WOW Air Is Bringing Cheap Flights To Tel Aviv

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WOW Air is an Icelandic low cost carrier that uses Keflavik as a hub to connect passengers traveling between North America and destinations throughout Europe. They have some incredibly low fares, though do be aware that they charge for virtually everything, including seat assignments, carry-ons, etc. However, there are no doubt some great deals to be had, and it’s awesome to see the speed at which they’re expanding their route network.


Today WOW Air has announced their latest destination, which I imagine a lot of people will be excited about. WOW Air will be adding flights to Tel Aviv as of September 12, 2017. This opens a lot of great one-stop options for people originating in the US.


WOW Air will initially operate 4x weekly flights between Keflavik and Tel Aviv with the following schedule:

WW698 Keflavik to Tel Aviv departing 6:15PM arriving 4:40AM (+1 day) [Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun]
WW699 Tel Aviv to Keflavik departing 8:25AM arriving 1:30PM [Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat)

The flight will be operated using an Airbus A321 aircraft, featuring 200 seats. The flight from Iceland to Tel Aviv covers a distance of ~3,300 miles, and is blocked at 7hr25min eastbound and 8hr5min westbound.

WOW Air A330

As you’d expect, WOW Air has exceptionally good prices. Their introductory fares to Tel Aviv start at just $149 one-way from Boston, Newark, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, and at $199 one-way from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami. However, the dates with those fares are very limited, and it’s based on a roundtrip purchase, with the return often being more expensive.


So I wouldn’t necessarily get too excited about the introductory fares as such, but going forward this is a very nice new option for traveling to Israel.

To get a general sense of what the WOW Air experience is like, check out this trip report that Gaurav wrote back when they first launched flights to the US.

Is anyone considering flying WOW Air to/from Tel Aviv?

  1. With everything included its going to end up being around 600-700$ which you can frequently find on full service airlines such as Turkish, Azerbaijan, Air Serbia, Lot, etc.

  2. This will be operated by an A321neo, not an A330, according to the seat map. They have two of the type on order.

  3. @lucky I would very much consider this route. I fly quite frequently to Israel and I have also been meaning to take a trip to iceland! However, jr is correct, it comes out to around 600-700$ and for that price you can fly a full service carrier.

    I have found Air Canada has the best flight from North America to Tel Aviv.

  4. looking at random dates – BOS to TLV departing 23rd October and returning on 31st October
    basic price 560 usd
    including standard hand luggage 660 usd
    including hold (but not standard hand) luggage 700 usd
    including hold and standard hand luggage 800 usd
    would be cheaper to take “Wow plus” for 772 usd – but they don’t tell you that !

    For similar dates – Swiss will sell you flights for 608 usd, lufthansa (with shorter layovers) would be 735 usd, and non stop on El Al would be 826 usd

    once more – Wow don’t seem that wow.

  5. can an a321neo even fly that long for 7-8 hours?
    im amazed
    is this some jet stream that I’m not familiar about

  6. they probably have 1 or 2 auxiliary tanks, otherwise it’s a bit of a stretch on the westbound given their high density configuration.

  7. I just paid $571 for MIA-TLV RT on BA with free luggage and (some) mileage accrual. Not a “WOW” for me either.

  8. I really don’t understand why anyone would book wow air long haul. Looking on their site, you can book London to Boston for GBP£139.99 each way. It adds £10 booking fee to this which takes the return price to £289. Realistically for a week in America you would need to pay for a full size carry on each way, so the bare minimum price is around £370ish.

    Looking at the same dates in September that this price is available for you can book 1 stops with icelandair, air Canada, Lufthansa or Swiss for around £350. Even direct flights with BA or Virgin come in at around £450.

    I could live with slumming it with Wow air if it was genuinely cheap, ie between £200-300 return, but as it is, I don’t understand who is paying what they are asking.

  9. In addition to the price issues mentioned above, a big problem with this route is the 12h+ layover in Reykjavik on the return from the US to TLV (practically for all routes including BOS, PIT, NY, YYZ and DC). While this may be a nice excuse to see the city it is not a reasonable layover time for someone who flies more than once a year or for someone traveling during the winter when its probably too cold to visit the city. With this layover the overall trip time is close to 30h which for many is too long.

  10. @ Lucky
    WW698 Keflavik to Tel Aviv departing 6:15PM arriving 4:40AM (+1 day) [Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun]

    Somehow this schedule doesn’t correspond at all with the flight itinerary you added as an example (BOS to TLV, arriving in TLV at 4:10 p.m.) which makes much more sense as most of their flights from North America arrive at KEF in the (very) early morning.

  11. I agree with what everyone is saying but:

    – I think fares will go down as they figure out this route better. I saw a CAD 398 return fare and almost took it but I was like eh.. been to TLV like twice and kind of been there done that.
    – The fact that low cost players are in the market also will drive lower fares for other airlines
    – For people going to places like Pittsburgh this can be a convenient connection
    – Many people who choose WOW are also choosing it because they can do an iceland stopover

  12. Lucky, you still have to review El Al’s direct flight LAX-Tel Aviv!
    But on this topic, I dont think I would take a low cost airline longhaul…just seems to many hours to be cramped in a tiny seat & being bombarded with fees. I would pay a little more and fly a more decent airline. Good to have options though!

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