New Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Status Match Offer

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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has just launched a new status match campaign, valid exclusively for British Airways Executive Club members.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club status match basics

For a limited time, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is offering to match elite members in the British Airways Executive Club program, in conjunction with a booked flight. Here’s how status will map over with this promotion:

  • British Airways Executive Club Bronze members can receive Flying Club Silver status for one year if they have a flight booked in Premium or Upper Class
  • British Airways Executive Club Silver members can receive Flying Club Silver status for one year if they have a flight booked in any cabin
  • British Airways Executive Club Gold members can receive Flying Club Gold status for one year if they have a flight booked in any cabin

Both Virgin Atlantic revenue and award flights qualify towards this promotion. Flying Club is unique in that sense, because even award flights count towards status.

Get a Flying Club status match with a booked flight

How to request a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club status match

To match status, you either need to provide proof of a future Virgin Atlantic booking, or make a new booking by February 28, 2021. To actually request the match, go to the form on this page, where you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Join Virgin Atlantic Flying Club (if you’re not already a member)
  2. Provide your Flying Club membership number
  3. Provide proof of your British Airways Executive Club membership, with a photo or screenshot of your membership card
  4. Provide the booking reference for your upcoming Virgin Atlantic flight

Once your status match is requested, your status will be upgraded within 30 days, and will then be valid for 12 months.

Flying Club status matches will be valid for 12 months

Is the Flying Club status match worth it?

Admittedly this is a pretty narrowly targeted status match. Only British Airways Executive Club members are eligible, and this is at a time where there are countless border and travel restrictions, which greatly impacts Virgin Atlantic’s network.

For context, Virgin Atlantic’s status requirements are ordinarily as follows:

  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Silver status requires 400 tier points every year
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold status requires 1,000 tier points every year

Virgin Atlantic’s elite benefits mostly include priority services, from check-in, to lounge access, to boarding, to seat selection. The reality is that if you’re flying Upper Class anyway, you might find that the perks are rather limited, since there’s little you’re getting that you wouldn’t otherwise, perhaps aside from some bonus Virgin points if it’s a revenue booking.

Still, a lot of people just like to have status in general, and the soft treatment may be better. Virgin Atlantic doesn’t offer promotions like this often, so who knows when a status match will be offered next.

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse isn’t even open right now

Bottom line

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is offering a status match for British Airways Executive Club elite members who have a future flight booked on Virgin Atlantic. It’s not often that Virgin Atlantic offers a status match, but then again, this may be of limited value to many at the moment, given the state of global travel.

It’s a smart promotion on the part of Virgin Atlantic, though, as a way to generate future bookings.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of this Virgin Atlantic status match opportunity?

  1. LOLOL, all bloggers copied from one another and all got it wrong.

    It is not true this offer is exclusively for BAEC elites. In fact, if you go to the status match page you have linked in the blog post, there is the statement

    “Not a British Airways Executive Club member? That’s ok, we match status for many other airline reward schemes”

    If you click the link, there is a list of roughly twenty programmes they consider for the match. The list includes AA, UA, AS, LH, IB, CX, SK, EY, and EK, among others.

  2. Couple of other benefits from doing it. If family/friends have Virgin points, Gold status lets you pool and exchange miles between you and 9 others, it gets you and one companion access to clubhouse lounge when flying virgin any cabin, and it lets you gift complimentary silver status to someone else (which could be useful for companion vouchers given you have to pay 50% of miles to upgrade to upper class if only red)

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