Giveaway: Enter Here To Win A Sony RX100 Camera

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As I wrote about earlier, I’ve finally made the switch to the Sony RX100 III. This is the camera which came most highly recommended by readers, and Sony was nice enough to send me a loaner so I could test the camera and share my thoughts. After my trial was up, I decided to buy the camera, given that it really is top notch.

The Sony RX100 is generally regarded as the best compact camera, and as someone who just hopes to take great, effortless pictures, I love it.

While I went ahead and bought my own Sony RX100, Sony generously sent me a camera to give away on the blog, which I’m doing here.

To enter to win a Sony RX100, simply leave a comment on this blog post sharing what feature you value most in a compact camera. You can leave one comment per email address during the duration of the giveaway, and the deadline to enter is 11:59PM PT on Friday, June 17, 2016.


On Saturday I’ll randomly pick a winner, using

Good luck, thanks for participating, and thanks to Sony for the giveaway!

  1. The feature I value most is being able to zoom in without having the quality suffer too much

  2. When dealing with a compact camera the most important thing in my opinion is image quality. What is the point of having a small camera that fits in your pocket, if it takes horrible photos! I’d just as soon leave it behind.

  3. Love the ability to shoot and through wifi the pictures show up on my phone/tablet instantly

  4. It’s got to be being able to trust it to take over and deliver a great picture. No fiddling with the settings, just quickly starting up and capturing the moment in a way which surprises and delights.

  5. How fast I can turn on the camera. Sometimes a second matters to capture the best moment or complete miss it.

  6. Simplicity… the ability to take a reasonably high quality picture without adjusting 10,000 settings.

  7. Pocketability for sure, with the option to be able to turn the zoom on in my pocket so someone can say “is that a Sony RX100 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

  8. For a compact camera as small as RX 100 M3, its performance in the low light environment is superb! In addition, the operation is easy and you don’t need to be a camera guru to capture great photo.

  9. Has to take better pictures than a smartphone, and should take good pictures immediately without complicated settings.

  10. Low-light photography, particularly when traveling somewhere where “night” happens. I don’t know if you guys have experienced it, but it makes photography difficult. Anyhoo, this camera sounds pretty rad for such things

  11. As a frequent traveler, I value a camera that strikes a good balance between compactness and versatility (taking good shots in a variety of settings).

  12. Must be quick reacting (time it takes to turn on, focus, and take photos) and easy to use. Of course, pictures must be nice too!

  13. The best feature of a compact camera is that I won’t look like a creeper with my DSLR at the playground.

  14. Balanced exposure in low-light settings, good ISO for low graininess, and fast writing for quick multiple pictures!

  15. If you’re in a dark cabin, and want to take good pictures holding your glass of Krug, nothing is better than that low light sensor Sony offers to make you look like you made it.

  16. I don’t have any interest in lugging around a camera. If I win, I shall donate the thing to the thrift store at Paws Inn, which is a great homeless shelter for dogs & cats.

  17. The feature that I value most is the weight but the camera has to also take great photos, which the Sony does.

  18. the size of the sensor which produces depth of field in close shots, and captures detail in low light situations.

  19. It should be as simple as possible: all you need to care about is pressing the button. As long as the camera is used to share your hobby to others and is not the hobby itself, it has to be smart and automatic, leaving no space for error to human (you don’t want people staring at you while taking photos just because you have to adjust tons of settings before every single pic, right? Don’t attract attention, that has always been your plan, if I remember well 😉 )

  20. First of all I’d like to say I’m huge fan of you, I love the way you travel using Milepoints. My favourite Blog of your is reviewing Oman Aiport transit in bus, where you encountered the weird look of german couple 😀 Although you have no mistake.Just want you to read this comment, Btw we would love to watch your daily vlogs. My best feature of this camera would be quick autofocus, While make vlogs suoer crispy.

  21. The camera has to take great portraits (blurry background) as well as great landscapes. I have six more email addresses but don’t want to fill up your blog so this is it.

  22. I appreciate durability, with such a small camera it often gets shaken around my backpack, even in it’s case. One of the downsides to with DSLRs is that they (especially the lenses) are so fragile.

  23. I value compact size…it’s nice when you can easily stash the camera in your pocket or purse!

  24. It needs to deal well with intense glare from taking photos out of high altitude aircraft!

  25. Megapixels. If I am going to carry a camera in addition to my phone, I want something very high quality.

  26. Great image quality in a compact size with good zoom because I’m getting tired of having to lug my DSLR and multiple lenses around with me on international trips.

  27. I personally value two things:
    1) wide-angle picture taking capability
    2) low-light picture quality

  28. ease of use, don’t want to have to think about it too much when a chance at a good photo comes up

  29. The amazing quality of the photos it can take but without requiring a large body and separate lense!

    As shown in your amazing photos of the airlines, airports and lounges you review!

  30. I love the small size and the sweet glass too. Closest you can get to a DSLR without the size.

  31. compact design.. I carry my d800 for when I need something else but 80% of the time I’d rather something small that can still snap quality photos

  32. With significant improvements in cell phone cameras, the draw of a compact camera would be its low light performance, depth of field and sharpness.

  33. The compact factor – were you can just store it in your pocket and don’t look like a target while roaming around the streets.

  34. Being able to take pictures in the dim cabin lighting! It’s a plus that it’s compact and not heavy to carry around all day when you’re exploring.

  35. Women’s pockets tend to be small so I really appreciate the performance of the camera despite its compact form factor.

  36. I like that it’s compact. It’s much easier to take pictures on board and not draw that much attention to yourself with a compact camera than a DSLR

  37. Outperforming my Nexus 6P Google Fi cellphone (thanks Tiffany!), while still being compact.

  38. The size – it has to be able to fit in a small bag. If it fits in a pocket, even better!

  39. I think the weight, as well as picture quality and battery life are the most important qualities of a compact camera.

  40. I value portability. I love the resolution of higher end DSLR cameras, but almost always leave them behind because they are too big.

  41. What I value the most in a compact camera is the quality for the weight! It becomes a hassle to always carry a DSLR to vlog and travel so this camera is the perfect resolution. It is an AMAZING camera.

  42. Full size sensor.
    So that hopefully the pictures would at least try to match the quality of a DSLR

  43. Excellent bacon flavored salad dressing—just squeeze the shutter for more than 3 sec.

  44. Quality optics that allow for narrow depth of field, paired with good face-detection that ensures faces are always in focus.

  45. What I value the most is the high resolution shots in a compact design that I can take while traveling!

  46. portability – light weight + compact size and shape so it can be easily carried anywhere

  47. What I value most is a great aperture but still compact enough to bring with me where ever I go.

  48. Quality multiple scene settings to take the best photo for different scenarios such as low light, bright landscape, moving animals/people, etc.

  49. Something compact and portable that won’t draw a ton of attention when I am taking pictures.

  50. So that I can use it with ease when taking photos for Trip reports without being told off by mean cabin crew who can spot a bigger camera

  51. I’ve been a prosumer shooter for 15 years. The challenge is lugging all that gear on vacation. While modern phones take excellent photos, they are still not a substitute for a real camera. The compact camera fits perfectly in this space — small enough to carry on trips yet capable of taking high quality photos.

  52. great size for easy transport without compromising quality and the flip screen is a great bonus:)

  53. Good on you for using!

    Ergonomics with good technical image quality are the most important features for me!

  54. Been looking into getting this one for quite some time. I like its compact size compared to my dslr but the superior image and video quality over the iPhone

  55. For me – it’s about size/weight while also taking high quality photos in different settings. Since I will be traveling to all different kinds of locations, I want a light camera that can handle all different environments.

  56. a high quality lens is great to have, most compacts have poor lenses but the rx100’s is great.

  57. Good enough to frame a photo if I want…small enough to carry around without looking too much like a “tourist”

  58. The size of the camera. Being compact so it does not take up too much valuable carry on space. : )

  59. Above all else, image quality is king for me. When traveling and taking photos aboard aircraft, in hotels, restaurants, etc. low-light image quality is especially crucial.

  60. Low light. Or pretty much any feature that will justify carrying it around in addition to a smartphone.

  61. Struggling right now with the bilk of my DSLR… I think I would value the compactness most, while maintaining (although I know it would lose some of) the quality

  62. Compact size, most cameras nowadays shoot perfectly fine photos but on vacation do you really want to lug around a giant camera for the “best” shot?

  63. The feature I value most in a compact camera is the compact size actually. I want to be able to fit it in my jacket pocket/small bag etc.

  64. Feature you value most in a compact camera: quick start up/power down and shutter speed! When I see something cool I don’t want to wait for my camera to power up.

  65. The feature I value most in a compact camera is compactness … the ability to easily fit in most pants pockets.

  66. The beauty of a compact camera is that you can keep it accessible all the time. My biggest frustration with my dslr is that I just don’t take it very many places.

  67. In a camera, I’m looking for something that’s compact and lightweight, but also one that starts up quickly.

  68. Fast startup time – from pressing the on switch to actually being able to take a picture

  69. i love the Steady-Shot image stabilization because i always feel like my pictures come out blurry and this sounds like it will take perfect pictures!!

  70. I value image (both photo & video) quality most in a compact camera, along with quick startup time to capture the moment.

  71. I would love a camera that’s as convenient and portable as my iPhone, but with better low-light capability!

  72. having a top of the line camera that doesn’t require you to carry a backpack/bag to every tourist spot

  73. Needs to strike the right balance between picture quality and sleekness/lightness of the camera itself. I want to travel light, so if I feel like it’s a burden to take it with me, I’d just leave it at home.

    (Jetzt nur noch die Daumen drücken … ^^)

  74. I love the size of the sensor on this camera…for a compact camera it is almost as good as a DSLR!

  75. I’d say the feature the most needed would be thinness so it fits neatly in a shirt pocket or pants.

  76. For me, it’s all about the size and weight. Must be super compact and light for easy travel and multiple trips in one.

  77. The best camera is the one you have with you – since this is so compact it’s easy to carry

  78. Reliability! It has to work correctly every time, and quickly too. Hope I get picked!

  79. I would want a camera that can take great low light shots and is compact enough to carry everywhere.

  80. Shooting in RAW is a must have for a camera in that price range, image performance should be the same as an equally priced SLR.

  81. Light, easy to carry, easy to transfer pics to Ipad for sharing 🙂 Quit taking my SLR years ago so love hearing about P&S alternatives!

  82. The portability/compact size, so its can fit nicely in my day pack. Although a good zoom lens is always nice to have =D

  83. A compact camera that I can take anywhere is the most important thing to me. The RX100 is the perfect fit for me!

  84. As a consultant, I have to lug a bunch of electronics with me anyway, so I value two things in a camera: (1) It must be lightweight (sorry no bulky DSLRs for me!) and (2) It has to be compact enough that I can carry it around like my mobile phone. Number 2 is probably most important– after all as the adage says, “the best camera is the one you have with you!”

  85. Love that you can take it anywhere without being a burden. Also takes better pictures than smartphones!

  86. It is time I started using something other than my phone for pictures and this looks perfect

  87. Needs to be able to take decent enough photos, but most importantly compact and lightweight! I carry my DSLR around and that is a pain!

  88. Compact, quick and easy, and gives a good night/low light photo. That’s the RX100 all over!

  89. Most valued feature: time from power on to first picture. Don’t want to miss whatever I was trying to get a pic of.

  90. You know the old photography saying: “The best camera is the one you’ll use.”

    The best thing about the compact Sonys is they are compact. IOW, I’ll actually take one with me. I have given up on carrying SLRs with me on vacation.

  91. The convenience of its compact size with the high quality pics it ensures even in low light.

  92. I love the portability of this camera. It’s easy to pack, easy to carry, and most of all, takes great photos.

  93. Pick me! Just like you, I want simple, fast, and easy point-and-shoot pictures from my camera.

  94. I appreciate the ability to take a good photo in low-light as compared to other cameras!

  95. Having DSLR-like quality photos with the simplisticity and flexibility of a compact point-and-shoot camera.

  96. How it does in poor lighting and if it is compact enough that I’m not tempted to leave it behind.

  97. I think the size is the most important. If it is not easy to carry you will not take it with you.

  98. A portable camera that is not too noticable/eyecatching but take good pictures in lowlight.

  99. I normally shot with my 6300, but the little Sony compacts come highly recommended. Being free of extra lenses, filters, and what not would be freeing for every day street and candid shots!

  100. My Nikon DSLR is just to large carry when I’m traveling with just a backpack. So it is important for the camera to be small and lightweight with features of a DSLR camera.

  101. Small and lightweight so I don’t have to look like such a tourist when traveling!

  102. Definitely being small and lightweight, I often need to whip out camera to take quick pictures.

  103. Easily the fact that it’s so compact yet has such amazing features. So much, yet so little.

  104. Compact size is most important to me. If the camera is too big, I’ll just stick with my phone as a camera since I’m already carrying it.

  105. The RX100 is perfect for travel and works great in low light. Been reading some reviews and it’s rated the highest in it’s class. Best feature: Portability without compromising on image quality.

  106. I think the most important feature would be:

    1. Wide enough angle
    2. Big aperture, meaning takes a good picture in a low light condition.
    3. GPS for coordinate would be nice.
    4. Easy to carry.
    5. Obviously takes a good picture.

  107. Compact size has to be the most important feature. You assume that if you are buying a good camera it will be better than your iPhone’s, but that’s not much use if you can’t have it on you all the time.

  108. Low light performance , ergonomics, fast and responsive, compactness are what I look for

  109. Hi Lucky.. Our compact canon decided to die on our first flight in 1st with Emirates from Houston to DXB

  110. Looking for a camera that is quite compact, but doesn’t sacrifice quality. Wide angle lens is also key.

  111. My wife and I travel frequently, she has a Nikon D3300 and loves to take pictures, however, I usually end up holding the thing and it weighs me down 🙂 I would love to win this camera and carry this in lieu of the clunker that may or may not take marginally better photos than this little beast.

  112. Great quality pictures.

    I win, just gimmie the camera…:)

    But seriously, I cannot believe the number of comments on this thread!

  113. Use in different light conditions. The phone doesn’t handle brights and darks very well!

  114. I prefer them for their ease of transport, but my “must have” for any travel camera is low-light performance..

  115. Aside from excellent image quality, simplicity which allows very quick from-the-pocket to shutter release.

  116. I want a compact camera that is really quick to use (not a lot of settings to adjust all the time). That way I can get it out of my pocket and instantly be ready to take photos.

  117. The smaller the camera, the tighter the pants! The tighter the pants, the bigger the muffin top! Win-Win! 😛

  118. Great variety of exposure and contrast settings – manual controls along with High resolution screens.

  119. It’s most valuable feature in a compact camera is how well it performs in low light conditions.

  120. Do things that phone cameras can’t. One of the most important is good low light performance.

  121. I often felt like a target walking around cities with my big camera. I just feel safer carrying a small camera.

  122. Hi Lucky,

    The beauty of Mother Nature in all of Her awe inspiring wonder, tranquility, and fury can be captured or lost in a heart beat, but a high quality compact camera gives us our best chance.

  123. The most important features to me in a compact are increased zoom capabilities, GPS geo-tagging, and HDR. Thanks for the chance to win.

  124. Please use you’re new camera to review etihad’s business class 🙂

    (Hopefully this is a good enough application)

  125. Simplicity of instructions…I finally gave up on a $600+ DSLR because it was so confusing to use! I took far better pictures with my old Nikon SLR which has, for the most part, gone the way of the dinosaurs.

  126. How easy it is to use especially in a short time frame when snapping a pic in a plane of a crowded space.

  127. Being able to quickly and conveniently capture that perfect sunset picture at 30.000 feet.

  128. I currently have a Canon DSLR T3I. It is great except if I want to travel and take something that has great optical zoom and can fit in my pocket. I would love this Sony camera. Been on my wish list for 2 years now.

  129. Its small size light weight easy to carry around & store, easy to use point & shoot, easy to share pic via wifi, zoom quality, great pic and video above smart phone camera levels, wrist band, tripod ready and reasonable price.

  130. Ability to quickly point and shoot, like when you are taxiing and a 747 quickly rolls by.

  131. Ease of use to capture that perfect picture that will allow people to be right there with you in the moment.

  132. Not fidgeting with setting like my SLR, but being able to quickly take a quick photo that is still great quality.

  133. I enjoy the higher quality images and telephoto/macro capabilities of stand-alone cameras.

  134. The low light performance and light weight makes makes it worthy of using this instead of my phone for everyday shoots.

  135. The Sony RX100 is the ideal travel companion: an easy-to-use, 20.2MP compact camera. It is small enough to slip into your pocket so you never miss the action and shoots up to ISO 6400, so you will get fantastic night-time or low light shots of unforgettable places and friends.

  136. For me, the most important feature is the ability to easily take photos without having to adjust lots of settings. I love cameras where I can just take a photo and the camera does all the complicated things itself e.g. Focusing, face recognition and this camera seems to do just that!

    Thanks for being so generous Lucky!

  137. Light sensitivity is much better in cameras like your new one as oppose to my iPhone 6S which I usually use…

  138. Thankyou for the opportunity to try this camera. Like you, I need a compact point and shut that delivers good results(picture quality with quick response) I look forward to putting it to good use.
    Best regards.

  139. I have an older DSLR camera that I rarely have room for in my luggage when traveling. I’ve been looking into these compact cameras that are easier to fly with and easier to take with me as I explore new places!

  140. I have an original Sony RX100. Super camera, I love it. BUT, no wi-fi connectivity. I was shocked to discover how much I wish I had this feature. Keep debating about an upgrade….

  141. Compact is the feature I want. ease of use second and third Sony is a great brand!

  142. It has to have a good optical zoom. Smartphone cameras are getting ever better for quick point and shoot but just cannot compare to a compact camera when it comes to the zoom.

  143. Hi Lucky, I suppose we all have drifted away from ‘proper camera’s’ with our with our almost unending snapping of our smart phones with varying results! So for me the ability to take truly stand out photos that will stand out from the crowd, pin-sharp auto focus and stunning picture quality! Thanks for the air miles.

  144. With any camera, I want a good, clear, simple-as-possible instruction booklet. Too many cameras do too much and little of it is explained clearly.

  145. How vivid the pictures turned out, as shown in your blog – I must get one but they are so dear, hope I can win!

  146. The combination of portability and picture quality. If you don’t have it with you, you won’t get the picture.

  147. The Sony 1″ sensor and processor are outstanding for such a compact camera. It’s the perfect travel camera with a great dynamic range. The built in flash can be tilted up to get a bounce effect. Very well done and well designed.

  148. A crisp picture in low light situations from a compact camera would be fantastic!! A Sony would just make it better!

  149. definitely being able to shoot under low light conditions like sunset and city night lights

  150. Compact cameras are easy to carry and are able to snap good photos within seconds after opening.

  151. It has to be light and small. It can have the best picture quality, low light performance, but if I don’t carry it because it’s cumbersome, I’m stuck using my phone.

  152. Easy to use point and shoot for this proud Meemaw to show off my mad photo skills to my grandson and sons!

  153. The compact size is most important – I won’t lug a large camera with me when I’m out walking.

  154. Picture quality is the most important. Would have loved to have this on a recent trip to Japan!

  155. Considering most cell phones provide picture quality that is good enough for most people. I think the most important feature in buying a camera that takes better pictures than my cell phone is the size. If the camera is compact enough to carry around like our cell phones then it would give a better reason to always have it with me.

  156. The feature that I like the most about a compact camera is to be able to send pix wirelessly to my iphone or email when I travel without hooking it up to the laptop.

  157. I like a camera that can fix my mistakes and allows me to send the picture to email or directly to my printer. If its compact enough and can be ready quickly to snap even better. Better still is a free one!

  158. Something that fits into your pocket, yet has picture quality and the ability for manual inputs.

  159. What I value most with a compact camera is the ability to shoot high quality pictures without needing to take too much time or draw too much attention, which works great on a plane or in a lounge.


  160. What I value most in a compact camera is that wifi and nice features this enables me to easily and quickly share my pictures.

  161. With two young kids, my purse is filled with lollipops , rocks they found somewhere, Kleenex for snotty noses. It’s nice to have a small, lightweight and durable camera that will fit in there to capture the moments- of aforementioned children.

  162. I like the feel of the Sony RX 1000 as it fits snugly in the palm of your hands. It’s portability and easy to use is what makes me a attracted to its sophistication and reliability to shoot wide angle views.

  163. Balance.

    What do I mean by that? It has to be a little bit of everything. It cant be too big or too heavy. My DSLR gets left at home on many trips because “who wants to lug it around”. A cheap-o point-and-shoot doesn’t take better photos than a cellphone, so it too is useless. It has to be a balanced jack or all trades, and fairly portable.

  164. Being able to carry it in my pocket, but still being able to take magnificent pictures.

    I absolutely love taking pictures of everything and everywhere I go, and so dearly wish I had one of these instead of just what I can afford: A camera phone. I could carry this just as easily as a phone and take much better pictures.

  165. I would love a small camera with a good zoom. I’ve had some minor problems taking pictures of distant things that turn out blurry

  166. What I value the most in a compact camera is the weight & size ratio vs. a DSLR but you still get amazing pictures

  167. For a compact camera, I need it to shoot high quality videos. Most compact cameras these days have almost the same features (wifi capabilities, and a flip display, etc) but HD videos (in 1080p or even 4K) would be such a luxury!

  168. Of course, to take fantastic, gorgeous pictures, just by “pointing and shooting”. And if possible, 100% are keepers.

  169. Being able to bring the camera along trip and have all the needed features of weight and lens are just awesome. I hear the low light feature is a great as well.

  170. The best camera is the one you always have with you, compact size and great image quality are trademarks of the Sony rx100 series !

  171. Picture quality, of course. I already have a small and lightweight camera in my pocket (smartphone). It doesn’t matter how thin and light a camera is if it doesn’t take significantly better pictures than my phone.

  172. I value a compact camera that is easy to use, takes great quility photos and is stylish to carry when traveling!

  173. I had an RX100 Mark 1 that died an untimely death mid-shot on a trip to Nashville, but that was the best travel camera ever: pocketable, beautiful photos, great low light performance, and a wonderful food-scene mode, which is perfect, because I do a lot of food photography. I’d love to get my hands on the Mark 3 as a replacement.

  174. High optic zoom, ability to shoot under low light conditions, good image stabilization and ideally lightweight.

  175. Honestly, the best feature you can get of a point and shoot is good quality photos in low light and noise reduction when zooming in a little bit. If a camera can do that, I’m sold.

  176. The feature I value most (and often lacking) in compact cameras is the integration with online storage service(s) such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. By which I mean automatic backup of photos I took and making them accessible from my other devices and computers. AFAIK, few cameras allow me to do that (elegantly).

    This is really an important aspect of camera usage because traditional cameras, albeit offer superior image quality, are not the platform on which we share and edit photos. When we share photos, we no longer bring the camera or the memory card to other people. We use messaging apps and online storage. When we edit photos, we do that on a desktop, laptop, or tablet because the larger screen greatly increases productivity compared to the 3″ display on traditional cameras.

    All of these, then, require a transfer of photos from the camera to another device or to the cloud. Unfortunately, current solutions, such as connecting the camera via a USB cable, or setting up the camera as a Wi-Fi hotspot and connecting your phone to that Wi-Fi hotspot to retrieve photos, are not the best user experience IMO. This reason alone forces me to use my iPhone as my main camera, because sharing photos and accessing photos on another device are just so much easier.

  177. The ability to take high quality photos from a pocket sized camera quickly, without having to wait for long camera boot up times.

  178. My wife’s 7 year old Canon took great shots of our One Mile At A Time aided trip to Italy in 2016… now would be a great time to take the Sony for great shots of a Lucky inspired trip to Dublin for St.Patrick’s Day in 2017.

  179. Long battery life with the ability to be ready when I only charge it every few months

  180. There’s something to carrying a piece of reliable gear…uncomplicated and pocketable…that makes street photography more of a possibility. A camera is meant to capture a scene, not cause one.

  181. Proof. 100% proof. Drop proof (landing proof), water proof, freeze proof, heat proof (current camera conked out in 48 / 125 F in Egypt! seriously!), dust proof, diving proof. And it needs to be small enough for a pocket and able to be silenced. I actually have a camera like this but I’ve managed, somehow over 4 years, to scratch the lense… can’t think how.

  182. Well in such a small camera, I value most the fact that, using it in such an “Informal” way, still let’s you take great photos.

  183. In addition to excellent picture quality, 4k video, low light performance, and big zoom, the most important feature is for the camera to be compact enough that it can be ever present. After all, the best camera is the one you have with you!

  184. A great compact camera is one that is easy to hold, easy to operate and take pictures that take your breath away…

  185. I an a photographer but when i haul out the big cannon with a lovely expensive lens while on vaca or someplace where others are shooting with thier iphones it would be really handy to have a dependable camera that allow a cool shot with out looking odd and i have been in the market for one.

  186. Speed, size, battery life, functionality – the basic essentials for taking in flight meals, cabin etc and also off the plane when taking in sights

  187. What I value most in a camera is ownership. I like to have one. Otherwise, it should be quick to power up and be relatively intuitive.

  188. nice compact, but with high quality pictures, and functionality to suite various photo situations, things I most value in a camera.

  189. I value the ability to easily carry it around, ideally in my pocket or something not much bigger.

  190. Personally, for me the larger sensor size in a compact body IAS the most important thing. I want a lot of light captured without needing to use the flash all the time, because that annoys everybody when you’re trying to be discrete. I vang do that with my DSLR, but the bulk isn’t worth it most of the time.

  191. It’s right there in the name–compact! Love that it has great picture quality in a portable body.

  192. Well it’s compact and takes better pictures than my phone. I don’t like to walk around with a bag all day.

  193. Action shots are my favorite feature. If I can’t have the ability to capture amazing action shots, what’s the point of capturing life’s moments?

  194. Light with superb picture quality. I have a small camera in my phone- carrying a second device means it has to have fantastic picture quality.

  195. Camera size! I don’t want a ridiculously large camera. I need something compact AND stellar for travel.

  196. I value the ability to truly capture what the eye could experience while traveling. So I guess image quality is at the top of the list for me.

  197. I usually just use my iPhone since I always have it with me, so the most important feature of a compact camera would be size and ease of use!

  198. I really value a high quality picture that provides more custom settings than my camera. Since I have a pretty good phone camera, carrying around another device needs to be worthwhile.

  199. A compact camera is great for me because I like to take quality pictures while also wrangling a crazy 2 year old kid.

  200. A good compact camera should have superior portability without sacrificing very much on features found on larger cameras.