Virgin Australia Makes Me Wish I Missed Christmas

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While the holidays can be a busy time for travel, most people prefer to travel either before or after major holidays. For example, I doubt there are many people who are excited about flying on Christmas (well, other than those who don’t celebrate the holiday, in which case it’s a great day to fly, given that flights aren’t as full).

Well, Virgin Australia did something extra special this year for the passengers who missed Christmas altogether. This includes the passengers who flew from Los Angeles to Sydney and Brisbane on the night of December 24, and landed in Australia on the morning of the 26th.

Rather than having them feel like they missed Christmas, they served them a Christmas dinner, and gave them all kinds of gifts. Perhaps best of all, passengers onboard received a status upgrade:

  • Velocity Red members received Velocity Silver status
  • Velocity Silver members received Velocity Gold status
  • Velocity Gold members received Velocity Platinum status
  • Velocity Platinum members received 100,000 bonus points

Here’s the video about the flight:

Well done, Virgin Australia!

  1. It would suck to think you’d managed to miss christmas but then be subjected to it while captive in a metal tube.

    I’d rather they served a good chinese meal — the traditional secular christmas feast.

  2. I flew to the US on VA before Christmas so unfortunately I missed this, but I depart LA the evening of the 31st and land in Brisbane 2 January…perhaps we’ll see some New Year’s treats as well (but not likely, I’m sure)!

  3. @Credit while sometimes your comments are way off base; I really, really like that comment. I was thinking the same thing. Hope they get double time or something. @Mike, I don’t think most people would care, given the fact that they gave out giftcards and status matches. And I doubt they bothered passengers who didn’t care. @ anyone else who cares…I really like when airlines do this. It’s better than filming an expensive commercial and generates all kinds of goodwill via word of mouth.

  4. Goodwill to all is priceless. Costs the airline very little and I’ll guarantee they get all of it back and more. Great to see how loyalty can be rewarded

  5. Charles I don’t have any role models. This country elected trump. No one should ever give me a hard time for being crass. I see people getting rewarded for being crass.

    Anyway happy holidays.

  6. I’d love the dinner to be a choice of turkey with ‘trimnings’ or chinese. I’d miss my chinese food on the 25th, lol. This is lovely, and also that it was not splashed on the headlines which takes away from what seems to have been an organic outreach to their customers. And the staff working maybe enjoyed equally as they got to ‘celebrate’ by doing this.

  7. Nice touch on Virgin Australia’s part. I’m flying a red eye on New Year’s Day — wish United would do this!!!

  8. If the Australian norm applies, FAs should get (double or) treble time off in lieu.
    Can any VA staff confirm.

  9. Absolutely amazing Ben, thanks for reporting such nice news. What a great PR move it certainly will create goodwill. Now, I will consider them next time I am planning a trip to OZ & I couldn’t agree more with you two, well said! @Joe & @Mbh

  10. Great work Virgin, happiness all around & certainly a surprise to the passengers no doubt. Good to see them bring Velocity to reality with the Christmas stockings.

  11. NZ 2 on Christmas to LHR had an appearance from Santa for the kids as well as gingerbread cookies for J passengers (though they were unfortunately baked by a tongueless baker)

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