WOW Air Offering Free Flights To Passengers Named Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is next month, and Icelandic low cost carrier WOW Air has a novel approach to celebrate the romantic occasion.

They are offering one free return ticket between certain city pairs when at least two people travel together between February 10 and February 19 this year, provided at least one passenger is named either Valentine or a variant of the name.

The city pairs are as follows:

  • Boston, Detroit, New York (EWR) or Washington DC (BWI) to Reykjavik, return
  • Montreal or Toronto to Reykjavik, return
  • London (LGW), Dublin, Brussels (BRU), Berlin (SXF), Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Paris (CDG) to New York (EWR), return

It does strike me as odd that they allow those originating in Europe to travel all the way to New York while only allowing those originating in North America to travel as far as Iceland!

Now, while this is a generous promotion that thousands of “Valentines” could potentially take advantage of, given WOW Air is an ultra low cost carrier there are a LOT of terms and conditions, which I’ll try and list as succinctly as possible:

  • You must book between January 24 and February 19, 2019
  • Both outbound and return flights must be between February 10 and February 19, 2019 (being the Valentine’s Day week/period)
  • At least two passengers must be on the same booking, booked and paid for through as per a normal booking
  • Bookings through third parties are not eligible
  • Rather than receiving the free flight when booking, both passengers must pay in full for both and then submit a refund request for the eligible named traveller by email to [email protected]
  • The eligible names vary by country of origin — US, Belgium, Ireland and UK must be Valentine only, Canada and France can be Valentin or Valentine, Germany and Denmark must be Valentin or Valentina, and Netherlands must be Valentijn
  • The eligible name must match the name in the passenger’s passport exactly
  • Middle names are not eligible, but it would appear they will accept either first or surnames as Valentin(***)
  • Passengers must have booked a return journey — one ways are not eligible for the promotion
  • The fare and taxes as well as one hand luggage and checked luggage is eligible to be refunded for approved passengers where they purchased this as part of the booking process
  • If even a single one of these conditions is not strictly met, the refund will not be made

Bottom line

This is an… odd promotion.

They could have made it much simpler by saying something like everyone who was born on February 14 gets a $100 WOW gift voucher or something.

This is generous and fun on the surface, but the very restrictive travel dates as well as the rather archaic distinctions of names by country of origin will rule this out for many people.

If you do meet the long list of conditions above and feel like taking what should be a very cheap trip to either Iceland or New York (depending on where you are originating) then consider taking advantage of this special Valentine’s Day offer.

Given WOW Air’s rapid decline over the past few months I’m surprised they have the staff and focus to come up with a promotion, especially with such complex conditions to manually approve by email.

I am very interested to know though — do we have any readers with a first or surname Valetin, Valentine, Valentina, or Valentijn?

  1. Looks like a quick way to get cash for February and delaying the refunds until March. Are they that desperate or is it good will?

  2. Very weird promo. Also, James, I think you meant arcane, not archaic.

    And yeah, Valentinos got snubbed hard, as did anyone unlucky enough to live in the wrong country with the wrong variant.

  3. Restricting UK origin flyers to the English spelling while refusing the French spelling looks a lot like race discrimination to me.

  4. Bour – Well it’s not, because there is no such race as “English” or “French”, we’re the same. You could call it xenophobia, but given the trivial difference that’s almost as non-nonsensical as Snick’s suggestion that this whole thing is a ruse to get a one month “loan” of a few thousand dollars!

  5. My name is Valentin, but first – I’m russian and my country is not listed there, and second – no way I am flying across the ocean on a low cost carrier, not only for free but even if they pay me for that 😀

  6. Valerie is the traditional feminine name in the Anglo world for those born in February. Bit of a balls up there by Wow.

  7. I’m trying to gather some information on whether middle names are allowed in Germany as there is no specific exclusion on the german website and my best friend’s middle name is Valentin. We’ll check with the support and hope that they’ll come back with an answer, I guess.
    It is also weird that the text on their website says “for travel from 10th to 17th of February 2019” and the T&C state that the flight dates have to be in the period from 10th to 19th of February.

  8. There’s an Australian Rugby League player who is currently trying to make it in the NFL – his name is Valentine Holmes!

  9. Just to follow up with my earlier comment: After contacting the WOWAir support it appears that middle names are in fact eligible for the promotion in Germany. So my friend and I booked the trip, immediately requested the refund and after just three days, received the correct amount. I honestly didn’t expect WOWAir to issue the refund that quickly and for the correct amount, so I am positively surprised. Just hoping that they won’t go bankrupt in the next 10 days so we can actually take the trip ;-).

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