Awesome Deal: Cheap Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Tickets To London

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At the moment Virgin Atlantic has an incredible premium economy fare sale for travel from the US east coast to London.

For those of you who haven’t flown premium economy, the seats are very similar to what you’d find in domestic first class in the US. We’re not talking just about extra legroom economy seats, but rather seats that are wider and have more amenities. It’s a perfectly nice way to fly across the pond on the short flight from the east coast to Europe. Best of all, right now you can do it at a really attractive price.

Through the end of the schedule, Virgin Atlantic has wide open ~$657 roundtrip premium economy fares from New York and Washington to London. This includes all taxes and fees.


Oddly premium economy is actually pricing out lower than economy.


If you credit these flights to Delta SkyMiles you’d earn 150% elite qualifying miles and 125% redeemable miles. Compare that to their most discounted fares (they’re more expensive, in this instance), which earn just 50% elite qualifying and redeemable miles.

If you’re hoping to book one of these flights, you’re best off searching on ITA Matrix or Google Flights, as they’ll easily show you the range of available dates. You can also just book directly on Virgin Atlantic’s website.


As a point of comparison, typically premium economy is about double the price of economy. Take the below flight between Boston and London, where economy and premium economy are pricing a bit more as you’d expect.


Bottom line

This is an incredible deal for getting from the US to Europe. If you’re interested I’d recommend booking as soon as possible, as I can’t imagine this deal will last. Keep in mind that if you do book you have 24 hours to cancel and get a full refund.

Anyone going to take advantage of this deal to fly Virgin Atlantic premium economy?

(Tip of the hat to Duke787 and View from the Wing)


  1. Worth considering a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club upgrade redemption on some of these fares too – could be a nice way into VS J

  2. Did jump on that deal last night! I was booked into K class, which doesn’t seem to be eligible for upgrades with miles. It’s still a good deal though, Delta fans could earn 25% EQD of the distance.

  3. It seems like you have to buy tickets separately if buying more than a single ticket. Does anyone know if this can be combined with the AMEX $200 off $1000 spend offer? Would two separate $658 transactions trigger the offer or does it have to be one transaction?

  4. Also, you can use up to 7500 FC miles to knock $120 off the flight. Booked two tickets with the AMEX offer and they cost me 437 RT

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