When Can US Airways Flights Be Credited To Alaska Mileage Plan?

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Alaska Mileage Plan is one of my all around favorite frequent flyer programs. On the redemption side they have some really unique partners, like Emirates, and they allow stopovers on one-way awards.

But they’re equally cool on the earnings side, as they have a dozen airline partners. While Alaska doesn’t belong to an alliance, they have airline partners in both oneworld and SkyTeam, as well as airline partners which don’t belong to any alliance.


From the perspective of someone based in the US, it’s pretty awesome that Alaska partners with both American and Delta, so that you can credit miles from both airlines to them.

One question I’ve been receiving lately on a nearly daily basis is when US Airways flights can be credited to Alaska Mileage Plan. As of now Alaska partners with American but not with US Airways, even though US Airways is part of the “new American.” On the Mileage Plan earnings page for American you’ll even see it specifically says that “Flights operated by US Airways are not eligible for mileage accrual.”


So unfortunately as of now we don’t yet know as of when US Airways flights can be credited to Alaska Mileage Plan. I’ve reached out to contacts and unfortunately they don’t yet have a timeline for when this could happen. You’d think they’d want to do this sooner rather than later, especially since it could be a further slap in the face to Delta, as they have a love/hate relationship.

Keep in mind that the American & US Airways reservations systems will tentatively be merged in October, at which point all flights will have American flight numbers. Presumably once that happens you’ll be able to credit those flights to Alaska. Though I wouldn’t count on it necessarily happening long before then.

Bottom line

Given that American and US Airways are in many cases cross fleeting, it sure would be nice if flights from both carriers could be credited to Alaska Mileage Plan. So while you can already credit Alaska flights to American AAdvantage, hopefully US Airways flights can be credited to Alaska soon as well.

  1. I spoke to a few folks at Alaska privately. “Once they have one reservation system, and not sooner” is what I was told.

  2. I echo what BMVaughn said. Alaska told me that when there was a single system, it would happen.

  3. This is especially strange since the once-daily AA LAX-DCA frequency, which perfectly compliments the 1x AS frequency, is being swapped over to USAirways this summer.

  4. So if I’m ticketed on AA but they put me on a US metal segment, I won’t get AS credit?

  5. Never. It will never happen, because they will end up as AA flights first.

    Does never work for you?


  6. @ bmvaughn — Yep, which unfortunately I guess means never, since they’ll be American flights at that point.

  7. The way it is now is a lot of work and a real pain since AA.com seem to be favoring connections in US hubs when it makes sense. I found out the hard way that even AA operated flights can’t be credited right now to AS if they’re on US ticket stock.

  8. Ugh, so we’ll be dealing with this through at least October? Totally sucks because AA is using US metal more and more…e.g. trying to get from PHX to AUS, I have to fly US PHX-LAX (or even PHX-DFW if I’d rather pay up for that). So I guess I’m just eating those miles.

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