Video: Fist Fight Breaks Out On ANA Flight To LAX

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Why are people so pathetic? Yesterday’s ANA flight #6 from Tokyo Narita to Los Angeles departed over 90 minutes late because a fight broke out between two passengers on the plane.


Here’s video footage of the fight that broke out:

The Twitter user who captured the footage had the following to say:

For the record ANA staff and passengers handled the situation with grace and respect. They did the best they could to diffuse the situation. The video ended when I stepped in & confronted the man in the red shirt. I told him to leave and squared up with him, he backed down and left. As of now and after speaking with the other passengers the motive for why he did this is still UNKNOWN. None of us have any idea why at all.

While the guy in the red shirt seems especially horrible, I’m not sure the other guy is much better. He’s beating the crap out of the guy in the red shirt, and then says “someone help, this guy is crazy.” Does he really think that’s going to diffuse the situation? Then I also hear an “I’ll kill you” somewhere in there, and also an “America” (there’s nothing like some good patriotism while making a fool of yourself abroad).

The flight attendants seem fantastic, as they always are on ANA, and handle the situation extremely well. I hope the airline recognizes them for the great job they did her (or tried to do, at least).

(Tip of the hat to Point Me to the Plane)

  1. I mean the guy in the red shirt attacked the guy with the headphones and he defended himself – what would you expect him to do? I see nothing wrong with what he did. Him saying “someone help, this guy is crazy” is alerting others to the situation to help intervene. I’m not sure what else he could do?

  2. Why are people so pathetic? One word…. Trump.
    He’ s given people the right to be pathetic….. didn’t you see him during his
    Rallies , imploring people to act like that.

  3. The guy in the red shirt is clearly the aggressor here. I don’t care what words were said between the two of them, the guy in the black shirt was defending himself.

  4. You’re right Ben. The guy with the headphones was defending himself. I laughed when he decked him right in the face. Pow! Red shirt guy deserved that and more. It was sweet how one passengers checked on headphone guy after. Ugh too bad the fight was between Americans, that’s just embarrassing!

  5. I think that shirt is really beautiful; it is a surprise that someone who is so fashion forward and clearly a “this season” shopper wouldn’t know how to manage his anger.

  6. Totally the red shirt guys fault!
    The dark shirt guy is simply defending himself!

  7. @Jon: +1. This is completely reflective of Trump’s America. So disgusting, but not surprising in the least.

  8. I’m really impressed with the flight attendant for valiantly trying to break-up the fight.

    @Jon, @Josh: a big +1

  9. Where’s a Delta pilot when you need one?

    Sadly, I saw the headline and had a bad feeling it’d be Americans fighting. ::facepalm:: It’s crap like this (and our government’s collective incompetence) that often has me claiming to be Irish when traveling abroad instead of a Yank.

    As to the Trump comments, sorry, this crap’s been going on much longer than that. Society didn’t suddenly head downwards in 6 months; it’s been going downhill for awhile. There’s videos on YouTube of this type of thing from 10+ years ago. Just look for ghetto fight / street fight / walmart fight / fast food fight / Chuck E Cheese fight and you’ll see plenty of it.

  10. @Jon
    You’re pathetic to use this incident to espouse your twisted political beliefs. Besides, the overwhelming majority of political violence is coming from the left, due to their penchant for protests that turn into riots, and their lack of tolerance for other views. See Berkeley et al. Yet idiots like you keep living in your bubble, and patting yourselves on the back as if you have some moral high ground.

  11. Shucks. I was hoping it was a fight between Japanese or Korean politicians. Those are always fun.

  12. Classic Americans.

    @ Jon — Don’t think it’d be Trump fans, they’re all hiding in places like Wichita scared of the world beyond their four walls.

  13. @AlexS: I don’t disagree with you that this sort of thing has been going on for years. My point is that this is now our normal/expected behavior, in no small part because the leader of our country actually encourages this, rather than condemns it.

  14. If there’s a fight on a Lufthansa flight it’s Merkel’s fault? If something happens on BA then it’s the PM May’s fault? Of course not, so why do a few of you blame President trump for everything? Individual people are responsible for their own actions.

  15. Why didn’t the staff call the cops? Lol. Wonderful way the staff diffused the situation. The big 3 here can learn something from this and maybe even use this video as a training opportunity

  16. Trump’s America: where you get attacked and defend yourself.

    The guy in the black shirt is being beat up by crazy red shirt. Yeah, I might throw a punch or two back too if someone was attacking me? What’s the guy in the black shirt suppose to do? Just sit there and allow him to beat him to a pulp?

  17. This is nothing to do with Trump. The protests at Berkeley, etc. have shown that liberals are by far the most violent. Liberals also commit a much larger share of violent crime in general.

    The guy with all those tattoos could’ve spent the money better on a first-class ticket. He’s probably on drugs – people who have tattoos are much more likely to be alcoholics and drug addicts. There are many studies to this effect which are easily searchable on Google.

    The word is “defuse”, not “diffuse”. So typical that Americans would be fighting, and that Americans don’t know how to write.

    The biggest crime here is that this was filmed vertically.

  18. When I saw the headline I immediately thought to myself, “no way are the combatants Japanese.” Unfortunately I was proven correct. This isn’t a direct byproduct of Trump(not defending him), we’ve been steadily moving in the direction of lack of regard for any form of authority or decorum, calling it an exercise of freedom as opposed to what it really is, an exercise of selfishness. And I say this about the original attacker, not the guy defending himself. I also say this about the fight between the two women on the Delta jetway.

  19. The guy in the black shirt did what he needed to do. Without seeing the beginning of the altercation it’s hard to say just how out of line the red shirt guy was. No reason to fight on plane outside of self defense or in defense of innocent victim.

  20. Ohhhh I hate Trump as much as everybody else but don’t blame him for a fight on a plane. I’ve never had a fistfight on a plane regardless of who sat in the Oval Office and I’m part of the normal. Trump might have the nuke codes but I’m pretty sure he didn’t have an earpiece into this guy’s ears telling him to start acting like a dumbass

  21. @Jon, @Josh
    Yeah… Trump’s America, where we stand up to bullies and punch them square in the face.

  22. No arrests made? If it gets to the point where people are being violent on a plane then a stiff jail sentence needs to be handed out people should be on a no fly list. Only way some people will behave themselves is if there are real consequences for this type of behavior. Who wants to fly with thugs that resort to violence?

  23. @josh. You are a fool. The drunk guy in the red shirt was complaining about the government. He is a liberal idiot just like yourself. Liberals are the one ones rioting in the street. This is not Trumps people. Time to look in the mirror. Guy in black shirt may have been a Trump supporter as you can see he was cool and calm. Leave it up to an idiot to bring Trump into something that happened in Japan. Man you will try anything.

  24. I’m an independent, neither Republican or Democrat, but there’s something important that the Trump haters are forgetting here. You’re seeing more and more of these incidents not because they are happening more often, but because smart phones with cameras are becoming more and more ubiquitous. These days, whenever these kinds of incidents happen, everyone pulls out their phones and films the incident and posts it. This wasn’t the case in 2009, when Obama was president.

    Somebody posted that the guy in the red shirt was spouting off about the government – if that’s the case, it sure looks like a liberal started all of this.

  25. While y’all are on here whining about Trump, your local heroes in Antifa stabbed a young man to death yesterday. I think it’s time we start looking at who the real intolerant, violent, participation trophy children are. Hint: it’s not us hard-working Americans.

  26. Or to both left and right (and centrist posters) here, I’m no Trump fan, but clearly sometimes drunken behavior and aggression has nothing to do with politics. People on here claiming the bad actor was a Trumpian, or a liberal against the government, are spouting alternative facts and total baseless speculation. Who knows if he’s even an American — he could be Canadian! (actually Canadians are too polite to behave that way, never mind, LOL)

  27. Here is a novel idea to people on planet earth. Take responsibility for your own actions. That is what I’ve always been taught. Trump is not my scapegoat.

  28. Not sure why this is about Trump. I see more Trump supports getting beat up, and more riot/protest doesn’t but the “non-violent” liberals. I guess liberals only see what is on MSNBC or CNN.

  29. Seriously, Lucky? The guy in the black stayed in his seat space the entire time and defended himself repeatedly. Wtf do you want him to do in that situation?

  30. @ Mark — Call me a wuss, but personally I’d run away/to the front of the plane/off the plane, rather than repeatedly punching the guy. I’m not sure what punching the guy accomplishes. Is the goal to punch him until he’s knocked out? If not, it would seem to me that punching someone would only make them more aggressive and cause more of a response. Maybe I’m off base here, but that’s how I’d handle it — hopefully you see where I’m coming from.

  31. Yeah not exactly sure why anybody would blame the guy in the headphones for defending himself. Mr. redshirt was clearly the aggressor and he was the one that said “I’ll kill you”. Not sure why some people believe physically defending yourself from an attack is beneath them.

  32. For those who blamed Trump, does it mean for these years before he’s president there’s no air rage by Americans? So from the moment he’s president till the end of his presidency, any rage by Americans will be his fault?

    It’s time the people use some common sense in their thoughts, it will probably make the whole world be a better place too.

  33. Based on the comments so far, I’m happy to see Lucky has valuable fans in the “hardest working parts of the country”.

  34. Blaming this on Trump is like pulling the Godwin’s law. Very similar. Its really getting old. Intelligent people dont talk like that. They just don’t.

  35. @Lucky

    “Does he really think that’s going to diffuse the situation?”

    Maybe. Diffuse: (verb) spread or cause to spread over a wide area or among a large number of people.

    You mean “defuse” (1) remove the fuse from (an explosive device) in order to prevent it from exploding or (2) (fig.) reduce the danger or tension in (a difficult situation).

    If the situation is successfully diffused, there is a plane-wide brawl. If successfully defused, peace reigns.

  36. @YULtide,

    I already mentioned “diffuse” vs. “defuse” about 6 hours before you did…scroll up please. 🙂

  37. @WR: I never heard Obama or Clinton imploring their supporters to beat and bash their hecklers or promising to pay any legal fees for those who did. I did see that from Trump over and over again. Meanwhile both Obama and Clinton responded with calm replies. Your alternative facts are nothing more than intentional dishonesty, you seem to know more about bubbles than anyone, and this pathetic presidency is on people like you.

    @Daniel Gunsworth: The difference between “liberal violence” and “conservative violence” is that liberals in positions of power and influence do not support violent uprisings and do not promise to pay the legal bills for those who initiate the violence. Liberals are generally pro-government. The way they see it they need to government to create and enforce protections for minorities, the environment, scientific studies, the arts, and other progressive causes. Being fundamentally anti-government is mainly a conservative viewpoint. American conservatives have run on anti-government platforms for decades now, including Trump’s.

  38. @Dax All well and good, and your points are well taken, but this is not a campaign event or political protest, this is an airline flight.

  39. The guy in the red shirt fights like a girl.

    And Lucky, the guy in the black shirt seemed backed into a corner (window seat) with no escape. I don’t think running away/out of the plane was an option

  40. @Dax

    So I guess you are unaware of how much money Soros kicks to what are suppose to be grass roots liberal groups but are actually nothing more than hired goons.

  41. Jon you really are a misguided fool to somehow link this incident to Trump. Trump won the election, get over it already or move on away from this forum.

  42. @ Luck

    I think you are WAY off base. Have you ever been in a fight?

    According the the witnesses and what we can see in the video, the guy in the red shirt was not only the aggressor, but he couldn’t be reasoned with. No one who is capable of defending them selves is going to let someone swing on them for no reason, while they wait for ‘help’ to arrive. How exactly does one ‘defuse’ a situation when it seems to come out left field and without provocation?

  43. This obsessive focus on Trump has become pathological. After viewing the video, the 3rd post places the
    Trump squarely into the center of this brawl b/c he’s “given people the right to be pathetic”. That comment to so ripe w/ unintended irony it’s breathtaking. I’ve seen more than my share of belligerent drunks trolling pax & crews for a fight. Lucky’s right, the best response is control your response as long as humanly possible. Drunks have a very short attention span. Do what you can to get out of the line of fire & allow the crew to manage the situation.

  44. If you read other news sources on this there is a lot more to the story. The guy in the red starts telling the other guy he is going to kill him and according to japanese media they are saying the guy in red was drunk.In the video the guy in red clearly swings first. After they are separated we see the guy in the red come back and continue the fight. The guy in red was yelling something about the government and was taken off the plane where he proceeded to choke a male ANA employee and he was arrested for assault at that point. There is also reporting that the guy in red also struck a female passenger, although we don’t seem to see that in the video. In any event this man is about to learn about the Japanese legal system the hard way. Little tidbits like you are considered guilty until proven innocent or the fact that their conviction rate is 99% (I kid you not). The fact he is a foreigner who attacked a Japanese person? Yea, good luck with that. They will tell him they understand and its no big deal. He will be confined in a cramped room. They will say they just need him to sign some papers which will amount to as close to a confession as they can get, which will make it for sure that he is not going to go home anytime soon. The only way out of this for this guy is to pay so I hope he has a lot of money on hand. Japanese jails are no fun, then again if he wants to go to a foreign country and act like a jackass maybe he should rot in a cell. This scumbag just embarrassed the entire united states and I’m sure this will be an overseas trip he will never forget. Oh yea the embassy isn’t really going to do jack for him. You are on your own in foreign countries.

  45. Lucky off base on this one.

    Guy in black was stuck and could not retreat. He could (1) take blows and try and reason with shirt or (2) defend himself and try to incapacitate red shirt or hurt him enough so he backs off.

  46. Shame how comments on an airline fight descend into political point scoring. The real fact is this about unacceptable behavior in a public place and I would expect the airline to evict the person who started the altercation. I agree with another comment that pointed out that it’s probably due to the fact that everyone now carries a camera with them (phone) and can post the results instantly on social media that makes it appear these situations are more common than previously. It would be interesting to get actual airline statistics to know if there really is an increase, allowing of course, for the fact that many more people are flying now than 20 years or more ago.

  47. For those who think it’s unfair to associate this behavior with Trump, just take a look at Trump’s own rhetoric during the campaign and during his presidency. He incited violence numerous times at his rallies and in fact is being sued for it. He still lashes out against his enemies with violent language. I agree that saying “typical Trump voter” is not a helpful or informed response to this video, but if you think this video proves some kind of point about liberals’ propensity for violence, then you have your head much farther up your ass than the rest of us, I assure you.

  48. Lucky, I understand you would run to the front of the plane, and to be honest I would probably do that myself, since I am by no means a conflict kind of guy, but if someone decided to come at me and try to beat the crap out of me, I WILL defend myself and fight back. No questions. So to try to blame the guy in the black shirt or question why he would keep punching red shirt guy…i mean come on, really? Self defense. It’s tough to know since it’s not us in that situation, in that guys’ shoes…but I see him simply defending himself.

  49. @wr, rob, daniel gunwhatever and other trump deplorables

    True examples of trump deplorables and their low intellect – lies, alternate reality, and above all, just plain lack of cognitive capacity (look this one up in a dictionary, wont find the answer at the gun store.

    Not asking for much, but can you agree whether the left is the far more violent (after all they are the ones with the ar-15’s right?) or it is not violence in alternate reality land when trump deplorables are “punching people on the nose”…

  50. @Jonathan

    The majority of violence at Trump rallies came from protestors attacking supporters. Your revisionism says more about the placement of your own head than anyone else’s.

    Just like how they tossed urine and assaulted people attending the inaugural ball, or blocked active duty service men and veterans from entering the National Mall.

    Berkeley is still figurativy burning because of liberal protesters, none of us need to look at a video of a drunken moron behaving badly on a plane to point out the new breed of extremism.

    Blaming Trump for all that’s wrong in the word is as rediculious as when people blamed Obama for things that had nothing to do with him.

  51. @cj

    I guess you missed the armed anti Trump protest in AZ, but I am a little sad and disappointed the armed BLM march in Dallas where LEO of all races were murdered and maimed also escaped your attention, but I guess that’s because it doesn’t fit your narrative.

  52. Martina – thanks for proving my point about having your head so far up your own ass that you can no longer recognize reality. Hilarious that you would chastise others for adhering to a “narrative.”

  53. @Daniel Gunsworth: You are correct — the proliferation of cell phones, followed by the ever-lowering bar of what constitutes news these days is why we’re seeing so much of this.

  54. @Jonathan

    Maybe because your reality exists on trolling Trumps twitter account and not in the world around us.

    I guess all the May Day marches that turned into riots yesterday are also Trumps fault and support your position.., oh wait..,it doesn’t.

    I actually wrote in my vote for another Presidential candidate , I am merely saying that todays SJW are a bunch of whiny brats who break other people’s toys when they don’t get there way, and then they’re not too busy throwing sand, they have their head buried in it.

  55. All you morons blaming Trump for this behavior.. Where the hell have you been the past few years with the BLM riots, Antifa.. the violence plaguing democrat run inner cities?? Are you frigging kidding me?? The guy in red is a drunk asshole and throws punches like a pussy so he’s definitely one of yours.

  56. My favourite takeout from all the comments is that 2 posters thought the most important part of this blog is that Lucky misused a word…

  57. Gotta love injecting the political crap into a video with no context. And the only violence that has occurred since Trump has been Antifa riots on campus preventing free speech and Trump supporters being attacked. But that is neither here nor there.

    1) I’ll wait for the full reasoning behind this fight.

    2) Airlines are cramming more and more people onto a plane and it will inevitably lead to fights.

    3) The people fighting are most likely not frequent flyers and the traveling probably stresses them out.

    4) The snobbery exhibited in the comment section on a credit card rewards/churring/travel site is hilarious and hypocritical.

    And finally, anyone being ashamed of their nationality because one person acts foolish was never really proud to begin with. I’ve seen foolish people in Iceland, Mexico, Canada, throughout Europe, and I’ve never judged all of them by the fews actions. If you did that about racial groups you’d be a bigot, but I guess it is fashionable trashing Americans. har har har.

  58. The guy defending himself was not at fault, at all. He was threatened and attacked, what else was he to do? The guy in red later choked out a male ANA employee, so the concern was more than warranted. The guy who took the video even had to take physical action. It seems to me the man in red may have been schizophrenic.

  59. According to more detailed witness accounts, the dude in the red shirt was going on about a ‘government conspiracy ‘ before he attacked the young man …He is either mentality ill or on some sort of substance .

  60. @lucky will never have to deal with these yokels because he sits up in first class

  61. We all know americans have the worst habits in the world. But it is a pity to see that they also do this with the non-american airlines. A matter of time and americans are not allowed to board non-american airlines. America first.

  62. @ J Dee, sure but in never claimed that the right didn’t have financial support from political backers .

  63. Both of those men guilty. One in a black is a quite aggressor and other in red is weak and drunken man who can’t control his hyper. Nowadays Americans have no moral values, ignorant and most unintelligent people in the planet. Those Trump supporters are truly pieces of shit defending Trump , the worst human creature. Airline should have removed both!!!!
    Stop arguing ducking fuxking Trump and ride your own plane made in Amerjca.

  64. @Daniel Gunsworth

    Yes, you called the diffuse/defuse problem earlier. I missed it in your post. I’ve mentioned it before on this blog, however.

    Maybe between us we can diffuse the knowledge of the difference between diffuse and defuse, thereby defusing the ire of grammarians.

  65. The degradation of SOME American’s behavior had certainly been influenced by a mentality now circulating that this is acceptable behavior. It’s truly appalling and it’s unfortunate to be lumped in with these self-absorbed miscreants who feel some right to be obnoxious, revolting and despicable in public… forcing all of us to have to a party to it. These are the people who should stay home and only subject like minded bullies to their vileness.

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