The “World Of Hyatt” Philosophy Goes Beyond The Loyalty Program

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As most of you probably know by now, Hyatt is introducing the new World of Hyatt loyalty program as March 1, 2017, which will replace the Gold Passport program. While the program stays the same on the points earning and redemption side, there are a lot of changes being made to elite benefits, etc. Whether or not you’re happy about these changes probably depends on your stay patterns.

Here’s how Hyatt describes World of Hyatt as their new global platform for accomplishing their purpose:

World of Hyatt is our new global platform, driven by our purpose to care for people so they can be their best. It’s about engaging more deeply with our community and understanding that community better. It’s an expression of who we are and what we stand for, as well as an opportunity to extend what we do with our guests, colleagues and partners beyond just hotel stays.

As much as I have some issues with the execution of the World of Hyatt program, there are two areas where I genuinely give Hyatt a lot of credit:

  • All the corporate executives at Hyatt I’ve interacted with are passionate about hospitality and the customer experience.
  • Hyatt does a great job retaining talent on the hotel level. It’s amazing how many hoteliers stay in the Hyatt system their entire career, and it’s one of the reasons I love staying with Hyatt. I often run into the same employees at different hotels a few years apart

In addition to the new World of Hyatt loyalty program, Hyatt is doing two other things to try and accomplish this purpose:

Hyatt’s new ad campaign

Hyatt is introducing a new ad campaign, called For a World of Understanding. This will debut during Sunday’s Oscars broadcast. The campaign “demonstrates the transformative power of understanding and features Grammy-nominated Andra Day’s reimagined version of ‘What the World Needs Now is Love,’ the timeless song from Hal David (lyrics) and Burt Bacharach (music composition).”

Here’s the new 60 second ad:

It’s actually a pretty cute ad. As cheesy as the basis of the ad campaign sounds to me, I think the ad is well done.

Hyatt’s new community experiences

Hyatt will also be providing community experiences beyond traditional hotel stays — make of it what you will:

  • At launch, we’re partnering with AFAR (a company founded on the idea that travel promotes understanding) on an immersive experience in Tokyo that will be available to select members. More details to come.
  • We’re partnering with Learning AFAR/No Barriers USA (non-profits) to put empathy into action – Chicago Public School students who couldn’t otherwise participate will have an opportunity for an immersive educational program that culminates in a trip to Costa Rica.

Bottom line

Hyatt really seems to be going with this “World of Hyatt” thing, not just as a loyalty program, but as an overall philosophy by which they operate. On the hotel level I find that Hyatt does a great job taking care of their guests, so there’s substance to it. I just wish the loyalty program changes had been executed a bit differently.

You can visit the website dedicated to Hyatt’s new campaign at

  1. Agree ad is too political, but more to the point, how does the ad or “experiences” entice me, as a biz traveler to stay at a Hyatt? Where are the tangible benefits?

    Like the font and the status level names, this new program looks like it was designed by 7th graders.

  2. Did Hyatt pay blogs to talk about all of these “GREAT” perks because every blog has the exact same post right now. Maybe they should have saved the money from the commercial and used it to actually benefit customers… i.e diamond amenities.

  3. LOL.
    @Lucky seems to be falling for a focus group-tested multimedia production designed as a distraction from the monstrosity known as WOH! that Hyatt is about to unleash to crush any remnant of HGP 😉

  4. But this “World of Understanding” doesn’t seem to explicitly apply to, say, persecuted Christians in Muslim nations. And frankly, I don’t care to understand worlds that impose official religions, ban booze (per Lucky’s many travels), behead infidels, execute LGBT individuals or punish women for being raped. This corporate/Left Islam fetish really needs to end.

  5. I will only stay at a Hyatt property if the cost benefit makes sense over other options. I used to prioritize Hyatt but now my focus is on SPG. Hyatt should focus on expanding their footprint rather than making changes to their program which becuase they are not present in most places makes it almost impossible for many people to achieve a decent status level with them. RIP Hyatt!!! At least for me.

  6. Lucky: Stick to miles and points, not politics.
    Hyatt: Stick to hotels, not politics.
    Colin Kaepernick: Stick to football, not politics.
    George Clooney: Stick to acting, not politics.
    Anthony Bourdain: Stick to cooking, not politics.

    You assholes realize what happens when no one is allowed to talk about politics except politicians, right?

  7. Just as I shared with Hyatt, I can only trust their small portfolio of 600 properties to deliver a highly personalized experience that blows away the competition. If this year doesn’t show dramatic changes as a Globalist, I’ll make the move to SPG / Marriott (or Hilton, depending on how the SPG / Marriott loyalty program integration shakes out).

    Save any opinions on the ad, if any customers leave World of Hyatt because of it, all the better for me.

  8. I don’t understand the comments stating that the ad is “too political”.

    Interacting with people that we are not familiar with is at the heart of travel. Just because we’ve had a racially divisive political campaign, now everything that still embraces multicultural experiences automatically become a political message?

  9. My belief is that Hyatt will lose thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of customers such as myself to other hotel brands because of these changes. And for what? What does it really cost to provide me with Club access or an upgraded room or suite? They’re only providing it if it’s gone unsold anyway. I have lifetime status in too many other programs to continue to try to maintain my Diamond, or now Globalist, status with Hyatt given the unreasonable changes they’ve implemented to reach this level. I’ll ride out my last year but I’ll be taking my business elsewhere in 2018 and beyond.

  10. You write “While the program stays the same on the points earning ” Not exactly. No more 1000pt per stay for top tiers. I always find it hard to believe that “there will be people who are happy with the changes…” as all top tiers will earn less points because of the elimination of the diamond amenity.

    I guess there must of been some who were happy with the loss G1/G2 bonuses and Faster Free Nights too!

    I agree with you. I find Hyatt to have many great employees. But the bottom line for me is VALUE for my loyalty dollars.

  11. I don’t think the ad is too political and I like the version of the song, maybe I’m just to cynical but the campaign does tweak my BS meter. I don’t really think that corporations do the whole empathy, save the world thing all that well, individuals can and do but corporations have too many other goals, it mostly just tends to just come off as hypocritical or false to me.

  12. Hey Ben, love your blog. World of Hyatt is a downgrade, changing elite status from 25 stays/50nights to 60 nights for its diamond tier. I will stay here from time to time, and I do love the brand. I prefer Hilton, specifically hilton and doubletree brands, they have greater availability greater point promotions and it’s easier to maintain fodmond staus (30 stays/60 nights). Cheers and happy blogging!

  13. I do not care the least about the ad. It aims for a “feel good” experience (whether it delivers may depend on your views), but the new program just does not deliver and that is the bottom line.

  14. I personally enjoyed the ad. However, when it comes to points/dollars/perks..I will choose with my wallet, and what gives my family the most/best experiences…so unfortunately I don’t think this “feel good” ad is going to make any difference in my decision making..

  15. Almost no favorable comments here. As a 2 decade Diamond member, I’m saddened that Hyatt has made these changes and I’m also moving on to SPG this year. Hyatt is touting new, intangible benefits while downgrading the tangible benefits and erecting and unrealistic 60 night threshold to retain most, but not all benefits. Then the marketing backdrop feels like Hyatt is taking sides in today’s political divide. I think it’s wonderful that they are taking a group of students from Chicago to Costa Rica, but to think that corporate travelers will happily forgo some benefits of 60 nights in exchange for Hyatt’s charitable acts is laughable.

  16. @Billy – So you’re not criticizing Hyatt for being too political, just that the way you perceive their marketing doesn’t align with your politics.

    @Jordan – well said.

  17. Am I losing my mind, because where did the recent post by Travis go about the timing of issuance of DSUs under World of Hyatt? Seems to have disappeared.

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