My Experience Applying For A Vietnam E-Visa With A US Passport

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I’ll be headed to Vietnam soon thanks to some great business class fares that Qatar Airways published earlier in the year. While I could just do a “direct turn” in Vietnam, I figured I’d spend a couple of nights in Ho Chi Minh City, as it has been about a decade since I last visited.

Last year my entry into Vietnam was a mess. I totally forgot that Vietnam required visas in advance, so I ended up having to pay an arm and a leg to use a last minute emergency visa service.

The great news is that earlier this year Vietnam introduced single entry e-visas for nationals of 40 countries (here are the eligible countries), including the United States. I just went through the process of applying for an e-visa, and figured I’d report back on the process, which was quite easy.

To request an e-visa for Vietnam first visit this page, which has all the basics. The whole process took maybe 10 minutes, and within two days my e-visa was approved (it’s not an instant process).

You’ll want to select the “for foreigners” option, which will bring you to a page explaining what you’ll need.

The only slightly annoying part is that you have to upload a copy of both your passport picture page and a portrait picture. The good news is that neither of these pictures have to be “professional.” I just used my iPhone to take a picture of my passport’s picture page, and then took a portrait picture with my iPhone, and uploaded that. That did the trick.

The rest of the form is easy to fill out, as they just ask for the basics.

The one area of the form that confused me was that I wasn’t sure if I should enter my exact arrival and departure date for requesting when the e-visa should be valid. I could see them giving me issues if the dates didn’t match. However, after entering my exact dates, the next page automatically showed the “valid” dates as being a month around my dates, so it seems that answered my question.

After verifying my information I was given a verification code. It’s very important that you take note of your verification code, as you’ll need it later on.

I was then brought to a separate website where I was asked to pay the $25 visa fee. Note that they don’t take American Express cards, and there’s also a ~$1 fee for paying by credit card.

For what it’s worth, this payment doesn’t seem to qualify as any sort of travel bonus category, as I earned a single point per dollar on my Sapphire Reserve.

Once that was processed I received a payment invoice confirming my payment.

I was told that it typically takes about three days to have your visa approved. My expectation was that I’d receive an email confirming my visa application and the registration code. However, I never received that, and also never received an email confirming that my visa was approved.

So make sure you take a screenshot of your registration code, because you’ll need it in order to get your e-visa later on. It could be I did something wrong during the process, but I find it bizarre that they don’t email you when it’s approved, or send you an email with that code.

After a few days I went to the e-visa search menu to check on the status of my application. There I entered my registration code, email, and date of birth.

That page confirmed that my e-visa had been approved, and gave me a link where I could download and print the one page e-visa.

Bottom line

The process of applying for a Vietnamese e-visa was super easy. It took about 10 minutes, cost $25, and was approved within a couple of days, so that’s a great improvement over the old system. There are a few things to be aware of during the process, but otherwise this is a really user-friendly system they have, in my opinion.

If you’ve applied for a Vietnamese e-visa, what was your experience like?

  1. Watch your stuff at vietnam airports. The staff there has been known to swipe items even when just going through the metal detectors. Members of their own government have fallen victim to this as well.

  2. Similar experience – easy. Took a photo with my iphone as well and that worked just fine. A lot better than handing my passport over at the Consulate prior to travel as before. One less full page visa in the passport, extending its life a little longer.

  3. I would add, bring a printout of the visa approval. I am sure they could look it up, but they did ask for it when I went through customs at Hanoi airport this year.

  4. Where are you staying in HCMC? I had a great stay at the Park Hyatt! Enjoy Vietnam..I can’t wait to return in December.

  5. @smitty. They do offer multiple entry visas, but unfortunately have to go the old fashioned way (no eVisa).

  6. I just got mine last night for a trip starting next week. The process was exactly as you explained. Rather than take a separate portrait photo I just cropped the photo from my passport and that, along with the passport data page was accepted.

    I have another series of trips beginning in January and need a 3 month multi entry visa for that. Thus far have found the Vietnam Government website to be problematic. I think for that I will use a visa service.

  7. Man, I wish Australia was on the list for eVisa’s. Getting a visa prior to arrival at the Embassy cost $140AUD (~$110USD) and was a bit of a cluster. You can get a VoA at SGN but if you’re coming in on a full plane (or with multiple planes), you will likely be waiting an hour or more just to get the visa and then another hour to clear security.

  8. Hi Ben, just wondering why you are getting a Vietnam visa with your US passport?
    Are you aware German citizens can enter Vietnam visa-free (no fee at all) for up to 14 days?

  9. I went last year and used Vietnam Visa Pro. Things may have changed, but then your evisa was a voucher to get a real visa or something and you had to wait in line at the airport and exchange it and pay something like another $45 stamp fee and there were rumors that this process could take more than an hour. It was my first visit to Vietnam and I didn’t want to deal with it. I don’t remember the details, but for around $40 I paid for my wife and I to use the Visa Pro and they met us at the plane with a sign, dealt quickly with the stamp and drove us to our hotel.

    Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi was great for 10,000 Honors points/night 4th night free. We stayed 10 nights. Free breakfast and self-serve laundry too.

  10. I was highly skeptical when I did this back for my trip in May of this year. I was happy that I saved and PDF printed everything especially that code you mentioned though I remember getting an email, not sure I recall if it was contained there. Smooth process, no issues getting through either as I heard some agents try to haggle for a “cash pay” upon entry.

    Stayed at both Renaissance and Park Hyatt, both amazing options. Loved the Renaissance breakfast buffet and afternoon coffee/snacks. Didn’t have globalist until now to enjoy the buffet but it looked glorious.

  11. The really interesting part is when you want to take advantage of Vietnam’s visa waiver for visiting Phu Quoc island. At least when I went in May, it’s totally allowed, but it seemed like immigration staff had no idea how to process me on entry. If you plan on doing this, I’d advise going straight to the immigration assistance counter (don’t even bother getting in the passport control line) and having a very simple, concise printout with your dates and flight numbers to prove you’re only transiting through and you’re not spending any time in HCMC or Hanoi, etc.

    At SGN, an airport employee eventually escorted me through the checkpoint, I got my entry stamp, and he walked me out of the airport and over to the domestic terminal for my flight to Phu Quoc. I figured since I had a stamp, the return would be easy, so I made the mistake of getting right into the passport control line line. The immigration official seemed completely flustered when he opened my passport and saw no visa. I was whisked away and spent a very nervous 20 minutes or so inside a roped-off area before I was cleared to proceed. I was happy to save the money but the process of taking advantage of the waiver was about as confusing as possible. Anyone have better luck than me? Did I miss something obvious?

  12. ‘Tis a pity Australia is not on the list. Had to use an agent, and say goodbye to my passport for a couple of weeks to get my last visa. If you stay in Saigon – I strongly recommend you stay at the Intercontinental Asiana (my review and trip reports: ). The Park Hyatt is tempting, but I think in terms of service the Asiana is better.

  13. I’m lucky we Singaporeans do not need visa for Vietnam if were visiting up to 30 days. I stayed at the majestic hotel in HCM. Not part of any chain but I do recommend the really nice and awesome service given at Majestic

  14. This recently changed, I got dinged with the 1 year multi-entry visa as being the only visa available to Americans. $135 out of pocket.

  15. Hi Ben, yes – I agree with PW – pretty sure your German passport would have got you in for 15 days Visa free? I think Germany currently has a similar exemption to the U.K. (although the UK’s runs out at the end of June 2018).

  16. Visa processing has become much easier over the last years. Been living in Saigon for the last 4 years. Would recommend to stay at Hotel des Arts – nicer than the PH and still walking distance from all central attractions. Many good restaurants (The Deck in Thao Dien for a unique experience by the river, Shri on top of Centec Tower, Qui for good cocktails on a Thursday/ Friday night, Cafe Runam on Pasteur for best Coffee in town – or the Workshop Coffee, Propaganda for a good Vn inspired food experience, L Usine, Sorae for best sushi, etc) – let me know when you re in town. Lots to see and do.

  17. I am traveling next week. I got my approval letter for $15 and will get Visa on arrival at the airport for $25. Your way was less expensive, had I known this was an option, I would have got an e-visa.

  18. I just used a visa service and it was even easier for me, absolutely no problems, although just like you, they didn’t notify me by email either.

  19. The process was super easy. Remember to print out the PDF. Also they look at at exit immigration to stamp you out. PH HCMC is worth a stay.

  20. Just went to Vietnam on my German passport 2 months ago and can confirm I had no issues getting in without prior visa/eVisa as long as you stay less than 15 days.

  21. Much easier and legit process than a couple years ago with those somewhat sketchy third party websites you had to use.

  22. Richard is right. You’ll need the e-Visa for exit as well. I folded it, and kept it paper-clipped in my passport.

    But it was super easy an no problems for entry or exit in HCMC.

  23. I avoided going to Vietnam previously because the visa process was a pain and seemed super shady, and some have pointed out. I have choices and I chose to spend my money where they made it easy. Now that this e-visa is in place I will totally start planning a trip to Vietnam in the next year or two.

  24. I got an eVisa in a similar way, and went to Da Nang, Vietnam in August this year. The customs process was very quick and painless; the officer didn’t speak a lick of English, looked at my passport and printed out visa, stamped me, and I was on my way. Very easy.

  25. I also booked the Qatar Airways Sale flight. Later I saw that Germans may enter visafree for 15 days, if 30 days leavning Vietnam the last time passed. Between my Qatar Airways flights were only 8 days, so I flew LUX-LHR-DOH-SGN-DOH-GRU-EZE in 54 hours. On return I entered Vietnam. Nevertheless, every time I was asked at the CheckIn for a Vietnam visa, after comment that Germans do not need a visa and I want to stay anyway in the transit area, I passed all areas.

  26. i applied 2 days ago, and it is still in “processing”.

    do i need to bring another photo or anything besides the printed out e-visa (and my passport, of course)?

    and thank you for telling me to make sure i keep it handy for exiting the country as well!

  27. Entry into Vietnam is a little confusing: I’ve been doing some research and acquiring a visa seems to be a two-step process: 1) a pre-approved visa with a letter stating such and 2) final approval given either at the airport or directly from the consulate/embassy.

    The latter involves sending them a copy (or original!) passport to the embassy with an $80 check, return mailing label, and additional passport size photos. They would then send back an approval letter. Is the e-visa process mentioned here the final stop to entering the country, or is there something else one must deal with/pay for upon arrival? Thank you!

  28. What order do you put your name in??? Is it last name followed by given names (like in the photo example of SPECIMEN MARTIN) or is it First name, middle name, last name like it asks for in the PNR section????

    Confused now,

    I assume it should follow the format of SPECIMEN (surname) then MARTIN (given name).

  29. I applied for the Evisa 5 days ago and application still shows in processing. Emailed there support but no response. Flights in 2 days, What to do???

  30. Rody, I’m in the same situation. I sent my application on 13th December. I plan to wait one more day and if it’s still ‘in processing’ I’ll apply for ‘Visa on Arrival’. I’m flying out on 22nd December.

  31. Hello! I’m terribly dumb and didn’t even think about getting a visa. Having done Singapore and other countries in Asia and Europe – it did t cross my mind until researching. I applied for the e-Visa on Wednesday 12/20 (which was 12/21 for them) I fly on Wednesday the 26th. I put 12/27 as my arrival but realized I couldn’t even get to HKG (first leg) w/out the visa. I wonder if they prirotirze based on arrival date? Has anyone missed their flight due to this? Any tips on the visa upon arrival?

  32. So, I downloaded my evisa. It’s one page as you said but….

    The photo I sent them is not included on the visa? Is this normal? It’s a text only doccument. Wondering why they ask for the photo if they don’t use it?

    Should I be concerned?

  33. I tried to apply but at after filling up my personal details and after waiting for the “loading…” icon to disappear, nothing happens, and no registration code is showed.
    I also checked if pop ups are blocked, and unblocked them on my Chrome browser and tried again, but with same result. Anyone else experiencing this?

  34. I am a monk and will be traveling through Vietnam as a connecting flight to Honolulu. I need to get a visa for my boarding pass (!). Does anyone know if this really really works and there is no more money to pay? I do not touch money and I will be arranging this with a donor. If I need money at the gate, things could be difficult for my life.

    Also, how long in advance can one apply for a trip? I would guess I should do this LESS than 30 days from my connecting flight.

  35. Hi all there is an updated country list for E-Visa and Australia is included.

    Is the E-Visa well established with no hassle entry thru Vietnam immigration or are you better getting a preissued visa from the consulate before travel?

  36. This page was very helpful, thanks! Just to be clear, a letter isn’t needed with this e-visa correct? Also, the evisa ended up processing with a departure date two days after I actually leave. Will this be an issue? Thanks so much!

  37. Awesome blog post, thanks for the information – really detailed and useful.

    I’m having a bit of a dilemma. I applied 7 days ago for my e-visa and I’m going to Vietnam tomorrow. After they processed my visa, I noticed that the last two digits of my passport were incorrect in the application. However, they still granted me my visa, even with the error. I’ve tried to contact them over 10 times, email phone and the rest of it, to see if I can still enter with this error on the visa?

    After all, they did approve it and grant me the visa, right? Just concerned about being stopped when trying to board the flight, or being denied entry upon arrival.

    Thank you in advance

    BTW – I hold an Australian passport


  38. Ok i applied. Got an email confirming application. Confirming payment. Confirming processed. Received them in 3 business days.
    Downloaded it easy process.

  39. Hey everyone, thanks for a great blog on this process. I’ve been reading everyone’s comments which has been very helpful.
    I’m traveling to Vietnam in a couple of weeks and flying into Saigon (HCM) and will be going down to Phu Quoc for a week and then flying from Hanoi into Siem Reap to Phnom Penh and then finally back to Saigon.

    I guess my questions are:

    1. Do I need a visa traveling to Phu Quoc since it’s an island off of the Southern Coast of Vietnam?

    2. Do I simply apply a separate visa for Cambodia?


  40. Has anyone had any issues with entry if their intended entry and exit airports were different from their actual VISA? I’m still trying to figure out if I’m going to fly into Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.

    Thanks for any help!

  41. Do you still have to bring a few passport sized photos to the airport if you uploaded the digital image?

  42. March 29, 2018 – American traveler. This will be my 20th trip to Vietnam (for work). In January I used VOA letter at Hanoi as usual. This trip I applied for the eVIsa. It’s about 3 days now and still IN PROCESSING but no rush as I don’t depart until April 10.

    The form and payment is easy enough but one small thing I did not like. When you upload your photos, their display is distorted (bad HTML programming there) which could be confusing for some people.

    The VOA letter is great but you could wind up stuck at the VOA arrival area for a long time if it’s really busy. There has been times I was waiting there and then one guy shows up with 26 passports and hands them over the desk. I am looking forward to proceeding to the immigration desk.

  43. I found this article and the previously posted comments super helpful in my e-visa application process, so I thought I’d share some details from my experience that others might find useful.

    First of all, I am a U.S. passport holder and I applied for a 1 month, single entry e-visa. My husband applied for the same. He is also American. We both submitted our e-visa applications yesterday afternoon following the tips provided in the article. I used the website linked in the article and also used photos (passport page & portrait) snapped on my iPhone. The application will only allow photos smaller than 1 megabyte (I believe) to be uploaded, so you’d do well to pay attention to photo size before trying to fill out your application.

    I woke up this morning (less than 24 hours later) and my visa was already approved. However, my husband’s visa application is still in “processing” status. It seems as though they’ve improved their email notification system. I received a confirmation email and a payment confirmation email after submitting my visa application. I also received an email notice this morning letting me know that my visa had been approved.

    We aren’t going to arrive in Vietnam until April 18th, so I can’t say how things will go with the e-visa when we get there…I am going to print a couple copies of our visa approval letters (assuming my husband’s visa gets approved in the next few days) and I think I’ll also save a copy of the letter (just in case) on my phone. I’ll let everyone know how it goes when we get there. Fingers crossed!!

  44. Hi thank you for all your info it was a great help. I followed your link on Tuesday evening & completed the Vietnam online e-visa for myself & my husband, everything was very straightforward but I did have a little difficulty with the passport page download as it kept coming up as too large but I just cropped the photo & it loaded fine. We got email confirmations for both the payments & acknowledgement of applications immediately. Wednesday evening my husband received an email confirming his visa had been granted & I received mine Friday am so all great so far. I will print out the visas and see how it all goes at the airport. … fingers crossed x

  45. Anybody from 2018 that did this process and has come back with no problems care to share their story?


  46. I used it for a transfer April 9th 2018. I went through the immigration line with no problems at all.
    Easy as pie.
    Follow the instructions carefully and give good pictures.

  47. Just arrived in Hanoi yesterday (25/4/2018) from Manilla no problems whatsoever with our e-visas.
    At Manilla we had to show our e-visa at the check in desk (Cebu Pacific ), on arrival at Hanoi we went straight to the immigration desk, we handed over our passports & e-visa printouts, passports were stamped & off we went… so much easier & cheaper than going via an agent x
    P’S get a print out the e-visa i’m not sure if its necessary but it made things a lot easier

  48. I applied for the e-visa online this week (April 24, 2018) and it was very easy. Pay attention to the questions and format, keep your reference # and have Visa or MC for payment. I received back confirmation via e-mail in 2 days and followed the link to print the visa approval form and now I am ready to go! Thanks for the info!!

  49. I and my husband will be flying into Ho Chi Mien City and taking a flight to Cambodia the same day. Then we will be return to Viet Nam via a cruise on the Mekong Delta nine days later. Do I need two visas or should I get a multi entry visa?

    Thanks !

  50. I just took a photo of my passport page, then cropped it with paint to create a photo needed, so lets see if thats good enough ;). Thing is, my passport was issues in August 2014, but I look exactly the same, so hopefully, they approve it…fingers crossed.

  51. Hi i just got my e-visa for Vietnam, i don’t see my scanned photo on it.
    Only a QR code and some details i filled in
    Do they scan the QR code and get all the info?

  52. I’ve trying to apply E-Visa from the mentioned site by using either Chrome Browser or Internet Explorer. After filling out all required field and click on review. The screen was displaying “Loading” for a few seconds and stopped on the same page again. No confirmation number displayed or error message. I clicked on the “review” button again, and same happened. Does anyone has the same problem like mine lately? Glad to hear your story

  53. Don’t worry. The person who complained about a missing photo made everyone worried including me. I USED THE EVISA in VIETNAM April 9th, 2018 and IT WORKED. It will have the letter head and qr code on it. It is real and works.

  54. Did anyone have to pay a “stamping fee” on arrival? I obtained my e-visa with no worries, but have now read on other websites of the need to have Vietnamese dong or USD ready for this additional fee? TIA, Fiona.

  55. Stamping Fee? Last time I went never had to and did the invitation letter last time. This time I’m pretty sure you should be good with just this E-visa, your passport for ID and maybe Flight Details. Stamping Fee sounds like a scam or corrupt officer if you run into that BS.


    This still works and is the best way to go about it as it saves money and time.

    I’m a U.S. Citizen who applied with the e-visa at the official site described HERE on this blog:

    I clicked to the page and filled in the information requested as best as I could as a “outside Vietnam foreigners”. Things like religion I just put None and I put my last address I lived at which honestly doesn’t matter to them.

    The tricky part I thought would be the portrait photo so I took a gamble and just got my android phone and took a selfie and cropped it to mid height of my shoulders like the example they had, differences being my weight decreased dramatically since my passport (2016), had a teal shirt on this time and a pink wall in the background lol. Either way they accepted it since I submitted and paid (05/30/2018). I got the e-visa today (06/01/2018). Quick and easy.

  56. I have successfully used the e-visa twice, for entering Hanoi. First, to answer some poster’s concerns.
    1. There is no photo appearing on the final visa. It is on their computer from your submission.
    2. There is no additional fee – $25 is the total amount, plus $1 CC fee.
    3. Works fine for me via Microsoft Edge. 3 days elapsed both times. Sure is an improvement over visiting an Embassy.

    I do have two questions generated via my experience:
    1. Upon arriving Hanoi the first time, I went straight to the Immigration queue and was told I must get the visa stamped at the VOA counter first. The second arrival I went to the VOA counter first and it was implied I did not have to – however they stamped it anyhow. Anyone know which is correct?
    2. At the time of both entries, you could use the e-visa to enter via airports at Hanoi, Danang or HCM only. However, I did exit (naively, perhaps) via Dalat. I am not sure this is formerly allowed and it seemed to confuse the Immigration agents, but no objections were raised. Does anyone know if exiting Vietnam has any restrictions as to which cities are allowed for exits with an e-visa?

  57. Hello guys! Could I get a multiple entry visa from this website? Or does the visa they grant you include this? I’m going to travel to vietnam soon but I won’t just stay here I’ll travel around asia and will come back to Vietnam again.

  58. Thanks for a helpful article. I’m about to apply for the first time, and one point of confusion for me is that the Vietnam Embassy site ( also has an application for visas for US passport holders, and they offer 3, 6, and 1 year options, but the website this article links to says it is 30 days max. Has anyone successfully applied for a 3-month visa (or any visa) using the Embassy site?

  59. Some answers to questions I experienced myself.
    It is a single entry visa not mulsti entry.
    It works and works easy.
    I didn’t have to go to any other place to get stmps.. only the immigration desk.
    You don’t have to pay more.
    US passport is a US passport and most of US Vietnam immigrants are Chinese anyway.
    The Vietnam emabassy in the USA and Myanmar refuses to recognize that this is a valid visa. Don’t worry.
    It works . The scammer sites wish to confuse people and maybe some questions here are from them.

  60. Question: Planning to apply for the evisa. Flying into Ho Chi Minh from Male, Maldives via Singapore. After two days in HCM, we are flying to Hanoi. I assume one entry is good, correct? Because I am not leaving the country and re-entering?
    Afterward, we are going to Laos and Cambodia. I read something that you can’t enter those countries by land or something like that from Vietnam. Does this sound correct?

  61. You are correct – one e-visa is good for all of Vietnam and you can enter via HCM and exit via Hanoi (air). If you are leaving via a land border into another country, you should be able to exit via the land borders that are supported by the e-visa (as listed on the site. I am not certain about the e-visa for exiting Vietnam from other borders or entry requirements into those countries. I did exit Vietnam once on an e-visa via Dalat (air), which is not listed on the site as an entry port; the officers seemed confused, but it was accepted without any hassle.

  62. Found this page while reading Yelp review of Vietnamese Consulate General office in San Francisco. Thank you! It was super easy and quick!

  63. Had no problem getting the e-visa but when I arrived in Da Nang and went to immigration with my printout, the officer escorted me to the visa on arrival desk. Waited for a long time while they processed everyone else, then they just walked me back to the immigration line after a cursory glance at my printout. It took a long time and I was the last to exit in the entire immigration area, even though I was one of the first off the plane. Sounds like this isn’t standard protocol but in this instance, I would’ve much preferred to get it upon arrival instead.

  64. Can anyone link a good website to apply for multiply visa? I won’t stay in Vietnam and I will travel around Asia.

  65. applied on evening of june 26 for me + a friend. got approval emails evening of July 1. Googling Vietnam EVisa brings up a ton of sites. I came to OMAT because i knew i’d get the official site quickly. Thanks Ben

  66. Does anyone know if it is possible to get 2 e-visas close in date to one another? I’m planning to go to Vietnam and make a side trip to Cambodia. Two e-visas would cost $50 total vs $135 for a one-month multiple entry visa from the embassy.

  67. Thank you for this step by step guide and your side notes!

    I find it odd that you have to state your religion. Why does it matter?

  68. Thanks everybody for all this info!..I do have one question though, I’ve had mixed feedback…I’ve been told that with an e-visa, once you arrive at the airport you end up standing in line for a long time, is that true? so what exactly is the process once i arrive at HCMC airport?

  69. Just discovered this website. Will be leaving on a cruise next year from Hong Kong to Singapore. We will be stopping at three or four ports in Vietnam, including an overnight in Danang. None of these comments reference a cruise with multiple stops in Vietnam. What type of Visa do I need? Single or multiple entry? Any other concerns for a cruiser/

  70. >> Jim Armacost
    Check with your cruise company or travel agent that you booked with – they should know and they should be able to arrange the visa for you?

  71. Can someone tell me if you are having any issue going theough the immigration window with the e-visa lately? Thanks.

  72. I just went through the Hanoi airport immigration with my e-Visa two weeks ago without any issue. It was so smooth and fast.

  73. Has anyone had any difficulty with the order of names on the e-visa.

    the ICAO code has Surname, First, Middle does it matter if the visa document has the names in First, Middle, Surname order

    No incorrect spelling or names missing just the order. I have a group of students flying in and a couple have the names reversed

  74. For people w/ U.S. passports who used the evisa, can you describe what type of stamp you received in your passport? Was it an inked stamp or the full-page sticker (which I’m guessing is default with VOA)?

  75. I also had difficulty matching up the picture of what you should put in the field and the field with your name. Would like to find out if anyone had issues if it wasn’t correctly entered?

  76. The file name of the picture and Passport image have to be unique as they specify from their website.

  77. Sorry, wasn’t clear – the first name last name in the photo example on the first screen that you must agree you understand, doesn’t match what is shown on the form entry page in the “full name field” which asks for first name, middle and last (which it implies in that order), not consistent with the previous page. I went with the photo example – wondering if it isn’t entered like order/name field suggests, if anyone had issues?

  78. I applied on November 19th and the status still reads as in processing. Did anyone have a similar situation? What’s the longest you had to wait? I read on other forums that it may take up to 7 days. But I am on my 8th now. Any ideas?

  79. I had the same problem the fist time I applied the visa. I made a mistake on the name. If that was the case, they will notify you by email and you can correct it without charge.

  80. Does that mean it should follow the form order? (First, middle and last)? Do you know if that is the correct way of writing it?

  81. I just received my granted visa. I followed the form, so I wrote (First, middle and then last name) in this order. My visa has my full name written in that order as well. However, I see online most visas have the last name written first. Is this a problem? But they granted me my visa. Will this affect entry into Vietnam?

  82. Question- we start in Vietnam, go to Cambodia and then transit back to Vietnam to spend the last night in Vietnam before transiting back to the US. I suspect this requires multiple entry visa?….. Does anyone know about this little twist. Thoughts appreciated.

  83. @ Elisabeth — I was just researching this myself, and my understanding is that you would need a multi-entry visa.

  84. Similar question…it says you cannot use e-visa with a cruise; this may sound stupid but I assume that no visas are needed for Halong Bay cruises as I don’t think you leave the country, right?

  85. I just applied today and I did receive an email with a confirmation & my registration code, so that’s nice! Thanks for all the info! Fingers crossed for an approval.

  86. Both my wife and I are having the same problem as described above by Andrea and Lifest55 (no registration code or error message after clicking on Review button). Has anybody had this problem and solved it? Thanks.

  87. I am having the same problems – no response after entering the requested information. tried every day for a week and with different browsers… talked to the houston consulate and was told that the system is “bad.” i wonder…

  88. It is being said that some border crossings to Laos such as the one nearest Sapa won’t let you out with an evisa

  89. I have heard that you can only exit via a port/city that accepts evisa on entry. However I exited successfully via Dalat. May have been just lucky.

  90. I just applied Thursday afternoon at 12 pm. Would it come in time if I was to arrive on Monday? if not any recommendations on what to do? I see some people talking about a letter or something? I already have my flights and hotels booked. Thank you, any help would be great!

  91. I will be flying to Vietnam next month for 12 days in total and as a UK passport holder I plan to take advantage of the Visa on Arrival. I also plan to fly to Siem Reap for 2 nights and return a couple of days before my return flight. I have applied and been approved for a single entry evisa. However, my dilemma is that I entered my name in the wrong order as opposed to my passport. So first name, middle name and then surname. On the website it seems I should have written my name in the following order – surname, first name and the middle name last. Does any one know whether I will have any issues with entering Vietnam on this visa with the details not in the correct order. Furthermore I noticed that there were several questions about whether you could use an evisa twice in a calendar year, my question is can I use a Visa on Arrival and an evisa within one calendar month?

  92. to all of you from the USA that have tried to get the evisa thru the site mentioned above and got no response when u tried to “continue” – here is what i think is going on: i think that the USA servers are blocked. when i was not able to continue with the application i then tried to get the evisa from another country (while i traveled) and i succeeded to go thru the process effortlessly. and i got my evisa in 2 days. my guess is that the vietnamese consulates in the US charge a ton of money ($75-$100) per visa and with such a high fees they maintain their clerks. the reason for this assumption is that when i called the vietnamese consulate in san francisco and asked him why i cannot execute the evisa on the above website, his answer was very laconic “no work.”

  93. I applied for a visa and stated my port of entry as HAN, but itinerary has changed and will now be entering Vietnam through SGN. Anyone know if this will be a problem?

  94. Upon registration. Three business days later, message “Processing” . No fee withdraw from PayPal activity. No reply so far from Support. 2 hours until departure.

    I’ll just have to book a flight from the airport to the next cheapest departure out of Thailand since this is my last day. And to a country that gives VOA without this BS.

    Yes. I followed everything to the “T”.

  95. Update: Payoo, the 3rd party site that handles your visa payment finally reached out to me;
    The placed the delay on the visa processing department. My visa payment subsequently was processed; as my flight was already in-flight. Lesson here; give them 4-5 business days. They state “within” 3 business days..

  96. I applied for both my E-visa, and my female friend’s, on Thursday, March 21st, 2019. She received confirmation of her visa the following day.

    However, since then, I’ve received two emails stating “Denied Reason: passport page image incorrect”. I have submitted the image and have also changed the format of my name in the line where it is required in the application, as it appears on the bottom line of my passport page:

    Last name, First Name, Middle Name. On the site they have a red circle and arrow indicating that this is how they want it done.

    I was wondering if this is a common problem when applying for E-visas? Getting emails sent back to ‘update details’?

    We went through the official site: https:/…trang-chu-ttdt

    On my first applications I did this wrong:

    2. What if my name is too long or includes special characters?

    Write your full name as it appears in the ICAO line of your passport data page.

    I didn’t write my name as per the ICAO line (bottom line of the passport data page) so perhaps that’s why I got the two emails prompting me to update my information. I’m sure I supplied this correct ICAO format for my friend’s application.

    So, in effect, my correct/updated application was only given today. Let’s see if it arrives in three business days. see if it arrives in three business days.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  97. serves me right for not reading through all the comments first. I also put my name per the instruction line (first middle last) and never saw the arrow referencing the ICAO line. I guess I will have to wait and see if it processes. It appears above that “Traveler” late last year had a visa issued with first middle last and queried if that would be a problem in actually getting in. No further info on what his or her experience was. So, I’m kind of hoping they ask me to update and then the name format will match the ICAO format ( I am guessing if I update that I use last first middle??! or is it last middle first – the example is a person who is both a “Jr” and has a McName with a space so I am not really confident I know what parts of that name are what!) Any inputs or confirmation appreciated

  98. Can someone who has gotten his visa with name order First, Middle and Last Name (as requested in the form) as opposed to the order of the ICAO code have ANY PROBLEMS entering Vietnam?


  99. Hello people,
    One thing, as i received single entry Evisa, am i able to change single entry visa to multiple entry visa by paying when i arrive at Hanoi airport

  100. I received my e-visa today, right on schedule, 3 days after submitting. The name came back First Middle Last on the visa, just as I put it on the form. No hold or request to edit. I am hoping that since a number of people have had this same format and no one has pinged back that they had an issue that I’m good to go – but it would be very reassuring if someone chimed in if they had this format and could confirm the result at immigration station.

  101. Hello people,

    As i got single entry visa and plan to take trip to cambodia and go back to Hanoi for Airplane.
    Could someone please tell me am i able to buy new multiple entry visa on arrival in Hanoi airport and do you now how much it will cost?

    Thank you!

  102. I ended up re-submitting mine because I didn’t want to take any chance (I got no response when I sent multiple emails to the embassy asking if this was going to be an issue)

  103. My EVisa came through today, so that was a seven (business) day wait. My friend got hers in one business day, I applied for both at the same time.

    Vietnam here we come!

  104. @Jason did you enter already ? Did you have any problems ? I have I also have Fistname, middle name, lastname. I did read ICAO line rule but after that they specifically mention the first name , middle name, last name order.

    Did anyone else enter with his or her names in this order ?

  105. Simor, Jason, Traveller have you arrived yet. I am leaving in 3 days and getting very stressed as our e visas are also first name, middle and surname. Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated.

  106. I arrive April 16. Since I didn’t get any confirmation here, I did do some more online “research” and found this issue discussed in many forums – and while I have a basic skepticism of online commentary it would appear this issue is quite common and people have stated they have traveled on evisas with names in both sequences and not had any trouble. Interestingly, the same issue arises on Vietnam Airlines site – again commentary suggests as long as all the words match, and the document numbers, DOB, are correct it’s a non issue. Some of the commentary suggests this is due to how names are handled in Vietnamese versus English. One site I used to make a booking even offered to let me choose the order of my names – and then proceeded to put the names in a different order. I’ll add a comment as I enter, and fly on these documents – sorry that wont be before you travel Fiona.

  107. @Amy: i’d love to hear what happens because I have no idea what the answer isand have looked everywhere. Only people guessing.

  108. Arrived at SGN last night with EVisa and had no trouble – went directly to immigration and handed over a printout of the visa with my passport and was stamped and on my way with no questions asked. So it appears “first middle last” is not a problem. Next up is Vietnam airlines where the rez shows “last middle first” 🙂

  109. Hello I’ve read through these reply’s and I think some people might have had the same problem as myself. I will be arriving in Vietnam on April 22. I ordered my visa on April 12 and just got a reply today saying it was denied because the name did not match my passport name (I put my middle name and do not have a middle name on the passport picture). When I submitted the correct information it said: 3 business days. But I do not have 3 business days since there would only be tomorrow and Monday and I arrive Tuesday in Vietnam. Should I apply for an emergency visa?
    I appreciate any information, thank you.

  110. Flew Vietnam Airlines yesterday on a reservation that showed last middle first (against my passport which shows last first middle) and had no trouble.

  111. Applied on 14th, May, just got the approval, less than 3 work days. I’m reading now the issues regard name’s order, I used “Name, Middle Name, Last Name”…

    Cheers 😉

  112. I am traveling with my 10 years old. She has her own passport. Do I need to get an evisa for her separately? I see that there is an option for children under 14 years of old to apply with their parent.

  113. Felipe,

    I applied using first name, middle, last and had no trouble at all on entry. The only thing that surprised me that might be worth mentioning was when I was leaving the country the immigration person wanted to see my printout of the e-visa again! I tend to keep things so I had it but I was taken off guard since I thought once they stamped you in then you wouldn’t need any paperwork beyond your passport to get out. He seemed like a difficult officer in that our line moved much much slower than the others so maybe he was just a stickler?!

  114. Jason,

    Thanks for the tip 😉 great to know that.

    Nga Nguyen

    In the given visa is written “Granted E-visa Accompanying children (if any)” so I guess if you mention your children while filling your eVisa it’d be fine, anyway, better check the faq to be sure.

  115. @Nga Nguyen, I read on another site that any individual with a passport must have an evisa. I was also confused with the instructions on the evisa site mentioning that those “under 14 years old accompanying child(ren) included in your passport (if any)”. Though the key in the language is “Included in your passport.” Guess some countries allow for minors to be added to a single passport.

    Another note for the masses:
    There are some fields that autopopulate when drop downs are selected, such as Nationality at Birth and Permanent Residential Address. Make note that the information for those fields are accurate.

  116. My wife and I with 4 kids will be traveling to VN this July. I’m wondering how long is the wait at the arrival SGN airport to get the stamp at the immigration desk. Please advise.

  117. Excellent info – great to get this all done directly without an agent. Saves you $20 and the dreaded time at the airport waiting for Immigration to not ignore you.
    Keep in mind, it took them 6 days to approve my visa. But I got it now and feeling good about it.

  118. I applied for the e-visa and stated in the application that I was entering at Ho Chi Minh airport, but we actually bought tickets to fly into Hanoi from Taipei. Will this be an issue? I was approved for my e-visa already. Please let me know!! Not sure how strict they are!

  119. August 20, 2019 Just got my e-visa today in only 3 business days. I’m traveling next January and February 2020, so I am glad getting the visa 5 months early was not a problem. I took a photo with my phone of the passport and myself but they were too large in MB size.
    About 1 MB for the photo and 2 MB for the passport are allowed. I just went online and learned how to resize them. Vietnam immigration emailed me when the visa was ready to print and/or download. I printed a color copy since the Vietnam seal is red and gold. Very user friendly process.

  120. I ma seeing various sites charging a processing fee for an approval letter .
    Is this required or can you just apply on the official site and pay the US$ 25 fee only .Do you need to upload a colored photograph or will a black and white photo be acceptable as well. Thanks

  121. Just wanted to leave a datapoint: I just came back from Vietnam a couple of weeks ago. Did the online e-visa app and filled out everything per the online form (not like the photo). I was flagged by Cathay when trying to check in at HKG – they made me sign a waiver saying that if the visa name order is not the same as your passport (e.g. Last name, first name, middle name) they have seen people not being let into the country. This obviously got me quite nervous. However, on landing and proceeding through immigration, the officer barely batted an eye and let me in without any problem after scanning the code on the visa. Hope this helps others!

  122. I applied on Friday night from usa. The process was smooth as described above and I did get an email confirming my payment and the registration code. Today morning ( Monday) I got an email confirmation about my visa process. I logged in using my registration code and email address /Dob and downloaded the approval letter. Super easy. Caution: there are many other sites offering evisa but they charge way more. This is Vietnam gov site and it’s $25 + $1 for processing credit card payment.

  123. Hi forum ,

    We’ll be arriving in HCM city on Dec.26th morning, US Citizens. Our luggage is only checked upto to HCM city. We then have a flight to Siem Reap in the afternoon. We have our Cambodia evisas already AND I have Vietnam E-visa/single entry for each family member because I wasn’t sure if we needed one, since we have to collect our bags after immigration to connect on Cambodia Angkor air to siem reap.

    Q. Do I need to get a second single entry visa for our return trip from Siem Reap to HCM city in order to connect to my flight back to the states? Do I need a visa at all since i’m not leaving the airport but need to collect our checked bags?


  124. Thanks Jason. You are the only person who gave a clear reply regarding the name order issue after returning from Vietnam.

  125. Hi,

    I am applying for the e-visa but am confused about which address should I input? My current US address or the hotel where we will be staying? The field asks for Temporary Residential address in Vietnam but the red font below the box says to enter overseas permanent residential address. And the box next to it for City/Province only has cities in Vietnam.

    Would really appreciate some help on this as my trip is coming up and do not have much time left.

  126. I am trying to figure out if I still need a Letter or Approval, as a tourist to get into Vietnam with my already purchased e-visa. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you

  127. Its not clear to me after reading several articles and others whether you still receive the big yellow visa stamp that takes up an entire passport page. Korea now does not stamp at all for 90 days for some countries, and Japan its a small stamp. With Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos you lose a whole passport page per visa issued. Will this same full page Yellow stamp be applied for eVisa as well when you arrive at immigration?

  128. This blog and all the comments have been helpful!

    I applied for my e-visa and there are two pressing concerns after I submitted it:

    1) The permanent address field, which wasn’t a required field, autopopulated as “United States of America” after selecting “United States of America” for nationality. I left the permanent address field as is, without amending to my actual full home address in the States. Did anyone do what I’ve done and had a problem to get their e-visa within three business days?

    2) Did anyone have an issue after obtaining an e-visa at the check-in counter at Incheon Airport?

    Many thanks.

  129. As a follow-up to my previous post:

    I obtained my e-visa in two business days. As for the permanent address field, I left it as “United States of America” and I didn’t have an issue.

    I also had my name arranged as “Last Name + First Name + Middle Name” and I had no issues as well.

    My other question:

    Did anyone have a child under 14-years old and didn’t apply separately for your child’s visa, but instead, had your child’s name listed as an accompanying child under your e-visa application? I wonder if this could save the $25 e-visa application for your child. I suppose my question is directed towards to any American parent. Thanks.

  130. I received my E-VISA already and have a couple of questions about the arrival process, so I need to go to the VOA line before immigration, or just go straight to immigration? Also do I have to pay another $25 when I go through immigration and do I need passport photos and a color print out of my passport information page? I read a comment earlier that said you did not need the photos because they can look at that on your E-Visa, but my E-VISA didn’t ha e my photo on it, just a bar code. Thank you

  131. You need your actual passport when going through immigration, a non color copy of your evisa VOA, and a photograph.

  132. Actually I think you should have two photographs when you arrive. You just need non color copy of your letter for VOA, the photograph and your passport. You will pay the stamping fee so this should be in USD or VND. USD is probably best because the amount is expressed in dollars. I have just been through VOA so I am sure of the above.

  133. no , if your evisa is in order , check if all details , mane on passport # , expiry date are in order. A VOA is then not needed. I recently did a trip mid December. I did not even need the 2 passport pics . The Evisa was sufficient. The immigration officer just looked at the copy I had. A visa entry was stamped on passport and another was placed on departure . Just take passport pics , just in case , as a precaution .
    It is a beautiful place . Took some adjusting to crossing the streets in Hanoi , Saigon is worse. The motorists will weave around you . However it could be intimidating ..

  134. Haha Joe, thank you for the information, that puts my worries at ease, I had heard about the traffic in Saigon, not Hanoi, looking forward to this trip, guess I’ll see for myself in mid January, thanks again

  135. For eVisa can someone answer what kind of stamp is placed on the passport on arrival with an EVisa? For my Vietnam Visa on Arrival, I received the usual large yellow full page stamp. For the eVisa what type of stamp will be applied?

  136. If you are running short of pages , maybe tell the immigration officer , to have it stamped on the same page. They stamped it on separate pages for me. However my wife had both stamped on the same page . Safe travels ..

  137. Thanks for this article! It made my evisa process really easy.
    I appreciate the details and look forward to reading more of your blog.

  138. I applied for the evisa through this website on Jan 22 and received it on Jan 30. This delay was due to National holiday from Jan 23 – 29 to celebrate the Lunar New Year, which I wasn’t aware that Vietnam observed, and started to stress that I wouldn’t get my visa in time for my departure date on 2/2. So be aware of any National holidays when timing your travel days and evisa application. However, this company pulled through and basically processed my evisa in 1 business day, which I find amazing.

    Based on previous comments, I can go directly to the immigration counter with a printed copy of the evisa letter & passport? Or is it necessary to go to the VOA first? I find the conversation to have multiple, and unclear answers to this question.

  139. You can proceed directly to the immigration counter . Have a copy of the evisa with you . I had some passport pictures , but was not asked for it. Enjoy your trip ..

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