Video: Ice Falls From The Sky, Narrowly Misses Street Cleaner

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Some crazy video footage has emerged of a large block of ice falling from the sky in London and landing just feet from a street cleaner. Here’s the video footage of the incident, which occurred on Wednesday:

The footage was captured from the security camera of a nearby taxi company. Fortunately no one was hit, as I imagine a chunk of ice that big falling from the sky could easily be deadly if it hits someone directly.

Sky News reports that the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority receives about 30 reports of ice falling from the sky per year. The assumption is generally that ice falls from airplanes, and that’s especially likely here, given that this was near the approach path for Heathrow. Typically the origin of falling ice is either when there’s a leak in a plane, or when planes were flying at a higher altitude and had ice form, and then as they get to lower altitudes the ice melts and falls off.

While the CAA records the number of incidents, they don’t investigate them due to the challenges associated with figuring out the origin. I’m a bit surprised by that, since in a case like this you’d think they could tell based on when the ice fell and which plane was on the approach path at that point. Obviously there’s not much that can be done if this was just melting ice, but if there was a leak, there is something that could potentially be fixed.

Thank goodness that no one was hurt.

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  1. Air France sued continental for their Concorde crash. For sure that airline should be sued of anyone got hurt.

  2. Awful situation – I live right near this tube station and can tell you it gets busy in the rush hour – could have been a lot worse

  3. Actually Air France never won the case, CO got away with it since after the merged with United. UA said it has nothing to do with them so that case actually dissolved. SMH!

  4. I am mildly alarmed as I live beneath a flight path where planes are routinely descending in preparation for landing.

    Maybe hardhats for the kids when playing in the backyard?

  5. Did he earn lots of miles? How is this related to this blog? Are you running out of topics? Remember, you can also take Swiss and Aeroplan to court about missing out on first class experience and write about it.

  6. I agree with the others, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a handful of planes that could have caused this, if there’s a maintenance issue then it should be fixed.

    @jackie – give it a rest.

  7. Wow! Scary as hell!

    Not sure if anyone on here ever watched the show Six Feet Under, but each episode started off with a different random death, and one of them included this exact thing, with an ice chunk coming down and killing a lady.

  8. @Jackie – This is Lucky’s blog. As far as I’m concerned, he can write about whatever the hell he wants on here.

    Knock it off.

  9. @Daleinthesky
    Indeed. Six Feet Under is the best thing ever made for US television, even better than The Sopranos.
    This incident happened very close to Kew Gardens, a magical place for a a few hours or more. The Lockerbie Oak is there, commemorating those who died on Pan Am 103 ( 30 years ago in December).

  10. @andromeda

    Unfortunately this blog attracts quite a lot of immature fanboys who feel entitled to attack anyone whose opinion differs from theirs.

    Lucky just encourages them and selectively removes posts, but seems to keep a lot of racist and abusive posts. Strangely anything misogynistic seems to get removed very quickly.

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