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With the lockdown in the UK slowly easing, Virgin Atlantic has just published some ASMR videos that avgeeks will love. I kind of love the way Virgin Atlantic describes this, so let me just quote the announcement directly:

With lockdown slowly easing, we’re tantalisingly close to being able to travel again. For most people its been over a year since they stepped onboard a plane to somewhere sunny and hot and 67% say they’re looking forward to getting back on a long haul flight. We want to remind them of exactly what they’ve been missing and it’s often the little things. Like the safety demonstration, or the pilots PA, and of course – the tinkling sound of the drinks trolley coming your way.

Virgin Atlantic has used ASMR techniques to create a couple of videos. For those of you not familiar, here’s how that’s described:

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a phenomenon where a person gets a tingling sensation, often starting on the scalp and moving down the neck and spine. This physiological response can be triggered by a number of sights and sounds including whispering, isolated sounds such as tapping and beautiful or ‘oddly satisfying’ imagery.

First there’s a three minute video with some of the highlights, from the sound of a check-in agent flipping through the pages of a passport, to the sound of boarding announcements, to the sound of a safety demonstration, to the sound of a bottle of champagne being opened, to the sound of clotted cream and jam being spread on a scone (“skon”).

Then there’s an hour-long video which has much of the same, but also features beautiful views from above the clouds, as well as engine noises, which so many people have missed while flying less over the past year.

This is so well done, and I totally love it. I’m currently playing the engine noises in the background while writing this post, and if I had a TV I’d probably put it on there for the sound and imagery.

Well done, Virgin Atlantic!

  1. I miss flying that airline. Their flight attendants are so much nicer than British Airways. And, the Clubhouses in LHR and JFK are a great start to a trip.

  2. I think she needs a different seat number to enjoy some of the things featured. Great video.

  3. That was my last flight VS A350 JFK-LHR.
    Sadly had to come back early as Covid was closing airspace.
    Had intended an interesting route via YYZ on Westjet B736 then AF A350 to CDG.
    Unfortunately the VS lounge was closed as had to be deep cleaned so had to use the Delta one which is miles away from the VS gate.

    Even took the buggy!

    Hope I will be able to get up there soon.

    It’s in my blood after 42 years with BA from Viscounts to Concorde with Tridents Boeings and Airbus also.

  4. Like the video & spotted 2 ‘mistakes’:

    – The BP is torn already when received (and gets torn later on in the video)
    – The BP shows a seat in economy, while the actress sits in business

  5. A Devon Cream Tea has the cream then the jam on top of the scone and the Cornish has the Jam followed by the cream. Happy to provide such vital info!

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