I’m Going To The Park Hyatt Maldives Alone(ish)… Oops/Yay?

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I know some like ragging on miles/points bloggers for allegedly being obsessed with the Park Hyatt Maldives and Park Hyatt Paris.

I’ve actually never stayed at the Park Hyatt Paris (and have no interest in doing so), and have only been in the Maldives once, and that was with a friend who had a special rate at a non-points hotel because he’s a travel agent.



The Maldives was fine. Don’t get me wrong, it would be fun for a romantic honeymoon or something, but if you’re like me and are perpetually single/prefer wandering the streets of a city, it’s kind of boring. In a post last year about my philosophy on travel, I explained there were certain places I considered to be “Google Images” destinations. I explained it as follows:

To me there are two kinds of destinations — “Google Images” destinations and not “Google Images” destinations. What do I mean?

I think it’s summed up pretty well in this scene of the movie The Guilt Trip, where Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand are standing in front of the Grand Canyon and say “wow, look at this, I always wanted to see the Grand Canyon” and then after an awkward pause say “so, um, how long are we supposed to look at it?”

I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but I certainly get the same feeling about many other destinations and landmarks. The idea is that I get as much out of the destinations by looking at pictures of them on Google Images as I do by “experiencing” them.

Here’s a personal example, and I know many will disagree with me — I’m not a huge fan of Paris (I don’t dislike it, but also don’t go out of my way to visit). The Eiffel Tower, for example, “does” nothing for me. I get as much out of looking at it on Google Images as I do looking at it in person. Again, I realize many love Paris and will disagree with me, but that’s the beauty of travel — we can all be into different things.

But somehow I’m going to the Park Hyatt Maldives for a week next month. Why?

Basically earlier in the year Hyatt had some hotel category changes, which were actually a net positive. One hotel that went up in cost was the Park Hyatt Maldives, which shifted from a Category 6 to a Category 7 property. That means the price went from 25,000 points per night to 30,000 points per night.


So I figured I might as well speculatively lock in a stay there. I had a friend that had a room booked there at the same time that he couldn’t refund, so I figured I might as well go when my friends are there as well.

Then Hyatt announced a limited time promotion for a 20% refund on redeemed points, meaning the cost went down even further, to just 20,000 points per night. Given that a stay in the future would cost 50% more, that made going even more compelling.

So yeah, now I’m officially within the cancellation deadline of the reservation, and I’m not sure whether to be excited about the stay or dreading how much time it takes to get there.

Don’t get me wrong, distance has never stopped me from traveling somewhere, though I usually draw the line at jet aircraft. When there’s a prop seaplane transfer and then boat ride required, the experience of getting there gets a bit more intense.


Bottom line

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited. The Maldives isn’t really a destination for me, but I look forward to spending time with friends and having a week of interrupted and peaceful blogging time, if nothing else. 😉

Have you been to the Maldives? If so, what was your experience like? Any tips for the Park Hyatt Maldives specifically? Is it worth upgrading to a Park Pool Villa or Park Water Villa for the whole stay?

  1. On this, we think alike. On Paris, we do not. I have never really given any consideration to the Maldives. Or anything like Bora Bora, Seychelles, etc. Just not my style, even if I wanted a romantic trip. I am curious to see how people respond, as it’s one of those things I don’t really get.

  2. Hey Lucky! Thanks for answering my question about your PH Maldives trip on another post. Timing is off so won’t get a chance to say hi.

    Have fun on your trip. We are going later in the year so look forward to your trip review and any other readers’ input on trip advice at PH Maldives.

  3. The OTHER reason to go to the Maldives is to scuba dive. Do you dive? If you don’t, why don’t you get certified? Do it in advance so you don’t have to do boring certification quizzes and dives on holiday. Then you can enjoy the Maldives for one of their biggest assets! The PH is supposed to have some great diving because of its more remote location, so it’s definitely on our diving bucket-list. The only reason we want to go to the Maldives is to try out the FS Explore live-aboard diving catamaran for 4-7 nights…and extend our stay at the PH or W using points so it isn’t prohibitively any more expensive.

    If you dive, you’ll likely find plenty of other GoogleEarth spots to be far more exciting, too. 🙂

  4. I’m with you on this, I (somewhat) affectionately refer to Bora Bora as Boring Boring. Only so much flat sand and jungle to look at, and humidity to take in. I do respect this is heaven for others, but definitely not for me.

  5. As a Chinese, I always try to avoid destinations with lots of other Chinese. Maldives have too many Chinese made my trip neither exotic nor special. It would be interesting if only a few of your friends went to there but it won’t be interesting if everyone been to there. Same reason my Indian friend never visited Sri Lanka again.
    I also have European friends who do not want to visit Paris again ,not just safety concern, but also because what is considered to be exotic to many Americans is actually really ordinary to them.

  6. I am one of the readers that rags on miles/points bloggers for being obsessed with the Park Hyatt overall. My point is that there are some places where the Park Hyatt is definitely worth it or sometimes the best option in that place but there are Park Hyatt properties that in my view are not worth it but some bloggers (not you since you said you never and don’t plan to stay at the Paris Vendome) love to brag about how good they are. The Maldives property definitely is amazing and for sure worth every point you redeem to stay there. The Paris and NYC properties in my opinion are not. There are several better properties where the cost/benefit is way better than Park Hyatt. Enjoy your trip and use the time there to relax. 🙂

  7. Why do you have no interest in staying at he Park Hyatt Paris? We have stayed there a couple times and love the hotel, but it is not our first choice in Paris either. We prefer the InterContinental Le Grand for the free club access, free suite upgrade, and free minibar that they provide to Royal Ambassadors, even on award stays.

  8. Cvsas, We didn’t see as many Chinese at the Hyatt as we did at Conrad Rangali island – not that the Chinese are offensive to us anyway.

    We felt upgrading to a pool villa was well worth it but we like lounging on the deck and having a pool to get into. The sea was only steps away but you don’t want to get covered in sand sometimes.

    We think Paris is a dirty dump!

  9. Will see you soon at FTU but in case I forget, have breakfast late eg 11 and take advantage of free Diamond drinks and canapés at bar. We stayed 3 nts beach villa 2 nights.OWT villa.

  10. I love the park hyatt maldives. I’m going back next year. We dive, but the snorkeling was also superb.

    I would go nuts there if I was there for a week. It will be the most expensive boredom you will ever experience. By far.

    I suggest upgrading to an OWB for a few days. We will do it for our entire stay (4 or 5 nights, the rest of the trip will be in Sri Lanka); last time we took a regular room for the first night because we arrived at 2am.

    If you can do it for four days, you will be much happier.

  11. Great, with one week of boredom you may finish your trip reports to Portugal and Iceland! 🙂

  12. how would you upgrade? can you pay for an upgrade with cash or do you have to use points (for those that don’t have diamond)?

  13. I am not a beach person, but I just spent 3 days there at the start of a longer trip to S. Asia and I really enjoyed my time there. It’s probably the 2nd nicest resort at which I’ve stayed, after the Oberoi on Bali. I stayed in a standard villa and can’t imagine I’d enjoy the OW better since those don’t have the outdoor shower/bath or as much privacy. I would consider a pool villa but not for the extra price. I had $1000 in incidentals as it was. That’s an expensive “free” stay. Haha. Enjoy!

  14. Don’t waste your time unless you can’t meet up with those friends somewhere else. In that case, by all means go! I moved mountains to see my friend in November and it was worth any price. (We don’t have millions of miles/$ and we live on different continents and one of us lives in an unpredictable country.)

  15. why do you have no intentions of staying at PH Paris? Because Paris doesn’t seem interesting to you or because the property doesn’t interest you? If the latter, I strongly agree, but if the former, I would highly recommend you reconsider. Paris is fantastic in so many ways.

    Oh and I completely agree with some of the readers who say that Maldives or any other generic islands like this are completely uninteresting. The only thing that would be worse would be going alone and spending a week. Not to mention you would be surrounded by nothing but honeymooners.

  16. i second the blog contest suggestion!

    I would love to spend some time with you lucky 🙂 id b lucky 🙂

  17. @Cvsas

    I know we like to use “exotic” to make ourselves feel cultured and worldly, but that shouldn’t be the main and sole reason to visit a place.

    Also, having tons of your countrymen shouldn’t really have much of an impact on the place you visit unless a few million of them are visiting at the same time.

  18. Going with a friend at the end of April after two weeks in Nepal and Vietnam. Though the best part of the trip might be the ride home in first in new EY 787 suite. Maybe we’ll see u there!
    PS. This is my second time – the first on a sweet axon award at Conrad rangali pre deval. Which I loved.
    PPS The sea plane ride (w pilots in shorts and flip flops) was one of the highlights. Expensive but super fun. Go – you’ll love it!

  19. yeah thats true the grindr wont work there as well.
    and in that time you can finally finish all of your reports. Btw you never wrote the Kuwai JFK-LHR report that you promised, what happened to that?

  20. I love Paris but have no desire to stay at the PH nor do I bother going to the Eiffel Tower. So many people can only do the things listed in the guide books whether it be what to so or where to eat. When in Paris I much prefer to stay in the 18th in an apt and wander the streets and eat where takes my fancy. I think the beauty in the city is just observing every day life.

  21. Maldives is my favorite destination! Super luxurious! I have been fortunate enough to travel there 3 times with my friends and its incredible how quickly the days go by when you are doing nothing LOL. Also its quite amazing how they are able to pull off these gourmet meals in the middle of nowhere. Its like eating at a Jean-Georges restaurant 3 times a day for an entire week haha. They only way to go is to visit one of the top tier hotels. I stayed at COMO Cocoa Island each and every time – barefoot luxury. Recently I tried their new property Maalifushi too, but Cocoa Island is like having a private island to yourself due to its size and small number of guest rooms. Instagram photoshoot for days! haha

  22. @Vicky: That exactly why I don’t think redeeming points to stay at the PH in Paris is a good value. Don’t take me wrong, the PH is a great property (I visited when I was in the area) but it is just not Paris. If I go to Paris I want to enjoy the city and and have a local experience and not be enjoying a suite at the PH. I much prefer to stay at some unique boutique hotels that have all the Paris charm and treat you like a king than at an American hotel chain. Also, I would rather get a real French breakfast at one of the many boulangeries that are in every corner in Paris than a Diamond breakfast at the PH.

  23. Well, the hotel IS somehow overrated, IMHO.
    The Conrad at Rangali is much, much, MUCH nicer.
    Having said that, going to the Maldives alone strikes me as the saddest thing to do, as the place literally oozes romance (or just plain sex…). 🙂
    Dunno about you, but had I gone there alone, I’d really get jealous just by looking at all the newly weds having fun and being lovey dovey.
    But that’s just me… .

  24. @Zvi Conrad was pretty mediocre so doesn’t make me want to visit the PH…

    @Ben If you don’t like Paris because you don’t like landmarks or art museums, you should visit with somebody who has lived or spent a lot of time there. It’s a fantastically charming city if you speak French or spend some time learning about the city/Parisian culture. It’s not a city like Istanbul or Hong Kong that reels you in–you have to go knowing what you’re looking for.

  25. Seriously, Ben? Bacon is a personal decision and I try not to judge, but if you don’t like Paris you need to turn in your card.

  26. We loved our stay in the Maldives. There was a lady that was alone while we were there and she seemed extremely content and enjoying herself. We stayed in a beach villa at the end of the island opposite of the pool and thoroughly enjoyed it. At first, I was disappointed that we did not get upgraded, but by the end I was glad. We had basically had a private beach…spent the mornings on the beach near the pool and the afternoon on the beach by our villa – worked perfect if you are like me and like some shade. Food is EXPENSIVE. We read a hint about someone eating breakfast around 11am-noon and it worked perfectly. We brought breakfast bars to eat for breakfast and then had a large breakfast for our lunch. For dinner, we had the canapes (not really enough for us, but when we added the nuts it was OK). We ate one dinner and it was only fair…not worth the price.

  27. Lol at the automatic grindr comments. I don’t think there would be many single people in the Maldives anyway. Maybe you could make someone else’s honeymoon extra special?!

  28. OceanBreeze, I just can’t see how anyone can enjoy a stay in the Maldives when they clearly can’t afford to be there, having free canapes and nuts for dinner is just tight (or cheap as they say in the US). How can you honestly enjoy that?

  29. @phydched – I imagine it would be very difficult having no fixed address to have a relationship with someone who does have a fixed address

  30. Ben,

    I am actually friends with the new hotel management that is taking over next month. Would you like to meet them?

  31. make sure to pick up a sim card at the airport in Male, the internet speed at the property is horrible.

  32. @GRUFlyer, I would 😉
    I have no status at hyatt but would love to go here for honeymoon in Sept this year..

  33. Eeeek – well, on the upside you can get plenty of rest, spa time, and sun. However, I can’t imagine it will be your all-time-favorite spot at all if you are going solo-ish (though it does depend greatly on what the ish part means). You will be bored, almost certainly. That could be a good thing for a while, but just be prepared. It is far and I could see it being isolating if you were alone-ish.

    It is beautiful though and you should have no trouble getting some relaxation in. Good luck!

  34. There are those that value the beauty and serenity and beauty of places. In my day to day there’s a lot of up and down and back and forth. I’m glad there are places on Earth like this so a person that appreciate the tranquility can soak it all up. 🙂 I do understand we’re all wired differently though.

    I went there with my wife but if I were single, I can imagine going there just to “zone out” also.

    As Bill also pointed, the diving is great if you are into it.

  35. You could put together a killer review of that property if you have a week in which to do it!

  36. Lucky – I’m trying to book a trip there. Any tips on how to find F award availability on EY – can’t seem to find any for the AUH-MLE leg? What airline are you flying? Revenue or award?

  37. @Ivo – work with a travel advisor for your honeymoon to the Maldives. You can be well taken care of without status. 😉

  38. @ Eric — They don’t have first class to the Maldives. It’s a two cabin plane with business as the top cabin. Haven’t actually booked my ticket yet. Oops.

  39. I went last March and LOVED it! Eat breakfast late, like others say, snacks for late lunch, then splurge on dinner. The Maldivian meal was outstanding and so much delicious food! We did a “back of the house tour” for my blog (milestravelingteacher.com) which was really interesting. They desalinate the drinking water! We also did an island tour to see how read Maldivians live, which was OK. I had emailed the manager prior to going and mentioned it was a birthday trip and asked for a complementary upgrade and we were able to stay in all three suites! My favorite was a tie between the pool villa and over the water bungalow. I loved being able to step outside and snorkel from the bungalow. And I loved the outside shower and pool in the pool villa. But the standard room was excellent too, very quiet and right on the beach, as they all are! We aren’t divers, but the snorkeling was amazing. I get excited just writing about it, and hope to go again someday! Enjoy…

  40. The obsession with points redemption in the Maldives (hello Gary Leff!) is an empty status contest.

    The Maldives are fine if you want to flop on a beach or dive, but the resorts are almost entire anonymous places that could easily be in the Caribbean or the South Pacific. Culturally, those resorts are a dead zone. If you want to travel someplace interesting in that part of the world, go to Sri Lanka, Kerala, or the temple towns of Tamil Nadu. If you want great snorkeling/diving/beach with some local flavor, go to Palau or Indonesia.

    Hotel points programs can make certain opportunities affordable, but they can greatly limit one’s horizons with cookie-cutter, overly-American (or, in the case of Accor, French — who wants to be greeted in French in Cartagena?), or vulgar “luxury” experiences (a Ritz Carlton and St. Regis specialty) and even rule out many destinations altogether if there isn’t an Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, or Marriott hotel. That pool of locations is even smaller if one is trying to get there only on a first-class airline redemption on some Gulf airline’s newest plane. I realize Ben’s blog is focused on flying (and love him for that), but let’s not forget that there’s an interesting world out there that you might have to go out-of-program to reach or stay in.

  41. Will be there March 29th -April 4th with a college friend. When I went with my 20 year old nephew last year they asked if we wanted the couple’s massage. Of course, he said , “yes”
    We saw one person there alone and I can’t imagine being there by myself. It would not be fun for me. If you don’t show they are going to charge the cash price, which really sucks, and give the point back, so I am waiting till the last two weeks to book.

    As to Grindr I don’t know, but when my friends and I stayed at the Sheraton Maldives they were getting hits on Tinder. I had bet them $500 they couldn’t hook up on the island.

  42. I agree with Collins–we’re all wired differently. I dare say there is a little difference in age preferences, as well. I am middle aged and single, and always travel alone. Since my 2009 divorce, I’ve been on many great trips, all alone. But, I have a very, very busy and stressful life. The only way I get an hour of “down time” is to leave home. As for local cultures, I’m interested, but only for a brief time. I want my stay to be 100% luxury. I want to be pampered and waited upon and made comfortable. Fortunately, most of what I want is available with points. So, I work hard (at my job and at the points game) and for a few weeks each year, I have a little slice of heaven. It’s a little tough watching romantic couples all over each other, but I would never get involved with someone just for a travel buddy. Give me 2 weeks at a beautiful beach with nothing to do, and I couldn’t be happier. (That’s what books are for.)

  43. “The obsession with points redemption in the Maldives (hello Gary Leff!) is an empty status contest.”

    “Culturally, those resorts are a dead zone. If you want to travel someplace interesting in that part of the world”

    Very limited view, unfortunately. I think there’s a tendency online to over think this. The place is simply beautiful. And that’s enough for many.

    There seems to be a growing sentiment online that going somewhere to chill isn’t good enough. That one can’t earmark a vacation for the purpose of relaxation that many people need. Horses for courses–I believe in getting around and soaking up culture too, but it doesn’t have to be every trip.

    I do agree that we shouldn’t limit horizons with respect destinations and hotels–it’s worth stepping outside of the confines of chain hotels and exploring excellent local, boutique ones.

    But let’s not forget this *is* a miles/points blog! It’ll slant toward locations and hotels where one can um, redeem them! 🙂

  44. Just curious, but why won’t Grindr work in Maldives? Is there no cell service? What about wi-fi? Or is Grindr blocked somehow?

  45. Actually, Hadahaa is not at all generic from a nature point of view. The coral is the most delicate and gorgeous table coral I have ever seen – including French Polynesia, Caribbean, Barrier Reef, etc. You would have to go on a live-aboard dive trip to see better.

    It is a real Robinson Crusoe type experience. I thought breakfast was great, but other meals were very inconsistent and often meh. Maldivian food is good, but they dumb it down so it’s very mild.

    The Conrad Hilton Rangali has more to do, the food is far better, and there were more interesting animals on my dives there. That being said, it’s Park Hyatt Hadahaa I’m going back to because it’s truly unique.

  46. I totally second beachfan’s comment! I’ve been to the Conrad Maldives 4 times (currently sitting by the beach there! And… Just came from the Park Hyatt Maldives where we were for 10 days on points!!)

    The Conrad in my opinion is just way, way, way better in every respect from A to Z, please trust me on this. Of course I’m only one person, but I feel qualified and know your profile Lucky by now! Beachfan hit the nail on the head in his comments. And just the variety of dining options kicks the PH’s ass (14 versus 2 or 3 if you count bar snack menu) the entertainment (live music, magic shows at the bar, free champagne cruises for repeat guests vs….Er… Nothing at the PH) the house reef at both are great with the Ranagli beating Hadahaa marginally. I should know…I’ve spend a total of around 30 hours snorkeling both this year!

    If you ever ever get the chance via award stay or otherwise even… Go to the Conrad Rangali, preferably with someone, before you die. It’s an insane dream like place. I’m already planning my 5th return and dreading my departure.

    Pretty sure you won’t be able to switch your stay this time or that you have HH points but if you do…you won’t regret it.

    Ps… Ask for Jack (philipino) and Mustafeez to serve you if you can. They are awesome. Sunsets on the beach after Diamond happy hour are great… But sadly even for me on a family vacation, I was getting bored and couldn’t find too much social from others there. It is a stunning naturally beautiful island though. I hope you enjoy it.

  47. I like the Park Hyatt Hadahaa better, what I was trying to say is the pristine nature of the place plus the fact you hardly see anyone other than at breakfast overcomes the other advantages of the Hilton.

  48. I travel to the Maldives at least once a year. It’s the most beautiful beach destination on earth. The beaches, scenery, understatement wildlife and resorts are unmatched. Unfortunately, the Park Hyatt is not the best hotel in the Maldives and indeed kind of boring. I returned last week from Maalifushi, a stunning new resort managers by the COMO group (read my trip report here: http://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2015/02/25/maalifushi-by-como-maldives/). One&Only Reethi Rah, Gili Lankanfushi, Four Seasons, the COMO resorts, and Cheval Blanc Rhandeli are the resorts to book when traveling to the Maldives, since they are far superior to the Park Hyatt in every aspect.

  49. Was in the Maldives last year and I loved it – I don’t think its as exclusively honeymooney as Tahiti , there are lots of families / groups as well as couples. I haven’t stayed at the Park Hyatt Maldives but there are a lot of luxury resorts , you are spoiled for choice. If you’re into snorkelling and scuba diving, it will be an awesome trip!

  50. I’ve travelled enough to know what i like and what i don’t. I can think of nothing worse than going on a trip to a place I have no interest in…in the middle of nowhere…by myself…for a week! It’s clear from the comments that some people really like the Maldives, be it for diving or just luxurious relaxing. Cool. It’s not my bag. Doesn’t appear to be Lucy’s bag either. Tighten that trip up to 2-3 days, bang it out because it’s your job and move on to the next destination.

  51. We spent 5 nights at Hadahaa in August and absolutely loved it. In terms of rooms, we spent 3 nights in a Park Villa and 2 nights in a water bungalow which was well worth the upgrade. I went diving on 3 of the days and highly recommend it – the house reef is really nice, but the dive sites around the Atoll were gorgeous. A few important things to note about the resort: 1) flights are on turboprops to a nearby airport (as opposed to a sea plane) which is why you need a boat transfer FWIW I preferred the turbo prop. 2) the resort is extremely private – I believe the resort was almost fully occupied when we were there, but we only ever saw 15 or so people around (most stayed in their rooms or were in the common areas when we were in our room). 3) I don’t know if it’s the remote distance, the time of year, the price point, the fact that it is a Hyatt or where the resort is marketed, but the crowd was very western compared to the other resort we visited 4) don’t sweat the food situation, we were less liberal about ordering than we would have been back home, but found the portions to be extremely generous which more than compensated. Last thing – in room Nespresso 🙂 Enjoy! Hopefully you’re taking advantage of a Colombo fare on your way out.

  52. Maldives…….yawn, was never so bored in all my life and have zero desire to go back.

    Had misfortune to stop in Male on the BA flight to Colombo, what a hideous sh*thole. Knowing Someone who lived there in Male I was amazed at his stories of how drug ridden it is and how dangerous.

    As for Grindr the locals do not take too kindly to Grindr types….. this is one country I would avoid on principle. Roll on Global Warming!

  53. For people who bust their asses in corporate America year round and deal with the daily stress of a commute and kids, laying out on a pristine beach beside crystal clear waters while doing nothing but ordering drinks is a f*cking dream. It’s all a matter of perspective.

  54. I agree with Reine. I think a lot of people on this blog are younger/childless and spend a fair amount of time having fun. I can’t think of anything in the world better than a week in a beautiful place with NOTHING to do. Well, maybe two weeks . . .

  55. Lucky – I consider myself the anti-tourist (can’t stand the usual tourist traps wherever I visit), and I think you shouldn’t give up on Paris just yet. I have never been to the top of the Eiffel Tour – however I have dined at Alain Ducasse’s Jules Verne – the price includes the private elevator up to the 2nd level. Swap the Louvre or any of the big name museums for Palais de Tokyo or Fondation Cartier. And the Park Hyatt Paris is excellent, although I suggest you do what you can to stay at the Peninsula!

  56. What @Jack said.

    Recently I booked a vacation to try out the Etihad A380 First Apartment. I was considering finally going to the Maldives. I just couldn’t get excited about it. At the last minute, I opted for a week in Mumbai during the monsoon instead. It’ll be filthy, crazy, colorful, chaotic and exhilarating.

    In the Maldives, after my fifth hour spent sitting staring at the ocean drinking daiquiris, I’d get fidgety. And probably would’ve wasted chunks of the trip surfing the web for some stimulation.

    They say the world is a book, and he who doesn’t travel reads only one page. Well, the Maldives is a pop-up picture book. Other places are Dostoyevsky. Using my limited vacation time to lie prostrate on a beach doing nothing feels like an insult to the spirit of travel; a refusal to be a well-rounded, fully curious member of the human race.

    As for the commenters who say that this perspective isn’t possible for people who are trapped in the American corporate rat race and just need to unwind, that’s true. But if your life is so shitty that you’re killing yourself for 50 weeks a year in order to spend 2 weeks zonked out in a bungalow, then fine… but you’re doing life wrong.

    Jack for president.

  57. @BarbicanAndy

    Male is not the resort islands, or even the smaller local islands. That’s like checking into a hotel in the middle of Malaga and then saying that all of Costa Del Sol is just a big dirty city. Just mu five cents.

  58. @BarbicanAndy – You’re probably just a troll, but nonetheless, I hope you realize global warming will, in our lifetimes, result in 300k Maldivians being displaced from their home country through no fault of their own. The country will literally disappear into the abyss, ugly airport and all. Then I suppose you won’t have to worry about that annoying stop en route to Colombo on BA.

    @Josh – We get it, your travel philosophy makes you a little more alive. But don’t be so narrow-minded to suggest that it’s the only path, and that others are doing it wrong. If you took a straw poll, I bet 9 out of 10 people would tell you vacation, to them, is about relaxing and resetting, not exploring and discovering. A lot of people are drawn to the Maldives because it’s a great place to reconnect with the people they love and work like dogs for. Others like to, uh, discover some of the best diving spots in the world.

    If you had kids, which you obviously don’t, I think you’d gladly trade Dostoyevsky for a pop-up picture book, and filthy Mumbai bazaars for breakfast buffets with the family. Until then, stop looking down your nose at the rest of us because you had an epiphany about what vacation means to you.

  59. @Lucky.

    As other have said learn to dive (best option) or snorkel.

    Just a idea, why don’t you take your mother or father with you? Those reports are always fun.

  60. What Evan said. x2
    I really don’t get people who think their way is THE way. Working really hard 50 weeks a year doesn’t make my life shitty–it makes me a hard worker. That’s what made our country great. These days . . . . not so sure anymore. There seems to be a new philosophy taking hold that says if you’re not enjoying yourself, you shouldn’t be doing it. A lucky few actually love what they do. Lucky for them. Most of us tolerate work for the pleasures it affords the rest of the time and the fact that it’s necessary if one wants things like food, housing and clothing. Looking down your nose at those of us who work hard and don’t enjoy it, shows a degree of hubris I find troubling. If it were just the few here, I wouldn’t worry; but, it seems to be an increasingly popular view of the under 40 demographic.

  61. @Evan — I assure you that when I do have kids, and when I’m sitting at the breakfast buffet of a generic hotel, I’ll miss the freedom to explore the bazaars of Mumbai. You don’t have to. Some people are adventurous eaters; others prefer a life of Big Macs. I dunno what “9 out of 10 people would tell” us about travel, but only 9% of American leisure travelers say they’re even interested in international trips, so whatever they tell me I’ll take with a grain of salt. They’re allowed to live however they want. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to pretend each choice is equally interesting, fulfilling or wise.

    @mbh — Maybe it’s true that kids-these-days-don’t-understand-the-value-of-hard-work. But what economists do know is that productivity depends more on creativity and ingenuity than on drudgery. American corporate toil isn’t something to revere: http://www.salon.com/2010/08/25/german_usa_working_life_ext2010/ But that’s getting us a long way off the topic of Ben’s original post! 😉

  62. @NoName

    I did visit Islands away from Male. Not far enough to warrant a flight but far enough by sea to see the real Maldives.

    For islands I like ones like Bequia, Nevis et al but really prefer my beach with a city like Rio, Sydney, Miami…


    Sarcasism was meant in my comment re Global Warming. I don’t wish that on anyone…..

    And not sure what you class as a Troll…. I travel six months of the year visited 158 countries etc etc

  63. “I really don’t get people who think their way is THE way.”

    This pretty much nails it, mbh.

    “I’ll miss the freedom to explore the bazaars of Mumbai.”

    Josh, I’m disappointed. With all the elitist tone leaking from your post, I think *you’re* doing it wrong. Why not mention a city that’s off the beaten path in India to better illustrate your point? 😉

    I’ve been to Mumbai, I’ve been to the Maldives. I think there are reasons to appreciate and visit both. I don’t think there’s a reason to look down my nose at anyone for choosing one or the other though.

  64. Hi!
    Im 29 years old girl, I will be in Maldives for 10 days from 21st april till 30th april. Anyone there that’s wants to meet for a drink or diving?


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