Insane Video: Car Crashes Into Parked Rolls-Royce At Sheraton Doha

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In terms of video footage which is downright painful to watch, the driver of a Mercedes went on a bit of a rampage at the Sheraton Doha yesterday, whereby he began intentionally crashing into objects, including a parked Rolls-Royce… multiple times! Here’s the video:

The car eventually stopped, at which point the guy driving the car was restrained by hotel security, and later turned over to police.

Via Doha News:

A young man driving a white Mercedes Benz that careened out of control and smashed into a parked Rolls Royce at the Sheraton Doha yesterday was escorted off the premises by police, the hotel said.

It is unclear if he remains in custody.

In the video, the vehicle can be seen circling the driveway leading up to entrance, driving away and then returning at high speed, driving straight into a blue Rolls Royce parked outside the hotel.

According to the Ministry of Interior’s traffic violations service, the Mercedes has incurred three penalties this week, all on Thursday, Nov. 26 – two in Onaiza and one in Al Khor.

I wonder what the punishment is for this type of crime in Qatar! What a video!

  1. It depends on his nationality. If he is Qatari or another Gulf national then nothing, if he is a foreigner but British then just a fine however if he is neither a Gulf national nor British then probably a few years in jail.

  2. He seemed amused about it. In the US he’ll probably just pay some fines and be done with it. In Qatar unless he has some connections I doubt it would be as lenient.

  3. I suspect the person who posted the video will be in more trouble than the driver. It is highly illegal to film someone without their consent.

  4. Was this a robot car?

    “a Mercedes went on a bit of a rampage” “t began intentionally crashing into objects”

    I think you mean, “the driver of a Mercedes went…” and “the driver began intentionally…”

    Sorry, as a person who mostly gets around on foot and bike, the tendency to depersonalize car drivers (thus making them seem less responsible for their actions) is a pet peeve!

  5. He’s an SPG Gold and got tired of having to go the the front desk for checkout every time just to get the “free” internet charges removed from his bill.

  6. Ah what a wuss, he slowed down before hitting the Rolls. If he was serious, he would’ve went in at his original rate of speed.

  7. According to the Ministry of Interior, the driver was arrested and also two others for recording the video and spreading it around social media!

  8. @ Sean M / Ben W — if it’s against the law, posting something like this on social media isn’t smart.

  9. @ Al — Whoops, looks like they took it down. Posted a new video which is still up, but they may take that down at some point as well.

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