Video Of Southwest’s “Top Gun” Flight Attendant

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Southwest is known for their humorous flight attendants. I realize it’s almost a staple of Southwest service, so it’s not something I can fault them for. And in fairness, some of their staff are actually funny:

The good news is that the comedy routines are typically only made when there would be announcements anyway, like during boarding, the safety demo, landing announcements, etc.

For the most part we’re not used to receiving commentary of our takeoff roll, and for good reason. Well, it seems there’s a Southwest flight attendant who disagrees, who decided to provide a Top Gun style commentary of the takeoff roll:


(Tip of the hat to Economy Class & Beyond)

  1. Brilliant! I can’t imagine how good it would have been if he started with the “Well….we were ‘inverted’…”!!!

  2. Cringe worthy. Hell must be flying SW on a daily basis while being subjected to the Gong Show.

    You know what’s funny to me. Recently I had the misfortune of flying SW. When we landed at ATL we sat on the tarmac and did not move for 1 hour. Not a word from the cockpit or the FA who had been cracking lame jokes up until that time. After we finally got to the gate an hour and 15 minutes after landing (by the way it was an 1:05 minute flight) she literally never apologized but offered a lame joke about if you leave something on the plane look for it on eBay. Unbelievable

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