while condemning the video. Smh.

  19. As soon as she said her hometown is LA that explained it all…….LA has never shown any respect for San Francisco and after her firing she is welcome to crawl back down I5 to LA where the Dodgers will welcome her with open arms…….

  20. No one should watch this rant video….it’s sorta ambulance chasing to see a dead body of soulless expression of nothingness……..for what purpose? YMMV

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