Great Fares In WestJet’s New 787 Business Class

In 2019, WestJet will be adding Boeing 787s to their fleet, which is an exciting development. The 787s will feature a proper business class, premium economy, and economy, which marks the first time that the (former?) low cost carrier will have a true business class.

Earlier this month, WestJet revealed the first routes that will get service with their new 787-9s. WestJet will base these 787s in Calgary, and initially fly them to London, Paris, and Dublin. The first route will be to London Gatwick as of April 28, 2019.

I’m intrigued by flying WestJet’s new business class, given that they have reverse herringbone seats with dine on demand, so I’m curious to see what their service will be like. When I first looked at pricing, WestJet was trying to charge $4,000+ for roundtrip tickets, which is not that far off from what airlines usually charge, though I was expecting them to be more aggressive with pricing at first, since they’re new to having a business class.

That’s why it’s worth noting that there’s a good opportunity to book WestJet’s new business class at the moment. As noted by zoqfotpik, that at the moment WestJet has some attractive business class fares between the US and London Gatwick. For example, you can fly from Denver to London via Calgary for ~$1,116 one-way in WestJet’s new business class. Similar fares are available from other US gateways, so you don’t have to originate in Denver.

This won’t show up on Google Flights or ITA Matrix, so you’ll want to go directly to WestJet’s website to find these excellent fares.

Is this the most amazing business class fare in the history of the world and everyone needs to jump on it ASAP? Nope. Is this a fare that’s worth considering if you’re curious to try WestJet’s new business class? Yes, absolutely. I actually just booked a ticket on the route so I can try WestJet’s new business class shortly after the route launches.

Anyone plan to take advantage of these great WestJet business class fares?


  1. Yes! This will also be a good opportunity to use the annual companion voucher from my RBC Westjet World Elite Mastercard.

  2. @Willem
    Idk, delta only gives 100% redemmeble miles for westjet biz and flying blue doesn’t show rates.

    Westjet is revamping their frequent flyer program to a more traditional one, so you can also look at that whenever it comes out

  3. @Willem I imagine they’ll continue to use the Swissport lounge that pretty much everyone currently uses in the International terminal.

  4. @Lucky, glad you can make use of this fare.

    @YOW, unfortunately the voucher only applies on round-trip tickets and excludes business class fares.

  5. I wish them well but imagine that the service will be like a glorified premium economy. WS have zero J experience and zero experience with the 787. They’re only yardstick is AC, which isn’t great.

    They’re going to have serious growing pains much like they had when they first introduced TATL 767 service. That was an unmitigated disaster. I would avoid until they’re at least 6 months into the endeavour.

  6. @majik why? They’ve been flying TATL with a watered down business class for a few years now. I’m sure just a little extra training would do the trick.

  7. It’s a nicer biz class configuration than United, and at a fraction of the price. What’s not to love? I will absolutely fly them to Europe out of Denver.

  8. I like that there is no penalty or premium for a one-way flight.

    With the main airlines, a one-way ticket is often more than a round-trip, which makes no sense

  9. Meh! It’s Westjet. I used to love them but now love to hate them. Look up hypocrisy in the dictionary to see if they added a picture of the 787 yet. They have become everything they loathed when the Airline was founded. I supported them in the early years but severed the support when they turned into bullies.

    Looking at your example I see the CAD $1,462 fare ($6,867.60 FLEX) from Denver and your DEN-YYC flight is economy. If you already live in YYC the fare is CAD $2,562.41 ($7,083.41 FLEX) What a Joke!!

    Over $300 per hour for an 8 hour flight. Not going to happen.

  10. Worst airline ever.

    They used to be so good, but they’ve lost their mojo, and they’re now bleeding red ink.

    I flew them transatlantic to LGW two days ago.

    Paid CAD219 to upgrade to a truly awful “plus” product, with appalling ground service both at YYZ and LGW. Also, they’ve lost my luggage. Previously, they stranded us for 24 hours in YYC, and were so difficult to deal with to get expenses reimbursed. Erin in customer service was a friggin’ nightmare to deal with.

    AVOID at all costs.

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