Yep, it’s the season…

Yes, this is the time of year where “normal” people play our game. Believe it or not, there are people that only mileage run at the end of the year if they’re a few miles short of the next status level, as opposed to mileage running all year. Who would’ve guessed?

Case in point, my flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco this evening. The lady next to me was from San Francisco and did a quick roundtrip to Los Angeles to retain 1K, while the guy behind me was from Los Angeles and was doing a quick roundtrip to San Francisco to retain 1K, since he was apparently 196 miles short.

I didn’t actually talk to either of them (it was one of those days where IĀ just wanted quiet time), but they seemed relatively clueless overall, so I can’t imagine they were FlyerTalkers. And if they are FlyerTalkers and/or are reading this, nevermind. šŸ˜€

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  1. I actually don’t NEED to fly tomorrow, but an attractive $250 MCO-SAN fare that would net me ~ 15K RDM is out there (bookable now for travel today). Off for a day of R&R.

  2. Well, while I have reached 1K already, I will do a $220 RT from SFO to TPA next weekend to capture the extra SWUs at 125K miles. So yes, it’s the season….

  3. I hope I convinced my seatmate (and coincidentally reader of this blog) at the “Sully” talk to do a transcon before 12/15 because he’s ~10k short of Premier. [ After years of status, do you *really* want to sit in E- next year?! Just say “No!” ]

  4. I’m flying on Tuesday, but not for status or upgrades. I’ll be 4900 EQMs short of the 25k RDM bonus at 175k EQMs. I’m doing a midwest-east coast short hopper loop for ~$160 that will then end up netting me 30k RDMs (2500 base + 2500 elite bonus + 25,000 elite choice). I dithered about this for a while, but I think it is worth it. It should also bump me up to the 40% off e-certificate level.

  5. Iceman,

    Don’t you ever listen in on conversations around you? It’s really hard not to unless your wearing headphones.

  6. @ Chris — R&R, I love it! I think the same way, heh.

    @ Oliver — I’m calling you a mileage runner from now on. šŸ˜‰

    @ boxo — Only Premier? You should have convinced him to go for 1K! There’s still time. šŸ˜€

    @ MechTeach — Definitely worth it. Know several people in the same position that weren’t going to do it, but I’m proud to say I convinced them to pull the trigger.

    @ Iceman — The guy behind me was talking to his seatmate, and then my seatmate overheard them and started talking to them. They were loud about it, so was hard *not* to listen. I almost felt like I needed to jump in, because the lady seated behind me that the guy was talking to said she was going to buy 5,000 miles directly from United, and she claimed it would cost $165. Sorry, that’s not going to help you retain 1K!

    @ DiscoPapa — I guess that depends on how you define “normal.” šŸ˜€

  7. Damn you FTers ;o)

    Now ya got me rethinking my decision not to shoot for the extra 25K RDMs & extra 10% off on the ecert promo.

    I need to redo my EQM (& 4th qtr DEQM) math ’cause sadly I’m pretty sure I need closer to 10K EQM to hit 175K EQM.

  8. Just did a few turnarounds myself to retain status. Though I don’t think I’m going to gun for 125K for the extra SWUs. Is the e-cert promo retroactive? I can’t remember when I signed up for it šŸ™

  9. I’m doing an MR to hit 125k for the 5K carryover (who knows how long these SFO-JFK cheapo p.s. fares are gonna last) and the 2x SWUs. I did both of my MRs in the last two months (though I needed one of them to break through to 1K anyway).

  10. Lucky in your response to Iceman above you wrote “said she was going to buy 5,000 miles directly from United, and she claimed it would cost $165. Sorry, thatā€™s not going to help you retain 1K!”

    Just want to point out that the UA Choices Visa by Chase with the EQM dealey-o does let you buy 5K EQM in the first year and it costs around $165 to get this card….maybe that is what they were actually talking about (fingers crossed for them)?

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