Is This The Worst Lyft Passenger Ever?

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Nowadays just about everyone has the ability to film situations on the spot thanks to smartphones, which is probably a blessing and a curse.

Well, for a recent Lyft passenger, it was probably a curse. Essentially this lady was offended by the driver’s dashboard doll, and proceeds to chew him out over it. She doesn’t just tell him it offends her, but demands that he remove the doll, and then lectures him for several minutes.

Perhaps worst of all she’s filming the situation thinking that she’s in the right, and talking about how she’s going to humiliate him and upload the video go Gawker (hah). Meanwhile the driver does an amazing job maintaining his composure.

Here’s the video:

That lady is absolutely intolerable. Clearly she was pretty drunk, and all of that would be fine, except for the fact that she was the one who took the video footage to humiliate the driver. So I feel slightly less bad for her.

After public backlash she changed the handle for her Twitter account, which was probably a big mistake, since someone else took it over and has been running it as a parody account. The person who took over the account has offered it back to her, though there’s quite a price to pay:

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  1. hahah love it. So many nonsensical “complaints” nowadays but these self-styled “social justice warriors” trying to pick fights with people over innocuous things! And when they get called out on their self created “oppression” they just blame it on everyone else when there was no actual problem to begin with

  2. Just Google “annaliese nielsen.”

    Her absurd behavior is taking all the attention, but she’s not a very know me person in general. And she’s not really a sjw*, she’s more of a self-aggrandizing attention grabber.

    *social justice warrior

  3. I don’t think she is drunk. She is an SJW, therefore, she is a professional victim that must find something to be offended by in any given situation.

  4. Wow! We have one of these stuck on the dash of our car along with Hawaiian print carseat covers. It’s in our “second car”, a classic, and in no way do I find it offensive. We love Hawaii, vacation there regularly. I feel the driver showed considerable restraint with that whiney, rude woman. Sheesh

  5. As someone who has driven by Good Will several times, first of all I’m offended that the woman who took the video implied that Good Will sells crumby merchandise.

    I am also offended that no one in the car defended Good Will or took time to correct her ignorant views.

    And of course this wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t get offended at this site for posting this crap 😉

  6. I don’t think she was drunk. The driver and other passenger had to put up with her for a few minutes, just imagine those who have to live and work around her on a daily basis…..

  7. “You didn’t think about, like, the pillaging of the, like, continent of Hawaii?” That’s so wonderful–inarticulate and geographically illiterate all at once.

  8. Why are people not more concerned with the fact that she thinks Hawaii is a continent! This is the American education system at work!

  9. And like could you like remove that doll from your like dashboard? It like offends me and I like really want you to like remove it. I’m like sitting in your like car and I’m like entitled to like ask you to like remove it. Do you like understand me?

  10. Once again somewhere is a proud mother and father.

    “The Dancing Hula Girl Doll is still a popular dashboard accessory today, although she is attached with double sided tape instead of a magnet. She still wiggles her hips (or holds her ukulele) and will always bring a smile to the faces of those who see her.”

    “always bring a smile” apparently not always

  11. I have a hawaiian hula girl on my golf card dashboard. I got it in Hawaii. It dances just like many beautiful ladies in Hawaii. I could be ignorant racist etc etc , but i never knew it was offensive to anyone.
    The offer to get the twitter handle back is pretty good.

  12. It’s hard to tell from the twitter account because it seems like someone else took it over, but one tweet says the driver was fired?

  13. Anybody else think she sounds just like the Jordan Peele’s character Meagan on the show Key and Peele?

  14. Her speech is slurred at times so she has been drinking. The problem is she is rude and full of self-importance.

  15. She reminds me of the guy who went off at that poor girl at Chic-a- filet about same sex marriage, and posted a video on line thinking he would be a hero. Instead it bit him and he lost his job over the backlash… People sometimes forget, even if their cause is noble or has merit in theory…their deliver is also important.

  16. Some people are just sad and pathetic. I feel bad for the driver. He held it together better than I would have.

  17. I’m just relishing the fact that people are of the unanimous opinion this b*tch is the worst thing since Election 2016. That voice is–bar none–the most wretched thing I’ve ever heard (*not even* to mention her insufferable victim complex).

  18. Annaliese is the CEO of a porn industry and makes her business by exploiting women, yet she claims to be a feminist? Talk about irony! It’s her own fault she is now a social pariah, yet she expects people to sympathize with her? I can’t even comprehend how someone like her even exists. If I were the Lyft driver I would not have been that nice. I would have unleashed my Southern bitch on her like judgement day. I’m so glad that driver got his job back, he did not deserve any of that. I’m a big believer in karma, and I think she’ll get what’s coming for her at the right time. For something even better, I’ll just leave this here:

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