WestJet’s 2017 Christmas Miracle Video

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WestJet does a good job with their viral marketing videos. Most notably, they typically have cool videos every year around Christmas and April Fools’ Day. This 2012 April Fools’ video about WestJet introducing child free cabins gave me a good laugh, for example:

While the April Fools’ videos are funny, what’s most touching is WestJet’s “Christmas Miracle” videos, which they’ve published for the past several years. Their 2013 video was my favorite, given how original and touching it was. If you haven’t yet seen it, you absolutely must:

Since then WestJet has continued to have Christmas Miracle videos, and they’ve still been really cute and worth sharing, but just not quite to the level of the 2013 video. Well, today WestJet released their 2017 Christmas Miracle video, which is worth a watch. The video is called “12 Flights of Christmas,” and in it they have youth from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada come up with the ideas for what they should do:

The video, a compilation of 12 flights broadcast to Facebook Live, featured Blue Santa, Mrs. Claus and celebrity guests bringing surprise and delight to hundreds of WestJet guests. Thousands of the airline’s Facebook fans tuned in to watch daily for 12 consecutive days at the end of November. But one important detail that remained a secret is now revealed in the hero video released today. WestJet based its 12 miracles on children’s ideas of what Christmas should be.

“WestJet creates holiday magic for Canadians every year. This year, we asked for help from youth from St. Alban’sBoys and Girls Club,” said Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President Marketing Communications. “Christmas, through the eyes of a child, is magical and the children gave us wonderful inspiration for surprising our guests. The best part was that the children got to be present to witness their own miracle come to life.”

Here’s the video:

It’s a really cute video, and I love that they have kids come up with the ideas for what they should do, and that this aspect of it remained a surprise for so long. It’s a great video, it’s just not quite as cohesive or over-the-top as the 2013 video.

Still, very well done, WestJet, and if you have a few minutes, it’s definitely worth a watch.

What do you think of WestJet’s 2017 Christmas Miracle video?

  1. With this world continuing to go into the crapper day in and day out, this was a well-timed and welcomed diversion.

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