Video: When Pilots Work From Home

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A couple of days ago I shared the hilarious video of what it’s like when flight attendants work from home, which made me laugh out loud at several points.

While perhaps a bit lower budget and more amateur, there’s also a hilarious pilot version of this, so check it out if you need a laugh:

Work from home!

Posted by Constantin Cristi Filip on Monday, March 30, 2020

Amazing, especially when the trash can opens… hah!

(Tip of the hat to Andrew B)

  1. A vacuum and a trash bin, the only thing missing is the pilot wearing masks and surgical gloves. Now that’s a sterile cockpit.

  2. Hope these people are gonna be laughing when they have no jobs to go back to. Few of you realize what the economy is gonna look like when they are done with this little experiment.

  3. It’s a bit of light-hearted fun and I laughed at both videos. People will always want to travel. I have no doubt I will be flying before the end of the year.

  4. A unionized DL pilot makes $20k per month to stay home. A non unionized DL flight attendant is asked to take a no-pay leave (and several thousand have.) Let that sink in

  5. Loved the first one.

    @August, I think we are all too aware of the horrific economic conditions that will follow this pandemic (not “experiment”) but without humour no-one survives.

  6. @The Tedster aka SourGrapes,

    Thank a unionized Delta pilot for the restoration of your profit sharing…as a matter of fact, you can thank them for flight attendants and other work groups for having profit sharing at all!!

    You can be a pilot too and you can have a union as well. So let’s work through this together!!

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