Woman Causes Chaos At Hilton After Offering Free Sex On Social Media

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Well this is… something. A 19 year old Weibo user in China (the equivalent of Twitter) posted a video on social media of her in a bikini on her bed, offering free sex (“somebody come get me… sex… for free”). She posted the hotel she was staying at and the room number. Specifically, she was in room 6316 at the Hilton Sanya.

The post went viral, with dozens of men turning up at the hotel and knocking on her door. She was surprised by the response, and then told people to stop sharing the video and said that it was a joke. I mean, I sort of assume it was a joke since I can’t imagine anyone would want to have sex with literally anyone that shows up at their door, but why on earth would she post her hotel name and room number?

At that point she apparently asked hotel staff to escort her from her room to a taxi so she could escape safely. The hotel filed a complaint with the police regarding the incident, though by the time the police arrived she had already left.

Later that day the 19 year old was arrested at a hotel at Sanya Phoenix International Airport, for suspicion of advertising prostitution, and for disrupting the Hilton’s business operations. She was fined 500 Yuan (~80USD) and is being jailed for 15 days.

She claims she posted the video in order to gain more followers on social media.

Oh Miss Ye…

  1. People are doing crazier and crazier things to get more followers. A lot of these people need urgent help.

    I do worry where this could go from here. People threatening to kill their dog unless they get 1000 more followers?

  2. I think she made an offer, people accepted it. Is that not a contact at that point? She should not be allowed “oops I didn’t mean it”.

    in any case your blog is turning into poop kings blog.

  3. @ Lucky

    “I mean, I sort of assume it was a joke since I can’t imagine anyone would want to have sex with literally anyone that shows up at their door”

    I fear this is simply a failure of imagination on your part. People are excited by all sorts of things that, to me, appear strange. Assuming everyone’s a consenting adult, I struggle to see any harm done.

    It reminds me of old jokes about relativities – eg, the definition of “promiscuous” is just someone who is having more sex than you.

  4. Well, I guess she will get what she wanted now for the next 15 days. 🙂 She will be the queen of the jail and she will leave there with many new followers.

  5. I agree with the nice Paul. There are crazy people who do actually ask for something like that. They like the excitement. It is too sad to see what people will do to get attention and followers. I am sure Hilton does not want that kind of guest or attention ever. Youngsters these days and they will soon inherit the world and we can realistically imagine what will happen……….

  6. @Tundra You might disagree whether this article should be posted on a travel blog but don’t be an jerk – GTFU.

  7. @John

    Lucky was talking about golden showers and underwear clad Z List male celebrities on an airplane before…so I think my point stands.

  8. Why is this on here? What does this have to do with your travels, with deals, with points, with miles, with trip reports. It’s just trashy. You’re better than this.

  9. Trashy and is also old news, this was reported several weeks ago by news outlets. Come on this is meant to be a travel blog, but it is becoming a click bait site full of rubbish

  10. You can’t imagine someone posting their hotel room number online to invite anonymous people to come have sex with them? Reallllly? I know you aren’t the type to partake but are you not aware of what some gay men get up to? I’m staying in a gay Berlin hotel right now where every room comes with “Do Disturb” signs to invite just such an encounter. Some people even prefer to wear blindfolds.

  11. CLICKBAIT ALERT!!!!!!!!

    By the way, you forgot to advertise the Hilton credit card.

    Now comes with special sign up bonus, prostitutes!!!

  12. This poor girl looks underage and is being locked up for 15 days. Meanwhile the guy filming this sounds like a deranged predator who laughed his way home.

  13. Pretty funny. But she did get her 15 minutes of fame !! Maybe even more than 15 minutes. Hahaha…. AND, she is a cute babe. No ugly one here !! Legally, I don’t think free sex qualifies as prostitution. Only when you offer your services for money is it legally prostitution. If free sex were prostitution, then you’d have to arrest and jail just about every girl at all American colleges and universities….

  14. Although she offered sex for free, in China nothing is free.
    I have been offered free cake with a tea in a tea shop and when I got the bill,the cake was on it. When I complained they pretended they did not understand .
    I expect she was going to ask for money as they came in the room .

  15. LOL I am surprised that wasn’t a sting operation anyway. @James yeah she’s easy on the eyes, and women rarely offer sex totally for “free”. Prostitution is all around us, we just call it dating and marriage. At least with prostitutes, you can get direct to business without all the crap that goes with dating.

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