Worst thing you could be talking about as a pilot with a stuck mic…

This is pretty funny:

I would love to have listened in to the call the pilot had to make to that number…

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  1. Definitely cringe-worthy. The controller’s enthusiastic “Have a GREAT day” at the end indicates he was relishing what the voice on the other end of the phone would be discussing with the pilot.

  2. Awesome! The controller was even cool enough to call the pilot on guard after the jerk’s first hot mike transmission. Pilot was totally clueless. Sheesh!

  3. At a minimum he is in violation of the sterile cockpit below 10,000ft rule (can’t talk about anything but straight business). But in all reality, being familiar with this situation, the controller has no control over the punishment or lack there of. The supervisor wished to talk to the pilot because the the stuck mic happened on the final approach frequency, which is a critical stage of flight for all aircraft. The subject of the conversation during was just fodder to make it news worthy. I guarantee Eagle/American doesn’t like this kind of publicity right now, so they weren’t happy.

  4. The pilot could definitely get in trouble for having a stuck mic in some busy airspace like that. These situations are handled on a case by case basis, the fact that he badmouthed the controllers on frequency likely makes them less likely to just slap them on the wrist and say ‘be more careful next time’.

  5. He said basically the controllers at that tower were the worst and they would fly you right into the ground if you weren’t careful

  6. Pretty awesome…that controller is acting like a total jerk and now the intra-pilot chatter is national.

    I don’t see why whoever had the stuck mic would be making stuff up about this particular sector being particularly bad, and the controller’s defensiveness seems to totally confirm his opinion.

    You also get the feeling that the controller’s wish to give them a phone number to call (revenge vs. unkind characterization?) was at that point more important to him than controlling traffic (it kept interfering around more important communications).

    Of course it’s the FAA we’re talking about, so maybe not much will happen in that sector even if their bad performance was outed nationally.

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