Virgin Atlantic Introduces Signature Scent, “AIR”

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We’ve written in the past about how travel companies (especially hotels) use fragrances and scentsĀ to create memories for guests. For better or worse, I could tell you if I’m staying at a Westin hotel with my eyes closed, due to their scent. It’s interesting how our minds work, but at least in my case, these are things I certainly pick up on and remember. There are a few airlines over the years that have introduced signature scents, though I’ve never found any to be particularly memorable.

Virgin Atlantic is the latest airline to be introducing their own signature scent, and you can even buy a candle with that scent for your home. Who doesn’t want their home to smell like an airplane? šŸ˜‰

Virgin Atlantic is collaborating withĀ British scent designer and candle chandler Rachel Vosper to design a scent that will be found throughout the Virgin Atlantic experience, both on the ground and in the air. The scent is said to “inspire feelings of adventure and relaxation.” Hmm…

Virgin Atlantic is currently in the process of rolling out this scent at check-in, the gates, their Clubhouses, and during boarding.

The scent is called AIR, and here’s how Virgin Atlantic describes it:

A fragrance with a sense of exploration and vitality at its heart, using the finest ingredients to take customers on a sensory tour around the world. With notes of lemon, rose, vanilla, and essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus, this scent captures the four continents of Virgin Atlanticā€™s most popular routes.

So that passengers can relive the experience at home, Virgin Atlantic will be selling candles with the AIR fragrance as well. While the scent is already being rolled out throughout the Virgin Atlantic experience, you can also purchase a candle for 30GBP at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, on-board through duty free, or atĀ

Are there any airline or hotel signature scents that you’ve found to be especially memorable?

  1. IMHO the Platinum Standard (forgive the expression) for corporate scent is Centurion Lounges. They have a subtle one which wafts over one upon approach to the green wall of plants at the entrance. I don’t feel it’s too “scent”-like. Just seems like fresh air.

  2. On an unrelated note just came across this Etihad continuing with the cost cutting spree
    Now on flights to Australia especially interesting about Perth they have probably given up hope with Qantas new Perth – London direct plus Emirates already two daily flights (one being A380) and with Qatar very soon flying the A380 to Perth for a year then hopefully Qsuites and Singapore flying the new 787-10 to Perth soon as their second destination for the aircraft after Manila and then Cathay who are now flying their A350 to Perth and Thai and China Southern with their 787s

  3. I hate any sort of scent I can’t get away from. Last night my wife came home with some sort of scented coconut face refresher spray and wanted me to try it…so I spent all night awake smelling it. How about a ‘no scent’ option?

  4. LOL new from United ā€“ the Polaris candle! It smells like the wine flights, steaks, bloody marys, and gel pillows that you thought you were going to get!

  5. new scent from United? the Polaris candle is a solidfied block of carbon monoxide. you light it up and go to sleep so FAs don’t have to listen to you betching about not enough wine or almond milk.

  6. I think Thai Airways should follow this same model and sell their “fragrant toilet water” also. Or at least free samples to members of their Royal Orchid Plus program with Platinum and Gold status, so they can “refresh at anytime”.

  7. They needed something like this a few weeks back when some crazy farters caused a brawl and had a flight diverted.

  8. There’s a special place in hell for the companies that foist this on us (in addition to those who think loud music is an attraction) – I’ve stopped staying at Renaissance properties because of their “signature scent”. They may think it’s a way of evoking a memory, I just think it stinks.

  9. No scent is the better option. Endless amenity kits end up in the trash due to the highly scented products. The horrid air freshener sprayed in hotel rooms is the worst intentional scent. I refuse to allow room service to clean the room in part due to the air freshener.

  10. Yet another airline that an increasing number of people allergic to perfumes can’t use – thanks for the warning.

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