Yet another My Coke Rewards devaluation…

As I posted about back on March 12, I’m an avid collector of My Coke Rewards (MCR) points, and was pleased to see the return of Priority Club points to the list of redemption options, since it’s the only reward that has any real value to me. For 156 MCR points you can redeem for 500 Priority Club points and for 625 MCR points you can redeem for 2,000 Priority Club points. To put this into perspective, you earn three points for a 20oz. Coke product and 10 points for a 12-pack Coke product. While it’s not a huge reward, it adds up and ultimately is something for nothing, my favorite type of reward.

So, considering that Priority Club is still a redemption option on My Coke Rewards, what am I bitching about? Well, just recently MCR created a new rule whereby you can only redeem for three of each Priority Club reward. So that means that you can earn a maximum of 3×500 points and 3×2,000 points. The good thing for me is that I’ve only once redeemed for a 2,000 point award, so I still have two more of those to use. I understand why MCR did this, apparently because they were being sold on ebay, but at the same time it eliminates the rewards for many of us. There has been discussion about signing up for a new account, but apparently their technology is fancy enough to track IP addresses and close down accounts when they see multiple accounts from the same one.

So I guess that means I’ll earn my 4,000 points and see from there, but there’s nothing else particularly rewarding in the program, other than the free 12-pack Coke product.

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  1. IP addresses? Just log in from different free wifi hotspots (each will give you a new IP address) if that’s really all they check.

  2. Right, that could probably be done, but at that point I wonder if it’s even worth the hassle considering you can only enter ten codes a day. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there and while I probably won’t go out of my way to get to a wif hotspot to enter codes, I’ll probably just enter them when I’m already there.

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