Won a night at The Dolder Grand through the LHW 1928 promo!

After several mishaps with the Leading Hotels of the World 1928 promotion, I’m happy to report that I finally won! For those not familiar with this promotion, LHW just had their 80th anniversary, and to celebrate they were giving away rooms for $19.28 (the year they were founded). Unfortunately they totally underestimated the response they’d get, and their site crashed the first time around. After several more mishaps, the promotion finally happened yesterday morning, and I just received a room confirmation!

I actually entered on my brother’s behalf, since I have no use of hotel nights at any of the destinations offered, while my brother and mom have an overnight in Zurich on the way back from their Egypt trip. Therefore my first choice hotel was The Dolder Grand, which usually retails for $600USD+/night. Now they’ll be staying there for a mere $19.28 a night, which is incredible. Even a mediocre hotel in Zurich is $200-300, so getting a top hotel for such a price is awesome.

As far as I’m concerned, all is well that’s end well. Thanks LHW!

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  1. Congrats I’ve been following the thread on FT and it looks like alot of people missed out, either not able to get their days when specifically desired or mostly not at all. Looks like the family got “lucky”, hey wait…..

  2. It looks like they’ve gone through their list. The disconcerting thing was that there was no confirmation of entry so no one was really able to be sure that they entered.

    I wanted to get some nights in BCN for a few weeks from now but look to have missed out.

  3. Outstanding news- congratulations. That’s a perfect hotel and I’m glad to hear that someone we know benefited from this.

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