Priority Club points back on My Coke Rewards!

Not sure how many others participate in My Coke Rewards, but since my parents own a business that includes a lot of 12oz. drinks, I always ask them to keep the packaging part which includes the codes for me. While it’s not incredibly rewarding by any means, I’ll take “free” stuff any day. Unfortunately My Coke Rewards has made it harder and harder to redeem the points, at least for anything that’s worth the time it takes to enter the codes.

Well, this morning the option to redeem for Priority Club points reappeared, although slightly devalued to what it was the last time they had it. For 156 points you can get a 500 point voucher and for 625 points you can get a 2000 point voucher. I just basically emptied my account and have 4000 more Priority Club points than I had a few minutes ago, which isn’t half bad. I never quite understood why they don’t offer a slightly discount for the larger point value, especially in a case like this where it’s one point cheaper to do it separately (I still did the big chunks since it really isn’t worth my time to save one point).

I’m expecting them to be gone in a few hours if it’s anything like last time, so burn baby, burn!

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  1. Wouldn’t you know, I have 155 points in My Coke Rewards account.
    Just wondering when you have time to study between posts here, on FT, and now, I find out, entering Coke Reward codes. I suppose when you’re flying. If that’s the case, you’re going to be in trouble when we get Wi-Fi on planes. Maybe you’ll have graduated by then.

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