Watch A Boeing 787 Being Flown Like A Fighter Jet

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While I love aviation as a whole, my real obsession is with commercial aviation. Is it cool when a fighter jet flies so crazy that you can barely keep your eyes on it? Sure.

But for me there’s something even cooler aboutĀ some fun test flying on a heavy commercial jet.

For example, late last year I posted a link to an Airbus A350 formation flying video, whereby five A350s were flying in formation as if they were fighter jets:

The footage was nothing short of breathtaking.

Anyway, just beforeĀ the 2015 Paris Air Show, Boeing took one of their Vietnam Airlines 787-9 aircraft for a spin, to show just how far it can be taken, given the right conditions:

Man, I wish I were on that flight!

  1. Brilliant video ! Thanks for posting.

    One thing I wonder during such videos is, do the airlines whose aircraft is used get compensated for the same? I mean, its extra hours on a brand-new frame, when the metal parts aren’t properly run-in yet and subjected to more grueling stresses than perhaps at any time over its future life? Or do they get any discounts for such participations?

  2. Flown like a fighter jet? I think you just took the price for worst click bait title of the year Lucky.

    If you want impressive flying with an airliner try Tex Johnson B707 barrel roll and the picture of the planes engine upside down. Now that is flight I would have liked to be on.

  3. “Man, I wish I were on that flight!”

    Your Krug might have spilled! šŸ˜‰

    PS Did you see the new National Geographic movie on flight? Do I recall they showed it on an inaugural flight you were on? It’s breathtaking on the big screen!

  4. I’ve read that the 787 was taking off at an angle of around 30 degrees, and perspective is being used to make it look like that.

    I don’t understand where the camera could possibly have been (how high off the ground, what angle, how far from the plane) to make a 30 degree takeoff look like that.

    Can someone explain this to me?

  5. An unbelievably spectacular aircraft and a woefully poor video and editing job. The shots were so tight and close up, it took away any perspective. The take off was the best part, but instead of shooting from the side to see the angle of takeoff, it’s shot from the belly. Really? Kids with a UAV, a couple iPhones and iMovie could have done a better job of shooting and editing that. Too bad.

  6. The angle was taken from a Helicopter (Wolffe Air is a long time Boeing Partner). In fact last years demonstration video for Farnborough was far superior, however they got their wrists slapped first day of the show and were not allowed to perform it again. They aren’t doing the same this time around because of that probably.

  7. Have to say that the -9 has a more elegant look to it than the -8 version. The proportions just look good on this plane. Where was that filmed?

  8. @mal I do remember that video well! It was really cool. Why weren’t they allowed to perform it gain?

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