You Know You’re An AvGeek When You Spend $150 On Swim Trunks…

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Last week a friend sent me a link to some LimoLand airplane-themed swim trunks which were for sale on… for $250. Now, maybe I’m not keeping up with the times, but $250 for swim trunks?!?!? REALLY?!


I was inspired by the idea, though, so did some more searching online. Eventually I came across similar LimoLand airplane-themed swim trunks which were on sale for $129 at


On one hand I really couldn’t wrap my head around how swim trunks could cost that much. On the other hand, I live in hotels and out of a carry-on, so what I’ve learned over time is that I’d rather have a few items I love, rather than a bunch of items I moderately like. After all, when your wardrobe is limited to a carry-on, you don’t get as much variety as someone that has a closet.

Perhaps against my better judgment, I ordered them. With shipping they came to $150. I got them in the mail today, and I love them. I never thought I’d feel this good about spending $150 on swim trunks.


At least now I’ll be easy to identify at the Park Hyatt Maldives in the coming weeks. šŸ˜‰

The one caution I’d add is that the swim trunks are a European cut (not often you see those two words next to one another), so they’re a bit shorter than we’d be used to in the US. Then again, in the US swim trunks can often be mistaken for jorts, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

So… am I totally crazy for spending ~$150 on swim trunks?

  1. I’m not surprised about the price given LimoLand is a luxury brand. What’s awesome about those trunks is they can be worn as shorts as well especially in resort-type areas.
    On the screenshot, doesn’t it say an extra 30% off the $129 sale price?

  2. Vilebrequin (Google it) has some awesome swim trunks as well, also priced accordingly. Love ’em.

  3. In for 1. UPromise portal is paying 7% for Barney’s Warehouse right now. Knocks the $90 cost down some more…

  4. I love the innuendo…I don’t think you’ll have a problem with these being too short. I bet your friends will think they are too conservative.

  5. Not crazy at all Ben – while it is a little hefty for swimming trunks I think the concept of them it’s totally cool and fit your passion just right. I must admit that I did manage to spend over $100 on trunks for my trip to Thailand in January. Nothing better than some fresh new trunks and in this case heading to such an amazing place like the Maldives it’s just right to splurge on a new pair. šŸ™‚ have a great time Ben!!

  6. You have to try Orlebar Brown! Slightly more expensive but they look miles better than that Limoland you bought.

  7. Ah that does suck to miss the extra 30% off sale but at least you have them in the right size! Not sure which sizes are left but I’ve learned that the most common sizes rarely ever make it to the sales bin.

  8. I hope you’re wearing a tshirt. If others are forced to see your flabby thighs, at least spare them your doughy upper body and spare tire, please. šŸ˜‰

  9. Hi Lucky,

    I’d you live in hotels full time where did you get these mailed to? Also where do you stay the majority of the time, do you have a “home” hotel, or are you always with your parents when you’re not on a trip?

  10. @ Oliver — I had them sent to my parents, as I’m visiting them this weekend. I’m all over the place, so don’t have any hotel in particular that I frequent.

  11. @Ben –

    Truly, in keeping with the spirit of things, you should have bid on something like JFK swim trunks from a Christie’s auction sale and gotten some 5,000,000 miles with your purchase when you paid with your AmEx

  12. Did you buy these to console yourself after the One Direction dude up and quit? Probably better than showing your grief by flying coach šŸ™‚

  13. Way too much penis innuendo already…

    For a hand luggage traveller, space is at a high premium, so makes sense to not take any excess fabric you don’t need (long board shorts are ridiculous anyway).

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