GREAT Xiamen Air Business Class Fares From Los Angeles To China

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Late last year I flew Xiamen Air between Seattle and Shenzhen, just a few weeks after they began service in the market. Seattle was their first US destination, though they’ve also announced new flights to Los Angeles and New York.

I was extremely impressed by Xiamen Air’s product, especially as Chinese airlines go. The flight attendants were friendly and professional, the food was good, and they even had free wifi.

In a few weeks Xiamen Air will begin flying between Los Angeles and Xiamen. The great news is that this flight will be operated by one of their new Boeing 787-9 aircraft, which feature reverse herringbone seats in business class. This is a much better product than I had on my flight.

Here’s a video about Xiamen Air’s new 787-9s:

Xiamen Air has had pretty consistently good fares between the US and Asia, though at the moment they have some especially compelling business class fares, which Andrew made me aware of.

Xiamen Air has ~$1,850 business class fares for travel between the US and much of China for travel between September and December of 2017. Fares to other parts of Asia are in many cases only marginally more.

For example, I see these fares available for travel to Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Jinan, etc. However, Xiamen Air isn’t a huge airline, so travel to some of those destinations may require a double connection, or possibly an overnight in Xiamen.

You can use Google Flights or ITA Matrix to look up these fares, though be aware that there’s quite a bit of phantom availability. That’s to say that for many tickets you’ll go to an OTA or Xiamen Air’s website and find that the fare is higher. However, in other cases it’s pricing out at exactly the above costs.

So don’t expect everything you see through Google Flights to be available, though there most definitely are ~$1,850 roundtrip business class fares.

Xiamen Air is a SkyTeam member airline, so you can credit the miles earned from this trip to a variety of airlines. Here’s the page on that shows how many miles you’d earn for this fare.

Bottom line

I loved my flight on Xiamen Air last year, and this flight is even operated by a plane with their newer business class seat. This is an absolute bargain for business class travel between the US and China. So if you’re looking to travel across the Pacific this fall in business class, I’d seriously consider booking Xiamen Air.

Anyone considering one of these great Xiamen Air business class fares?

  1. The best looking business class with this seat has got to be China Airlines, right?
    This one is so meh that it almost fade the features of the seat.

  2. @ George — Indeed, the China Airlines cabin is gorgeous. But at the end of the day it’s all about seat comfort, in my opinion, and they should be comparable there.

  3. Anyone care to comment on Sanya (SYX) which is also $1846 and the hotels, stregis, mandarin, ritz are all priced very well…..looks like a nice beach

  4. @Mike – Sanya (and probably the entire Hainan province) to Chinese is similar to Florida/Hawaii to Americans; very popular beach destination, lots of nice hotels and resorts, etc. I would say that Sanya has become a little bit more touristy now, but still a nice weekend gateway for us here in southern China. If you want to go there, do note that during Chinese National Day holiday (usually October 1st – 7th) and Chinese New Year (late February in 2018) Sanya can get really, really crowded, and everything becomes much more expensive than non-peak seasons.

  5. Must this be booked on a 3rd part site like Orbitz, or are we able to go directly to Xiamen Air?

  6. The problem with Chinese business class is the fellow passengers. They are mostly chinese and they dont know how to behave, making the trip unbearable. I’d rather swim across the Pacific.

  7. @Mike. Been to Sanya not long ago – avoid the hot and humid summer. Yalong Bay is gorgeous, Haitang Bay is a work in progress. Check my trip report on my blog. I stayed at the Conrad and the Ritz, both great but I enjoyed the Ritz better – the beach and the food were better, but the Conrad villa had a private pool hard to beat.

    Overall we had a good time in Sanya – Nanshan Temple was interesting for an afternoon away from the beach. One of the plus is that there aren’t many Western tourists, which makes the place all the more interesting.

  8. Xiamen is a decent Chinese airline. But the problem is thaT if you take Xiamen airlines to anywhere in Asia, you’ll have to make two stopovers. A short technical stop in Hangzhou first and another longer stopover in Xiamen city.
    I don’t know if they still have this offer but if your long stopover in Xiamen city is longer than 24 hours they offer free accommodation in a 3 or 4 star hotel within Xiamen city itself.

  9. just booked. had best luck on actual airline website, was surprisingly easy to use. Orbitz and others had higher fares. Children are 25% off of adult fare.

  10. @Lucky Xiamen provides complimentary hotels for connections longer than 8 hours (or overnight) in Xiamen. If you are traveling in business, you can get at least a 4-star hotel.

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