Hands Down The Worst Airline Lounge Behavior Ever

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The Associated Press has the terrible story of a guy who allegedly committed a hate crime against a Delta employee in a JFK SkyClub while awaiting his connection. Robin Rhodes approached a Delta employee while she was sitting in her office, and the following ensued:

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said Rhodes came up to the door and went on a profanity-laced tirade, asking the woman if she was praying. Rhodes then allegedly punched the door, which hit the back of Khan’s chair. Khan asked Rhodes what she had done to him and Rhodes replied, “You did nothing.” He then cursed at her and kicked her in the leg, Brown said.

When another person tried to calm him down, Brown said Rhodes moved away from the door and Khan ran out of the office. Rhodes followed her, got down on his knees and began to bow down in imitation of a Muslim praying, shouted obscenities and said “Trump is here now. He will get rid of all of you. You can ask Germany, Belgium and France about these kind of people. You see what happens,” Brown said.

At the time of his arrest, Rhodes allegedly told police, “I guess I am going to jail for disorderly conduct. I couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman because their back was to me and they had something covering their head.”

That’s just horrible. In addition to the legal implications, hopefully he’s banned from Delta for life, as was the case for a guy who went on a Trump tirade on a recent flight.

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  1. A psychiatric examination should be on the agenda in this case. Obviously a guy who’s gone bonkers.

  2. By the way open invitation to trump supporters and liberals who didn’t bother to vote, as your life gets worse under trump because you lost health insurance or the air you breathe or the water you drink gets toxic, please post your misery here. I want to enjoy it. Thanks

  3. Yeah, these people were plentiful in the mentioned countries.. In the late 30ies to mid 40ies.

    The Rhodes kind, that is.

    How can it ever be possible to hate a complete stranger?

  4. NYT reports that this man is 57 years old. This behavior is unacceptable for a person of any age. But seriously, what kind of grown adult behaves this way? It’s nice that he believes he’s being charged with disorderly conduct (is that what we’re calling an alternative fact these days?), because the DA charged him with a hate crime.

  5. Is that the guy pictured in the photograph? If so, great.

    If not, I think it’s irresponsible to have a photo of some random guy sitting in a skyclub because it implies some degree of association with this abhorrent behavior.

  6. Sounds like some kind of mental illness to me. Or maybe he is just mad his name is Robin….pretty stupid and terrible though.

  7. Why was she praying out in public? Is this like the lying muslim woman who claimed she was harassed on the NYC subway, by three white guys? Glad to see someone took a stance. I’ve seen people like this on the NYC sidewalks, roll out their little carpet and praying. Do it privately. Do it discreetly. Not interested in being exposed to this shit. Public space is not for anyone to appropriate, start praying, and causing an inconvenience or annoyance to others.

  8. Where’s melisa, marisa whatever the name is??? No comments? We must build walls inside Delta lounges.

    I’ll fill in…supreme leader trump will defend this persecuted freedom fighter.

    I hope melisa is standing outside jail to greet the fellow deplorable once he is released, since he needs support.

    Oh, I see someone called kct is here to fill the void. Thanks!

    My concern is if Hillary is getting her way must be because supreme leader trump is weak minded, so she can get him and his supporters to do what she wants (we already know Putin does that).

    We must find ways to shift the focus to something else, like yet another wall somewhere.

  9. I see you can type @nycman but it appears you really can’t read.
    It says she was sat in her chair in an office… not out praying.

    between all these kerbside people praying and you’re comically low IQ, it’s small wonder you don’t trip over more often

  10. Did I miss the part that said this happened in the SkyClub? The AP article didn’t mention it. I don’t remember the layout of Delta’s terminals at JFK, but it sounds more like a landside ticket office or perhaps an office in the terminal. Horrible for sure, but I’m not sure I’d call it “lounge behavior” if it didn’t take place in a lounge…

  11. Banned from Delta… Should be banned from flying in the US. There should be a policy if you assault anyone in an airport or on an airplane you are banned from using air travel. And the fact that this is a hate crime takes it to a whole new level. Shameful!

  12. Credit I have no misery to post here, since this is a travel blog site for which you feel the need to post your massive political failures. The next four years will be a joy watching liberals heads explode over and over. Please do that in your padded safe rooms, not on the travel blog sites.

  13. Al, please come back here when you realize that you and your group are on Public Servant Trump’s Naughty List. Fascism will seem less funny to you then, and I would love to hear about the day you realized how you lacked the ability to see the long con for what it is.

  14. I don’t know why people blame Trump for this. He didn’t tell this guy to do that. Rhodes is just a massive dick – this is all on him. Don’t try and blame Trump for it. Even if Trump wasn’t president, that guy would still be feeling those same feelings.
    If anything, having Trump has made the world more aware about the amount of hate feelings people in America have, but have just been hiding it

  15. @Tennen – 2nd paragraph of the article mentions Sky Club in Terminal 2.

    @Bill – agreed that Trump didn’t tell this jerk to act in the manner witnessed, however having a US President railing against Muslims and threatening/promising to create a Muslim registry certainly sends a message that harassing those practicing Islam is just fine, if not outright encouraged. Sad days…

    Lots of heightened emotions being displayed in unfortunate ways lately (on both ends of the political spectrum). So much for the promise of being a unifying force.

  16. Al, I didn’t say that you voted for him. Your group is all of those people who think that it’s liberals who will be up in arms. Anyone who values the US’ existence as a democratic republic will be furious as they realize what has been lost due to the desire of some for “something different”.

  17. He has an opinion and is entitled to voice it. None of you readers would feel comfortable sitting next to a black burqa clad person on an long haul now would you?

    Hopefully he was upgraded to domestic first.

  18. Having an opinion is one thing, verbal and physical assault (whether at the airport, in the lounge, or on a flight) are not acceptable.

    Would you have applauded his performance, had you been there to witness it?

    I imagine he received a well-deserved upgrade in the form of a police escort to jail.

  19. Once saw and heard a guy watching porn on his laptop without headphones in an AAdmirals Club at JFK. It went on for more than fifteen minutes through a couple of scenes. He turned it off before I was tempted to say something to him or staff to knock it off, but that was the worst behavior I have seen in a lounge.

  20. @gstork – Thanks.

    I’m pretty sure the article was heavily edited, because a lot of that second paragraph was not there when I first read it. And, the mother’s quote was definitely added later.

  21. I’m sorry, but given so much fake news in the press – CNN, Politico , NYTimes to name a few, I would be very skeptical about exactly what went down.

  22. This person is in wrong place (country). He should live in china. Han chinese simply hate and despise Muslims. Nobody dares to make any noise while the Muslims are being slaughtered in china. What a hypocrisy the so called western whiteman has

  23. Look I will post as anonymous cause my wife (who is not religious) is muslim so some of my in-laws might take offense. However it is a fact that religious Muslims do try to push their behaviour onto you. Go to a Muslim country there is a prayer room in any public place. However there are no bars. Bars are hidden away in 5 Star hotels. So if someone wants a drink they cant have it anytime anywhere they want it. They have to adjust. Now in a western country there are bars everywhere but no public prayer rooms. The obvious thing to do would be to pray at home (Islam only asks you to pray 5 times a day if the situation permits its not compulsory). But no you want to start praying in a public place no matter how uncomfortable it makes others. If I just opened by duty free bottle and started drinking in the public area at Riyadh Airport I would get arrested. But its OK to start doing Namaz in an airport?
    Same with Halal. Many religions have dietary restriction. Hindus cant eat Beef but they dont go around boycotting restaurants unless they take beef off the menu but Muslims will not go to a restaurant which does not have Halal meat.
    Muslims who move to western societies should adopt western norms (and most do. Most of my Muslim friends are pretty westernized). Westerners who move to Middle Eastern countries for work should respect Middle Eastern Norms and most do. Doing Namaz in the middle of an airport in the west is as rude as wearing a bikini top and hot shorts to a mall in the Middle East. Cultural sensitivity goes both ways. Both are attention seeking behaviour.

  24. Isn’t this just another of their many, many hoaxes that get exposed one by one? Hijab incident in NYC? Lie, she got prosecuted herself. Church burning with Trump graffiti? Turns out it was also a false flag. Etc etc.

    The only ones we know for a fact have resorted to violence was BLM (the Chicago torture) and leftists.

    This is a hoax, too. I guarantee it.

  25. Well yeah has there ever been a murder in the Lounge? Probably more likely in a Delta lounge I think…….

  26. In china if it burqa it would be crushed by burqa police. In china like americla you have speaking for free. And hit people too.

  27. I tink its good in ameeica freedom os speeches and hitting.
    In china not freedom of speech s but can hit foreigners.
    More of the hitting

  28. Hi Lucky. Thank you for not posting political commentaries in your blog. You have gained my respect. It has become more and more difficult to read about miles and points without being hijacked by a blogger’s political views. Granted it’s their own blog and they can do what they want, and I can choose to not read their posts but I do like to go to Boarding Area and catch up with travel, points and miles, etc., so having to sift through the political posts has become an unnecessary effort to get the information I really want.

    I think that nothing anyone can say or write will sway anyone anymore politically at this point. Most people have pretty much made up their minds which side they are on.

    For sticking to write about travel and miles and points, thank you once again. I will continue to read and support your site.

  29. More Fake News from the people who hate that their candidate lost. And I do mean HATE, as the several hundred rioters during the Inauguration showed by smashing plate glass windows, burning up a $70,000 limousine, and sending a number of police officers to the hospital.

    “A story that a supporter of Donald Trump invoked the president’s name in an attack on a Muslim airline employee grew more complicated as the alleged assailant’s political giving shows a long history of donations to liberal Democrats.”

    For the rest Google: “Media Claim of ‘Trump’ Hate Crime Against Muslim Airline Employee Unravels”

    The technical name for this is “False Flag operation”. And not the only one we know about. Robert Creamer, a Hillary Campaign staffer, was forced to resign when WikiLeaks revealed that one of his jobs was to hire thugs to go to Trump rallies and start fights to “prove how Trump incites violence” (sic).

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