Video of Airphil Express runway overrrun in Kalibo

While “all is well that ends well,” there’s a pretty cool video taken of an Airphil Express Airbus 320 overrunning the runway in Kalibo, Philippines. The video is only about a minute long and can be found here:

Then there are the following videos (slightly less interesting, though still worth watching):

Fortunately it looks like everything was okay, though you have to wonder:

a) Why did the pilot only make the “prepare for landing announcement” so shortly before landing? The flight attendants were reminding passengers to fasten their seatbelt as the plane was flaring.
b) Why didn’t the pilot do a go around? The runway is around 7,200 feet which is fairly long, so they must have only touched down about a mile down the runway.
c) Why didn’t they evacuate the aircraft? If the brakes were so hot that they felt there was the risk of a fire (hence the spraying), why wasn’t the plane evacuated prior to that, given that it probably took quite a while for the “rescue” vehicle to arrive?

Obviously this is a case of hindsight being 20/20 and not actually knowing the circumstances, but those are the questions that immediately come to mind.

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  1. Seems like just a guess, but to my uneducated eye it looks like the plane is going way too fast as it approaches landing!

    I can’t believe nobody was screaming or panicking. Seeing fire trucks pull up to begin spraying would get my heart racing!

  2. Not only did he touch down very late, it seems he was coming in quite fast as well.

    Looking at some random youtube landing clips, it seems that generally it takes about 35 seconds from touchdown to taxi-speed. In this case they went off the runway, aprox at taxi speed, after 18 seconds. That means they must have used very heavy breaking, and touched down probably past halfway the runway.

  3. From what I have gathered watching the video and my knowledge of the area it was a definite case of pilot error as he came in to hot, overshot the runway and while it may have been possible to still bring the plane to a stop before the threshold, the ground was very wet from a recent rain storm which made braking even more tough. I agree with everyone else in that he should have initiated a go around.

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