Great Fares In WestJet’s New 787 Business Class

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Update: See here for my full review of WestJet’s 787-9 business class.

This year WestJet has added 787s to their fleet, which is an exciting development.

WestJet’s 787s are their first planes to feature a proper business class product, as they have 16 reverse herringbone seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. I had the chance to fly WestJet’s 787 between Calgary and London shortly after it launched, and all things considered it was excellent.

If you’re interested in flying WestJet business class, it’s worth noting that the airline has some excellent business class fares at the moment. You can fly one-way business class from several West Coast cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, etc.) for $725+ one-way.

The catch is that availability is best in fall and winter, so this won’t work for peak summer dates, for example.

To find these fares, go to Google Flights and search an origin on the West Coast and LGW (London Gatwick) as your destination for a business class ticket. Look for tickets that price out at ~$1,200-1,400 one-way (again, this might require being flexible with dates).

You should be looking for itineraries that have a double connection, as you’re typically flying Alaska or United to Las Vegas, and then WestJet from Las Vegas to Calgary to London.

When you get to the results, click the option for booking through Expedia.

You’ll find that the fare is in fact much lower than what Google Flights showed.

What’s going on here? It would appear that Expedia isn’t passing on the carrier imposed surcharges when you’re booking a ticket that involves travel on both Alaska and WestJet (this is why it’s important to double connect, because if you fly WestJet the entire way they don’t knock off $400+).

Obviously this won’t be for everyone — available dates are somewhat limited, and you need to double connect. However, if you want to try a great business class product on a transatlantic flight, this is an awesome opportunity.

WestJet is also a Delta SkyMiles partner, so you could credit these flights to Delta and for the business class portion you’d earn 100% redeemable miles and MQMs, and you’d earn MQDs for 20% of the distance flown.

Anyone plan to take advantage of these great WestJet business class fares?

(Tip of the hat to zoqfotpik)

  1. oh man, some places might start their caps-locked “ERROR FARE” title again. However, this is a great deal indeed, and a fantastic product if the speed of service goes up as hoped, otherwise I am definitely not gonna sit upright with a table in my way for hours and hours.

  2. I found it even lower next April out of LAX. $674, however the second flight is premium economy while the first and last legs are up front. Great deal!

  3. I booked dublin to Calgary return for €1650 pp for myself and the family, flying in 2 weeks, for two months in Canada. It was even cheaper if I was flying alone, and therefore only in the cheaper pricing bucket.
    A great rate/onboard-hour considering it’s 8+hrs each way.

  4. How sad that there are only two stops. Why couldn’t there be four or five legs and a 42 hour flight between LAX and London on this “great deal”? That way, you’d even get more business class for the money.

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