Well, that’s one way to try and get out of a middle seat…

“Do you mind if I sit in the aisle, cause I’m going to be pissing like a racehorse all night? I just finished a bottle of vitamin water.”

Well, I guess that’s one way to try and get out of a middle seat. The question is, is it the best or worst reason ever? Sadly (and shockingly) enough, it worked.

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  1. Heck, I would gladly get up for him every time he had to take a piss instead of sitting in the middle seat. Unlike some people, I have no problem letting someone out to go to the bathroom. Gives me a good excuse to stretch my legs as well.

  2. Man or woman? I’m guessing man. Women don’t usually describe their bodily functions in a coarse manner

  3. @travis Exactly what I would have said to him.

    I also would have invited him to go for a walk just before I decided to take a nap, in order to keep him from playing one-up games about it.

  4. I can’t imagine that it is the worst reason every…but probably one of the most blunt reasons ever

  5. I agree with Travis (post #1). Had someone sit next to me in the middle and ask to change because they had an upset stomach and were going to be running to the restroom during the whole trip…they didn’t get up at all for the entire trip! I would have gladly gotten up each time they needed.

  6. If she needs to use the bathroom so much, she should get the last row middle seat right near the toilets!

  7. Hard to say. As someone who has this problem on planes sometimes I do sympathize with
    The person- b/c sometimes aisle pax likes to put feet up on bulkhead and sleep for the whole flight etc. in that instance i’d probably ask

  8. Oh, yes, it works all the time! Threatening to urinate on my seatmate works wonders, despite how much they’d love to see my bushy vagina! LOL!

  9. At least he said piss like a racehorse. I’d have been far more concerned if he had said sh*t like a racehorse haha.

  10. Also can’t believe it was a women. I felt embarrassed using that language in this forum. If it was an older person with some respect then I’d be more obliged to switch.

  11. That woman was no lady! Using those words should have been enough to generate a stern “No!” to the request —

  12. The best answer IMHO would be a polite “neigh.”

    I was asked once, and replied truthfully that I’d be happy to get up at any time, since I myself suffer from claustrophobia, which is why I choose aisle seats.

  13. I always choose window seats, of my last 50 or so flights I’ve been in a window seat for probably 47 or so. Only time I get wise is when a last minute upgrade comes through and nothing else is available.

  14. I would’ve just said: “I hear ya, I just finished a bottle myself…so I’m gonna stay put.”

  15. I prefer the window, but always book the aisle for basically the same reason she states.

    I would decline, but state (as I would do on a redeye) “please feel me to wake me if you need to get up”.

    And it’s all “in the head” (no pun intended) for me. If I’m n an aisle, then I can go on a 4 hour flight without getting up. But if I’m in a window, that changes to once per hour. If my seatmate goes to sleep, make it every half hour šŸ˜®

  16. I had this happen to me on a flight from Tel Aviv to Philadelphia last year. I went through great pains to get an aisle seat, and the girl sitting next to me said she wanted the aisle so she wouldn’t disturb me when she got up to go to the bathroom, which she said would be frequently. And then on that entire damn flight, she didn’t get up to go to the bathroom once.

  17. I think it would depend on the age of the person asking. My dad’s 82 and he doesn’t always have time to be polite.

  18. If you ever want to try to nab someone’s aisle seat (ethically dubious), use a “beacuse” statement. One of my favorite psych studies showed that asking to cut in a line gets a favorable response more often when you use the word because then when no reason is offered.

    The reason following because does not need to be good. Participants were allowed to cut at the same rate for a copy machine when they gave a compelling reason as when they said “Can I cut because I have to make a copy?” which hardly adds any information since everyone in line has to make a copy.

  19. Emma Stone used this exact excuse on Cactus CLT > LGA the other day. She also rang the FA to ask if the “smoke” coming out of the vents was normal.

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