Wanna spend $27,500? Get Delta Diamond status, time on a private jet, and free tickets!

This should make a great stocking stuffer. Via MilesQuest:

Delta is offering Delta Diamond Status, a Delta SkyClub membership for you and a guest, and two complimentary Premium Class Delta tickets for purchasing a 5 hour fleet membership card with Delta Private Jets for only $27,500.

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  1. Hummm… to me the key wording is this:

    [i] Your hours will never expire and are always fully refundable [/i]

    Thus you could get status for a year and then get your money back next year? Hummmm…..

  2. The deal isn’t as good as advertised on MilesQuest:

    The benefits listed in the link are for membership with the Air Elite Jet Card.

    The Holiday promotion is for a 5-hour fleet membership, and the quoted price is for 5-hours on a Light Jet. See http://www.deltaprivatejets.com/FleetMembershipBenefits.aspx

    Assuming you get a 10-hour Light Jet Fleet Membership, you only get one Silver Medallion status. There is no word what, if any, benefits one receives for the 5-hour promotion.

  3. Assuming the offer is as stated it could be a decent (but certainly not amazing) deal if the 2 “free” Premium tickets are “worldwide” since “full” Business Elite fares to an international destination can be close to $10,000 each.

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