Video Of Passenger Being Dragged Off Delta Flight… Literally

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Rene’s Points shares the crazy video footage a reader sent him of a lady being dragged off a Delta 737, which was scheduled to fly from Detroit to San Diego this morning:

Here’s what the reader had to say about the circumstances surrounding the incident:

She didn’t check in with gate agent and walked right on. [The] woman blew by gate agent and didn’t check in because she wasn’t an early boarder and deserved overhead bin space. Colleague in back by her said she was mouthy and had a huge attitude. Police tackled her out of her seat and brought her to the ground. Not sure how she was subdued, some people speculated a taser.

Oh my! It does indeed seem like she was tasered, given that she’s not kicking and screaming as she’s being dragged off the plane.

That’s quite a video…

  1. Great video. Another overweight fat slob, proving once again Delta needs more center aisle space dump the trash (and collect the cans for 5 cent returns).

  2. Break the law. Don’t obey orders this is what you deserve. Hope she gets a big fine and 90 days in jail. The days of ignoring law enforcement officers have got to stop with all the killings

  3. I am 100% with the police officers. Subdue and eliminate the threat. With all of the terrorism in the world now and safety procedures put in place at the airports, but you feel that you can just bumbrush your way past the gate agent without checking in…NOPE!! My police officer boyfriend said “How good is it in her world?” LOL

  4. > “[The] woman blew by gate agent and didn’t check in because she wasn’t an early boarder and deserved overhead bin space.”

    Another baggage-fee related incident. When is Congress going to ban a fee on the first checked bag? We the taxpayers have to pay for the police handling these accidents plus the TSA screening all these extra bags.

  5. I saw a similar incident on an Aeroflot flight at TLV departing for SVO. A business class passenger was drunk when he boarded the plane. He was quiet though except maybe for requesting drinks. Then 4 Israeli police officers came on board, and for 40 minutes tried very calmly to get the person off the plane by just asking him to follow them. After that 40 minutes of pleading, when the passenger raised his hand to hit the officers, they grabbed him, and within 5 SECONDS, they dragged him off the plane. It was unbelievable, how fast they took him off that plane. I have never seen such lightning-fast action.

  6. Ahh, now we see what will happen if you purchase a basic economy fare and try to sneak a bag on-board. Great response by DL and the Police.

  7. The unintended consequences of charging for checked bags become apparent in many different scenarios. Clearly this woman has serious mental issues. Agree that the airlines need to address the carryon bag issue. Dropping the fee and charging everyone a few dollars more per segment would probably eliminate a lot of grief.

  8. A woman dragged on the floor of an airplane like a rag, seemingly unconscious (and helpless)….where is this world going to…its disgusting…I am shocked at the little compassion you all appear have for a fellow human being/traveler. You all have a very merry Christmas !

  9. Why are all of you assuming that Delta is now charging for carry on bags? United has just recently let out a statement that they’ll be charging. NOT Delta. One free carry on pp with a purse or brief case, and one charged checked bag.
    And let’s consider a security threat. You must check in with a gate agent before you board the plane. Brushing past like that is a sign of a threat. If she’s unruly towards a gate agent who’s to say she won’t be towards a passenger. DTW to SAD is a bit of a lengthy flight. If you can’t follow simple rules on the ground you’re capable of acting out exponentially in the air.
    Also, what if something happens and the plane goes down? If you haven’t checked in how would they know if you’ve boarded the plane or not? Someone’s looking for a family member who’s thought to be dead, injured or missing and Delta couldn’t tell them if she was on that plane or not. Let’s not make this about a status thing, or how stupid delta’s being. Have some common sense, and ask yourself if you would have wanted to sit next to her.
    She probably just wanted to get her bag on before they run out of space to avoid it being checked (for free). Who knows, maybe she had to run off and didn’t have time to wait at baggage claim for whatever reason. Doesn’t excuse her actions, but she could have talked to someone about it IF it came to that. There were probably a manner of things that she did to lead up to the executive decision to get her off the plane. I’m not sure what the police did to subdue her, maybe it was necessary maybe it wasn’t. But due to the circumstances it was probably a smart idea to get her off.
    Please stop thinking small.

    And Tony, if Congress has a say in that I think they have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

    @Donna @Tony @Unhoeflich @Mike and everyone

  10. What is and has been a common occurrence for years on aircraft (I have witnessed similar as long ago as the 80’s) has now become media fodder for the masses these days and, quite frankly, Ben…while never before a critic of your posts I find it tasteless that you are falling for the lure of showing this crap. I like your blog. I understand if it is something which directly affects us as regular fliers – but this is standard stuff in society and has been for years – hardly worthy of a post,

    Sadly, I am becoming more and more turned off by social media and sensational videos that seem to inspire similar actions far more than they do to actually deter them. I am especially disappointed that a blog I enjoy for positive and fun exchange needs to show a disgusting act that is not even worthy of an eye roll.

    With that said I do love the site, Ben, and will continue to support and hope for interesting posts that directly impact us as regular travelers and encourage the geeks within us.

  11. Tasers don’t make you lose consciousness or have any lasting effect. She’s limp because she’s trying to resist the officers nonviolently. If she were unconscious, they’d need to call paramedics.

    All these attempts to blame baggage fees are also nonsense. If you have to gate-check your bag, there is no fee. It’s still a big inconvenience.

  12. Tasering digress not knock you out. She is out cold (or playing dead). Something else must have happened. I agree with “straver” above. She’s gone limp, and with her 250 pound body you can see how much trouble she’s causing them.

  13. I agree with @Peter’s comments above. This person is still a human being; a sentient being. It’s possible she made a big mistake; if so, she will no doubt be fined, maybe jailed, maybe Delta will ban her for life, etc. In other words, she will be “punished”. But the video is nonetheless disturbing, since she’s being dragged out like a wet rag… 🙁

  14. Oh wow…shocking video.

    What’s even more shocking is the responses on this site…wow.

    I agree with you @YoLaViajera…very disturbing.

  15. I AGREE WITH PETER 100% “A woman dragged on the floor of an airplane like a rag, seemingly unconscious (and helpless)….where is this world going to…its disgusting…I am shocked at the little compassion you all appear have for a fellow human being/traveler”

    No human being deserves this. If she has mental issues…this is NOT the way to treat someone. Disgusting. I pity what the United States will become over the coming months and years. Sad

  16. WTF? Looks like the Detroit airport police do not a have a fitness expectation. And that lady cop was nearly as big as the beast getting dragged off the plane. And she thought she would fit in coach? I sat next to a dude bigger than that one time, and he was in a helpless middle seat.

  17. Peter and Jordan! Are you for real? There has to be consequences when you break the law! What would you have them do? Read her a bedtime story and give her a first class seat. She got exactly what she deserved and hopefully this video will deter further idiots from doing the same

  18. @Peter: This woman had enough sense to buy a ticket, get to the airport, check in, go through security, find the right gate, ignore the GA, then most likely ignore the FAs, then passively resist being removed from the aircraft with her friend/companion having to carry her items behind her. Those were all choices she made, some of them quite bad choices. These aren’t the acts of a mentally ill person which needs to be pitied. If that was the case, we’d see the companion helping to escort the woman off the aircraft. Instead, we are seeing the acts of a selfish prat.

    +1 to the captain/FO who carried on with the PAs like nothing was wrong. Awesome!

  19. Bad behavior? Lack of civility? Overcrowding? Overweight? It looks just normal these days. Perhaps, Americans are need to look in a mirror as we run to oblivion.

  20. Snowflakes, stop with the human compassion sillyness. She acted out like an overgrown child and was treated as such.

    Your fake compassion is only going to encourage the terrorists.

  21. Right, because the only 2 options are extremes: drag her off the plane like an object or “read her a bedtime story and giver her a first class seat”. How about a police officer learning to appropriately de-escalate a situation without resorting to a taser? Tasers and guns are for lazy people who can’t be bothered to use their brains. And just so we’re all clear, committing a crime does not stop you from having civil rights. Some of you need to read up on your Constitution.

    @Speedbird, I really doubt you’d support treating a child that way. Your real idiocy is encouraging terrorists.

  22. So, account as given by Delta? No, because they haven’t detailed the event as of yet. Glad to know ppl exist who still view others as human. Most carry insults about the person involved because they are good “law abiding citizens” who don’t lie, cheat, over indulge, fornicate, abuse, etc. That’s wonderful & may explain the bullying that’s mainstay in this society along w/ rush to judgment on nearly every public occurrence. They are the “intelligent” ones which by their standards is much better than those who choose to show compassion. @Peter, @Jordan, @Yolaviajera & others in the same vein, please continue forward! It’ll make a more positive impact in this world!

  23. @Lisa

    First you have no idea if a taser was deployed or not, not even the people on the plane can seem to confirm this based on the story above. Second, what does seem to be confirmed is the woman was disruptive and could not or would not be reasoned with.

    You seem to think some sort of mental prowess could have resolved the issue or any issue… lol…good luck with that.

  24. 1. A sense of entitlement is not necessarily indicative of major mental issues.

    2. Ever seen a dog or a toddler go limp so they’re harder to move?

    It certainly appears to me that was being rude and attempting not to pay the consequences of her actions (because, more than bin space, she wanted to stay on the flight). When she refused to leave peacefully, were they supposed to say, “Oh, well, I guess you can fly, then?” That would work out about as well for them as the day my parents’ dog escaped to the van and so they took her shopping and got her ice cream. Guess who continued the behavior for two years until I one day, yes, picked her up and hauled her back to where she belonged.

  25. Very sad moment.
    She broke the law by boarding the plane that way. And yes, had to be removed. HOWEVER We don’t know her and so, it is even more disturbing the uneducated commentary here in regards to her weight and social class. She could have a number of issues we don’t know.
    I am not over weight and I am a Platinum with Delta, but we must be compassionate for the obesity epidemic in the USA has many stories.
    If you are not aware of the systematic low nutrition, high salt, fat and sugar diet fed to some people since their early years in elementary school. If you are not aware of thyroid issues. If you are not aware of what can happen to you if you are born in an abusive holdhold some where in rural America. Then, who are you snobs to pass judgment on her beyond the fact she boarded the plane unchecked !
    Shame on you!

  26. She doesn’t look like she was tasered but she does look like she’s setting up a lawsuit claiming injury. Reminds me of Freddie Gray ….

  27. Lucky,
    I have not read through all the comments so perhaps you have noticed this already, but this passenger did NOT violate United’s contract of carriage rules. Once he has boarded and taken his seat, this situation changed. He deflected the FA’s request so he could ask his lawyer’s opinion. This was not a situation of failure to comply with FA’s requests or directives. The FA’s request in fact was in violation of the contract of carriage.
    Some lawyer is going to be handsomely rewarded for this mistake.

  28. Oh excellent I posted above comment in the wrong thread.
    Please forgive me.
    It’s was for this article which is a completely different story.
    I’m sorry for not paying better attention.

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