Video Of Emirates’ Inaugural Shortest A380 Flight

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Back in April I wrote about how Emirates would be launching A380 service between Dubai and Kuwait City, which would be the world’s shortest scheduled A380 service.

As the world’s largest operator of the A380 (by far), it seems like Emirates didn’t necessarily send it to Kuwait City because there was such overwhelming demand, but rather because they were celebrating 25 years of service to Kuwait City.

While there are other short A380 routes (like Seoul Incheon to Hong Kong, Hong Kong Kong to Bangkok, etc.), at just 530 miles this is the shortest route by quite a margin.

The A380 flight to Kuwait City launched this past week, July 16, 2014, and Emirates uploaded a pretty cool video about the flight to YouTube:

Ultimately there’s nothing super insightful, though it is cool to see the captain at home saying bye to his family, being picked up by Emirates, the crew meeting, etc.

What I’m most curious about is whether they offer first class passengers showers on this route. Typically on shorter sectors Emirates prioritizes shower spa usage by status, though I have to wonder if they even offer it at all on this sector.

Emirates A380 first class shower suite

  1. That’s a cool video! Such a multicultural crew. I wonder if they will keep the A380 regularly, though.

    Will you test it out, Lucky?

    PD: Hope you’re having fun in Tomorrowland, greetings from Spain

  2. Don’t forget that AF flew the A380 CDG-LHR for the summer months of 2010, which is a MUCH shorter 216 miles. f

  3. @ Lucky – am I correct in thinking that flight crews probably prefer working longer flights since there may some downtime as opposed to these short-hauls which must be quite hectic?

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